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Interview with Eric Roberts ~ Gosselins, Reality TV, & More

Monday a sharp-eyed reader informed me of a tweet by actor Eric Roberts, about Kate Gosselin.  It read:

I know she's fading from the news, but hopefully someone's still got their eye on the well being of her kids. Kate Gosselin is a child abuser.” (11:17 PM Oct 31st via web)

I met Eric and his lovely wife Eliza years ago, briefly,  at a red carpet event in NYC and he seemed very nice.  He wasn't one of those celebs who didn't want to mingle with the Little People.  He was as courteous and respectful of those of us working the event as the "talent"  who were there to be celebrated.  Based on this brief impression of him, I decided to email him and see if he would be willing to be interviewed about his tweet.   Eric was in Europe but was game, so I sent him some questions and he responded via email.  The following is our interview. 

Small Town Gosselins:  Your tweet about Kate Gosselin was quite passionate. What exactly precipitated it?

 Eric:  Simple, really. Thank goodness there is footage of Gosselin hitting her kids, and apparently feeling fine about it. I say thank goodness, because behind closed doors makes it that much tougher to stop.   All I ask is that any caring parent or non-parent take a few minutes to read material from Alice Miller's FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, or visit this site, or listen to the audio book THE NATURAL CHILD, or review materials from Prevent Child Abuse America and then decide. 

STG:  The Gosselin children have literally grown up in front of the cameras, with private moments such as having their diapers changed, tantrums and vomiting being displayed for entertainment. These moments will be available to anyone for the rest of their lives in medium such as YouTube and DVDs. You have been in the public eye for many years and have had your own ups and downs, along with all the usual public commentary. How do you think the public display of their lives is impacting the Gosselin kids or may impact them in the future?

Eric:  This trend to document life as it happens, and to have the documentation studied by strangers, is not going away any time soon.   I don't think it's inherently bad. I think the Gosselin kids' private lives are their problem, not the fact that their private lives are public.  They have an awful mother, and a father who doesn't stop her. 

STG: TLC states that it has earned $200 million in the past five years from Gosselin-related shows. TV Guide reports that Kate Gosselin is paid $250,000 per episode. The eight children split 15% of that income, so each child gets 1.875% while the mother gets 85%. Comments?

Eric:  The number of kids Kate and Jon have are the reason Kate and John have money.  It would be awful if financial stress was added to those kids' problems.  But the money should be divided 10 ways. 

STG: According to IMDB, your daughter Emma has been acting since the age of nine. Did you sign contracts on her behalf and if so, what safeguards did you insist upon in order to ensure her safety and fair treatment?

Eric:  Never signed a contract on Emma's behalf.  Her mother and her manager handle her career.  Emma is extremely fortunate to be successful at such a joyous job. 

STG: In dealing with acting contracts involving your daughter, have you ever had the right to stop the filming and take back your authorization of consent if the production involved scripts or activities that you hadn't anticipated and felt were inappropriate for your child (like the old script switcheroo, for example)?

Eric:   I'm sure the parents of some working minors have those rights, and hopefully those parents know the business and know the needs of their kids.

STG:  The parents whose children participated in the reality TV show Kid Nation signed contracts stating that the producers would not be responsible in the event of their children dying as a result of being on the show. In your experience, how common is it for parents to neglect carefully reading the fine print before signing acting contracts involving their children?

Eric:  I think some parents know what they're signing and some don't .  Most have lawyers who know these contracts quite well.  People who are popular with audiences are considered commodities and products.  There are death clauses in most management, label and studio contracts. 

STG:  The film Bruno has a scene where real parents agree to have their babies be in all sorts of outrageous dangerous situations, just so they can possibly become stars. Some people seem to think that almost anything would be worth having their children be stars. Why do you think this is?

Eric:  People equate fame with immortality. That's as ridiculous as equating anything else with immortality. There is no immortally.      I think endangering a child is an obscene crime. 

STG:  A Minor Consideration, the group advocating for children in entertainment which boasts over 600 former child star members, is working on drafting a national bill to end the federal child labor exemption for child actors. As an adult actor you have unions and laws to protect you. What do you think about legislation that would put similar laws into place for children?

Eric:  I love what Paul Petersen does. 

STG:  Are you a member of A Minor Consideration, and if not, good grief, why not?

Eric:  I'd like to be.  Thank you for reminding me!

STG:  About Reality TV. All actors experience the challenge of being confused with their characters, but this is especially true with reality TV participants. In reality, Reality TV characters are sometimes created by the producers eliciting certain responses, setting up fake scenes to create drama, and of course the magic of editing. I worry about how this might impact children who are too young and immature to understand differences between acting and reality. What are your thoughts on this?

Eric:  I do think this is unfair to children, as they are not fully willing participants.  But kids are not fully willing participants in anything during childhood. 

STG:   Over the summer you filmed the VH1 show “Celebrity Rehab.” Just how real was your reality TV experience?

Eric:   Pretty real. 

STG:  As a society we want to believe that all parents have their children's best interests at heart, but many of us know that unfortunately this is not always the case. You have probably been exposed to all sorts of stage parents over the years. How common is it for parents to overlook their children's best interests in the field of entertainment, in your experience? (For example, allowing their children to be exposed to adult situations, having their children work when they don't want to, not ensuring their children will be adequately financially compensated upon reaching adulthood, not allowing their children to have normal childhood experiences because they are too busy acting, having the children be financially responsible for supporting the family, etc.)

Eric:  Most parents love their children very much, just not very well.  The home is an unregulated place to work.  This should change. Parenting should be earned and licensed.  Violence, emotional or physical, against or around a child or an animal (or anyone) should be a one-strike situation.  Kind people have to step up to take care of the children who are being raised by unkind people. 

STG:  I have always had the impression that the prevalence of addiction and child abuse is higher in former child stars than in the general population (and we know they're epidemic in the general population.) Have you found this to be true? Why do you think this is the case?

Eric:  On my website, there are some of my thoughts about that.    Quote:  I think people who are drawn to acting and music tend to be very emotional, and people who are emotional tend to be easily intoxicated by intoxication of all kinds...including love. 

STG:  I have a theory that being a child star imposes codependency on children because it forces them to think about how they can be marketable rather than allowing them to naturally become their own authentic selves the way other children are allowed to. It forces an unnatural self-consciousness that is necessary for financial success. Thoughts?

Eric:  Well-Said and very valid!

STG:  Jon Gosselin has stated emphatically that he does not want his children to be filmed anymore, that they have said they don't want to do it, and that they are now having behavioral problems as a result of having grown up in front of the cameras. Yet Kate Gosselin refuses to stop the filming. What do you think this is all about?

Eric:  I think Jon is being unrealistic. How is that family going to live?

The kids could have a great time doing the show if their mom wasn't a cruel horror who is clearly repeating generational abuse.  Jon's got his eye on the wrong ball.  The kids, however, should not be forced to do anything. 

STG:  Do you feel differently about the Kate Gosselin than you do other reality TV parents, and if so, why?

Eric: Can't stand Kate. Most of the other reality TV parents seem gentle and loving.  I have a feeling David Charvet's wife, Brooke, isn't all that nice either, unfortunately. 

STG:  What advice would you give Kate Gosselin, and why?

Eric:  My advice to Kate Gosselin would be to get out of denial and receive anger management with Dr. Richard Green in Woodland Hills, California.   Next time she feels herself lifting a hand to harm one of her children, she should instead make a call to her local 12-step program. Those programs help with patterns of violence, among the more expected things they treat. 

STG:  What advice would you give her children?

Eric:  I would want the Gosselin kids to know that their parents' rage is not their fault, and to please do therapy to keep themselves from continuing the pattern. 

STG:  Advice to Jon?

Eric:  Make a legally binding arrangement whereby Kate loses her financial security any time she hits those kids.  She's playing the role of good mom. When she stops playing the role as it's written, she should be fired. 

STG:  Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule for this interview. We actually met briefly several years ago at a red carpet event at Radio City Music Hall and I always remembered how nice you were. I appreciate your sharing your thoughts for my readers today. It has been a pleasure interviewing you and I wish you and your family the best of everything.

Eric:  Thanks for asking!  Important subject.

Be well,


 *     *     *

One of Eric's views is that the show is the lesser problem and insensitivity to the children and their needs is the larger issue.   Yet when children in entertainment are managed by insensitive parents who are dependent on those children for their livelihood, can those issues be separated out?   I look forward to your comments on that as well as your other observations.

~Special thanks to Cindy Leong, Eric Roberts and Eliza Simons for making this interview possible.~

Reader Comments (94)

Excellent! Good Job, WG.

I'm a bit disappointed that Eric doesn't see the harm of the the filming. It is not the kids responsibility to support themselves. He seems to miss that point. It's too bad he's not involved in Emma's.

Celeb Rehab? My thoughts about Dr Drew and his exploitation of his patients is huge. I'm sorry Eric went on the show and opened his raw, real life and troubles to VH1 and the public.

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDani

I have said for a long time now that Kate is abusive to those children, and I believe she would be an abuser whether or not she had a TV show. However, I also believe that the stresses of being on TV, schedules, invasion of privacy,and knowing that they must work to support their mother's lavish lifestyle, makes the abuse trauma more difficult for them to cope with.

I disagree with Eric about Anger Management. Kate knows how to manage her anger. She doesn't hit Steve, the TLC bosses, TV interviewers, people at her tannng salon. She saves the physical abuse, at least, for her children. Kate needs a program that addresses her pathology in a clinical way, including her own intergenerational trauma.

A Twelve Step Program might be useful after she has had treatment, to reinforce her accountability for being an abuser, and to provide her with support to continue non-abusively.
Kate will never agree to this, as she doesn't believe she is doing anything wrong.

Unless there is some legal sanction against Kate for abusing her children, she will continue to do so. That's why I have been a broken record about the inadequate, outdated PA Child Abuse Legislation.It must be changed.

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterIDModo

First of all...Wow! What a great opportunity for you to do this interview. I am also impressed that Mr. Roberts would be brave enough to post what he did about Kate on Twitter and I do agree with him - I think Kate is a child abuser - both mentally and physically. I have always believed that she was based on the fact that the majority of narcissistic mothers are.

Where to start? Maybe bullet points would be best:
- I somewhat agree with him when he says the show is the lesser problem and insensitivity to the children and their needs is the larger issue. I do think the fact that Kate is a raging narcissist is the giant elephant in the room. You couple that with a camera crew constantly filming your life and these children constantly having to "perform" and you have children who are going to have serious confusion about reality and subsequent behavioral problems because they are never going to feel like their feelings are being heard.

-His comment "How is this family going to live" is a slap in the face to the families out there who have several children and are supporting them by working at average, everyday jobs. Kate is a licensed RN and could go back to work as a nurse, especially since the kids are in school all day. She could work in a Dr's office where she would have hours that would coordinate with the kids' school schedule. Jon has - supposedly - been seeking employment outside the entertainment industry as well. Both of these parents working regular jobs should be enough to support this family. They were doing it before the TV show. They won't have all of the finer things they've become accustomed to and they will have to sell that gigantic house and downsize, but welcome to reality! How many people out there have had to scale back and rethink their budgets to match today's economy? There's no shame in that. Although for a narcissist like Kate, it would be horrifying to have to do something like this and is why it won't happen any time soon.

-The legally binding contract that would cause Kate to lose her financial security if she touches one of her kids is almost laughable. While it sounds like a good idea and I understand what he's saying, physical abuse is very difficult to spot. My husband's narcissistic mother was physically abusive to the point that there were visible bruises and it was never once called out by anyone. My husband was beaten with the buckle end of a belt that left visible bruises. Because of this, he would pretend he didn't feel well to avoid dressing out for PE in school because he didn't want anyone to see the bruises. Physical abuse carries a lot of shame with it - just like someone who has been molested. You want to hide it and not let anyone know because you are embarrassed and convinced you are to blame somehow. Nobody in my husband's family and no friends knew knew that he and his siblings were being physically abused until they were adults. Like any type of abuse, it's pretty easy to cover it up. My husband's father knew, but he is like Jon in that he is very passive and would rather not deal with the reality....unfortunately. To my father in law's credit, he has since apologized to his children for not doing more to protect them and for not doing more to reign their mother's madness in or at least to get them out of there, which leaving is what he would have had to do because reigning in a narcissist is not possible.

-Mr. Roberts said: I don't think it's inherently bad. I think the Gosselin kids' private lives are their problem, not the fact that their private lives are public. They have an awful mother, and a father who doesn't stop her.

And this is exactly why they should not be filming this family any longer. Their private lives are a living nightmare and this family needs serious psychological intervention. Let's stick a camera in their face and force them to pretend everything is just grand for the sake of their mother having the lifestyle she's grown accustomed to. They need theraphy for Kate alone (although I am of the opinion that a narcissist cannot be reformed with therapy or drugs), they need individual therapy for the kids and they need group family therapy, which would also include Jon. Those kids especially need a place where they can go and talk and express their feelings freely without fear of consequences from their mother.

My husband - not surprisingly - turned to alcohol and drugs in his late teens to escape his miserable home life. He was sent to drug and alcohol treatment when the problem was discovered. At one point in the treatment process, the family is called in to do family therapy. His whole family was gathered - his mom and dad and siblings - and a counselor is on hand to facilitate the family session. They were about 3 minutes into the session and his mother got up and announced that they were not going to discuss their family issues and stormed out. His passive father followed her and that ended the family session because nobody could convince her to return to the room. Also not surprising, my husband tried to sniff lighter fluid that evening in the facility, was caught and kicked out. The fact that his mother had not interest in doing what she could to try to help her son get better and find clues as to why he may have turned to drugs and alcohol was just another deep emotional wound inflicted on my husband.

While I believe Mr. Roberts realizes that Kate is a nightmare of a mother/person, I don't think he is being realistic about having the filming continue in light of their mother's sickness. There's no reason why this family could not go back to a more private life with two working parents and get the help they desperately need.

I also agree with his statement that Kate is repeating generational abuse. Most narcissists have abusive backgrounds themselves.

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHeather

Wow neighbor! I am really glad you rec'd a response and an interview. I appreciate very much Mr Eric taking the time to talk with the Small Town Gosselin's blog and all the neighbors. Especially so uncensored and unedited.

I wonder at this point if it is so important whether I agree and/or disagree with what Mr Eric has candidly shared. I think what is important here is that the discussions are happening in the 1st place.

This no longer is an edited show where Figure 8 and TLC get to call all the shots...they don't get to edit something & spin it the way they had for over 130+ episodes. We are so onto what they are doing & how it is affecting those 8 precious children.

Thanks for the links too Mr Eric for the nonprofits working on children and child abuse, etc. I have learned over the passed year and 1/2 that there are so many pockets of good hearted, decent, hard working people across this country working tirelessly behind the scenes for kids in all sorts of ways. Of course, my non profit of choice is A Minor Consideration with Paul Peterson, but I hope we can organize something and go to Washington D.C. and collectively make noise for all the kids of this country. I believe we are measured as a society on how we have treated our children and elderly. We are failing our kids...we have become so permissive & so blinded that it is hurting our kids in the long run.

As far as the subject at hand. Today is another day...8 kids are going to be exploited tonight on a trip they were dragged across the country for & I hope people will just tune anything Kate Gosselin out for my friendly neighborhood blogger Mickey M would say it is the only way to free the Gosselin 8 at this point.

Thanks again put alot of time, effort and heart into your blog and it is noticed and gonna pay off for the kids in the long run. Jon & Ellen don't give up fighting for the kids....TLC has the power & the keys to exploiting your children...but you are their father.

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterIrene

This was very interesting WG. Thanks for posting it. I only take issue with one of Mr. Roberts' opinions, being that Jon's wish to have his children away from the cameras is unrealistic ("How is that family going to live?"). I've said it before on other blogs - Kate Gosselin has made more money off the backs of those children than many of us will make in a lifetime (or several lifetimes!). How much money does one family need? And yet people on both sides of the Gosselin controversy continue to suggest that she could never support those kids on a nurse's salary, for example. Or that she needs, literally, millions of dollars to support her family. Nonsense. There are many families out there with many children who work and support their families without being millionaires. Based on what we hear regarding Kate's wages per episode, appearance, etc. - she is a millionaire many times over.

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCanuck

While it's nice that a well known figure has chosen to speak up against Kate, didn't you get the feeling that he many times was skirting around your questions? I was disappointed to see that he really doesn't see the fillming of the children as detrimental. In fact, he seemed to give his approval to it and would have no problem with it continuing as long as Kate could act more loving. It makes me wonder if there isn't some animosity between him and his wife and how she is handling their daughter's career.

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterCaptain of the Titanic

well, that was interesting. For a while, it seemed as if Eric hated Kate, but simply because she spanked. (my experiences with spanking as a a child were not what you would expect from a kid with a father who could fly into a rage at the drop of a word (I remember a "disagreeing" incident such as the one Heather described) We were more than frequently ripped apart verbally, but we were never beaten, which was surprising. when my ex-husband flew into a rage, things could get broken. when I was enraged at him... it was frustrating. If I threw things, things would break, so that was out, I chipped the paint on the wall throwing a bottle of Lysol at it once, so throwing stuff at the wall was out, I went through these "what can I do that won't break something?" things, I couldn't get drunk - cause then I'd be out of control, and I never have been out of control... In the end it was just frustrating)) and of course there are people who are morally opposed to spanking children. I'm morally opposed to *beating* children.

However eventually he did mention that Kate's "spankings" were driven by rage, possibly generational and I especially loved the part of suggesting that if she does not "play" the role of a loving parent, she does not get paid.

I disagree that Jon cannot support his family without the show - but downsizing would be required and I don't think it's unfair to ask him to provide only half the support needed to live in a home they can afford on a non-TV income. Kate was the one who chose to bring 6 more (or however many more) into the world. She should be partly financially responsible for caring for what she has wrought.

It would be nice if a judge would tell them both to get real jobs, get counseling and sell that house. It would be even better if the kids could be raised by Jon, and Kate would work to provide financial support for that. Also, he should not be kicked out of that house - I stand behind the original agreement of not shuttling 8 kids - rotate the parents. Kate should not be constantly rewarded by having her mine all mine truly be so. She didn't do most of the work that paid for it. The kids got the viewers for her, and Beth wrote the book for her.

I do agree that the parenting is worse than the cameras - I've always felt this - and the upside of the cameras is that they have documented the (tip of the iceberg of) abuse, saving the kids years of "discovery" in therapy (if therapy has that) so they can get right to the problems and work on fixing them. I'm not sure if therapy can be mandated. But in this case, I wish it would be.

While I agree that some parents (maybe many) could use training in parenting, I think that the idea of licensure of parents is one of those slippery slope things. *Too much* government intervention in a family.

I also noted that he was very careful in his answers. I like what Paul Peterson is doing is verging on the equivalent of ... well no. I was remembering George Bush being asked about Dan Quayle's comments on Murphy Brown. His reply was I like Murphy Brown. He neither stood behind now disavowed his VP. He just wimped out.
Eric is being careful. He may not be wimping out. I'm not sure that he answered the question, though. Perhaps he was saving up for his main point. Don't spank. Or the main point I agreed with - don't spank in anger, don't beat your kids, don't take your rage out on them.
All discipline should be for the benefit of the child, not for the parent's convenience.

Since Kate has made a deal with the devil, she gets to keep the props - and the toys. It's not fair, *and * the props are getting hurt. They may give birth to props.. er... kids of their own someday. They should probably go to aunt Jodi for parenting advice.

Oh, also, he seemed

>Kind people have to step up to take care of the children who are being raised by unkind people.

to be advocating that the community take it upon ourselves to liberate children from their parents when they see fit. Much as I'd love to do that with these kids - this is America, not China, or Soviet Russia.

I also feel that, in the list of things parents do to harm children in show business - one of these things was not like the others:

>For example, allowing their children to be exposed to adult situations, having their children work when they don't want to, not ensuring their children will be adequately financially compensated upon reaching adulthood, not allowing their children to have normal childhood experiences because they are too busy acting, having the children be financially responsible for supporting the family, etc.

"having children work when they don't want to" (if they are having to work at all) is more akin to "having kids go to school when they don't want to" - there are always going to be things kids don't want to do, but this doesn't quite fit the category, in my mind, The other things were specific to Child Labor. Some of them were specific to Child Labor in the Entertainment Field. This didn't quite fit.
Do I think the kids should film when they don't want to? No I don't. They didn't sign the contracts or agree to this. But it's not like the other items listed.

Interesting interview. :-)

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterPamelaJaye

I can't believe that Eric could say anything concerning Kate and her children. He has never met her or talked to the kids. Why do you continue to talk to people who don't know this family??

Eric has been a drinker an substance abuse person for many years. I don't know if he even see's his daughter. Wasn't he on Celebrity rehab?? I guess it was ok for him to abuse his daughter by being a drugged out Father. Geesh!!

If you had an interview about or with Kate who lives in her household dailey, I could give you so much credit. Until then~~~~~~~~~

I agree that there are plenty of ways the family could survive financially without the kids being on TV. There are many families who have eight or more kids and they live happy lives with their needs met on regular incomes. The point to me is that kids should not have to work to support their families. If the parents cannot afford their standard of living, they should lower that standard, not make the kids work more to keep that standard up.

This is especially the case here, where the kids have been saying for some time they don't want to work and they are exhibiting behavioral problems consistent with other kids exploited in entertainment.

I heard Eric make the point that all kids in entertainment are not necessarily exploited. Some of them genuinely want to do that work and they are able to do so without being abused and exploited in the process. Eric's daughter Emma is a case in point. I say more power to them, but that is not the case with the Gosselin kids. If the Gosselin kids weren't exploited we wouldn't even be having this discussion because I would have stopped writing this blog a long time ago.

No Captain, I didn't get the feeling Eric was skirting my questions. I got the impression he is coming at these problems from different angles than I am, so my questions didn't necessarily fit where he is coming from. But I also got the impession that we both share the same concerns and want the same things for the children.

Freedom, your posts have the recurring theme of complaining about the topics I post about instead of addressing the topics we are discussing here. Putting Eric down for being in addiction recovery is cruel and ignorant. It also isn't honest. It is an example of the defocusing that repeatedly takes place on a couple of other blogs that seeks to distract attention from what we're talking about on this blog. This has happened before when I have blogged about other child advocates, like Paul Petersen (who cares what he has to say anyway - he's just an old washed-up former child star alcoholic - he's just talking about the Gosselins to get press) and PA Rep.Thomas Murt (he's a washed-up politician who will do anything to get public attention - he doesn't reallycare about children- he just hopped onto this bandwagon to get more votes.) Yada yada yada. These comments are made by people who say they are fans of the Gosselin family, yet they divert attention from important issues concerning mistreatment of the children. Let's pretend everything's okay and not deal with anything real or painful andjust focus on the kids wearing matching clean clothes and living in a pretty house. Denial denial denial.

You ask why I talk to people who don't know this family. All over the world people talk about celebrities they don't know, incudling the blogs that have termed me a "hater" because I express concerns about these eight kids. I am talking to you right now. Do you know this family?

Freedom, in the future I will be happy to print your comments if they relate to and contribute to the discussion. I have given you plenty of chances to contribute here and you keep not utilizing them The important thing here isn't agreeing, the important thing is discussing. If you don't want to join into this discussion with us, please go to other blogs that will better neet your needs.

Thanks for your great comments and Iook forward to the continued discussion.

November 7, 2010 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

What a surprise to find this interview!

I was impressed with Eric Roberts in the movie The King of the Gypsies over 30 years ago, and again today, not as an actor playing a part but as a parent who is a celebrity and sees the big picture and who is genuinely concerned about the eight Gosselin children.

Mr. Roberts has made several excellent points and quite frankly in a nutshell has proven that Kate's behavior is indefensible.


November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

In support of the children who have stated they do not want to work, their father who has tried several times to get them off TV, and out of respect for the children's behavioral problems resulting from beingexploited in entertainment, I will not be watching the show tonight. Anyone care to join me?

November 7, 2010 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

KATE + 8

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

It constantly amazes me that people just cannot deal with anyone who has an unkind word to say about Kate. But, it is just another brick in the wall against Kate, so you know, deal with it. Everything Eric said is true, and because he has an imperfect life does not negate what he had to say. Kate IS awful, and if people would take off the blinders, they would see it clearly. She is mean, controlling in a way that I have never seen before, narcissistic, a bully, and did I forget mean. She never smiles, unless the TLC cameras are filming her or she is posing for a photo. She complains about the paps, but knows if it weren't for them, she would be nowhere. So, when she is out and about she has this look on her face of contempt, even when she knows it will be posted somewhere.

I will agree that once her gravy train ends, she is going to have to downsize, like it or not. Sorry Kate, today a lot of people have had to downsize. It's not always fun, but it becomes necessary at times. The article that came out today in MyPhilly is an interesting one. It does appear her day in the sun may be about to come to an end.

I appreciate your interview with Eric. He may be only one person with his one opinion. But like I said, another brick in the wall. Many, many people are seeing Kate for who she is and the negative impact she has on the lives of 8 young children. Too much damage has already been done. She deserves all the bad things that will come her way when TLC dumps her, the kids deserve none of it. They will suffer even more by having to continue living with her.

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBarbara

Dear Werny: I will join you and not watch. Have not watched for many years. Thanks once again for all your efforts, including Irene, Sherry and Paul Peterson. The sheeple have no clue.
I can't wait for these 8 children to be allowed to have a normal childhood, and I also hope their father continues to fight for them to be taken off TV. GO EAGLES!!!!

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLynn

Barbara said, "Everything Eric said is true, and because he has an imperfect life does not negate what he had to say."
I couldn't agree more, in fact I think Eric's imperfect life is exactly what makes him credible here. In fact I think it makes him a frickin' expert.

I have faith in Jon, Lynn. It seems like he's on the right track now. He has his priorities in order and is going to follow through until everything is right for the kids.

November 7, 2010 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

Glad I popped in to read this article today. I love Eric and his sis Julia. and loved their movies as well. As for his conception of KG, my feelings as well. She is role playing a 'GOOD MOM" but thats all. I believe she is not nice at all to her kids and I could see that by watching just a few of their shows way back when. She loves to hit and insult which to me is a making of a terrible human. As for the financial situation he mentioned, I think he said that cause the parents show no motivation of ever working and when they did, they seemed to hate it. At least they have income coming in, but for how long? I really don't care about the finances those two have, I just hope when their silly show ends, and it will, that their kids will have some money set aside that they have earned to get a new start in life. Eric is absolutely right about her fading fast, this must make her so angry that she is probably taking it out on the kids. Their father needs to keep a close eye on those kids cause she does not appear to be loving or mentally stable to handle those children by herself without a watchful eye.

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSadie

I too will not watch the show tonight.
I also want to thank you again WG and Irene and the others who are working so hard to stop this abuse of children. To those who are critical of WG and accusing her of "stalking" I think you are shooting the messenger. She has provided us with truthful and powerful information, proving these children are working and being exploited by their own Mother and a large corporation. It is sad that so many see the damage going on but so few try to stop it. Jon Gosselin, his family and friends I hope, are working hard at trying to stop this and maybe salvage something for them before it is too late. Even with all the factual information presented, Kate ignores the problem and only sees what she wants to see. She tries to justify everything and since she only listens to herself this seems fine to her.

Lets keep the pressure on the entertainment industry and stop them from continuing to exploit children. If anyone has an update from Rep. Murth or Paul Petersen, please let us know.

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered Commentersftk

"The article that came out today in MyPhilly is an interesting one. It does appear her day in the sun may be about to come to an end. "


What article? Do you have a link?

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Has anyone seen the movie "Good Mother" played by Joanna Kerns? True story and yet she was far from being a good mother, but tried to pull it off as one.

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSadie

In support of the children who have stated they do not want to work...


You keep stating this as if it were fact. How do you know that the children have repeatedly said they don't want to film? Please provide links to support this statement.


Some of them genuinely want to do that work and they are able to do so without being abused and exploited in the process. Eric's daughter Emma is a case in point.


How do you know whether or not Emma Roberts has always wanted to work? You don't know the girl, correct?

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterFacts Please

Facts Please, no one can make you believe anything you are determined not to, but if you are open-minded enough, information is readily available in the last couple of months of my blog entries including this one:

About Emma Roberts, didn't you just read the above interview?
STG: According to IMDB, your daughter Emma has been acting since the age of nine. Did you sign contracts on her behalf and if so, what safeguards did you insist upon in order to ensure her safety and fair treatment?
Eric: Never signed a contract on Emma's behalf. Her mother and her manager handle her career. Emma is extremely fortunate to be successful at such a joyous job.

People who don't hide behind psuedonyms tend to appear more credible and be taken more seriously. It is hard to take you seriously when you pop in here for nothing but a hit and run.

November 7, 2010 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

i agree that kate is playing the part of good mother. and at times playing it badly. while part of me truly does believe that the children should be taken off of television to live their lives as they wish part of me also thinks that keeping them on the air may be saving them from just how horrible kate can be. if the cameras are there they may one day catch kate when she truly does to off the deep end. if they do it could be used against her in court. that thought in her crazy head may be the only reason that we have not seen more than we already have. whatever happens i truly hope it is what is best for those kids and not what is best for her or jon. they need to put the kids first in their lives for once.

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered Commenterchris

I have a very strong feeling that Eric is also right on target about Brooke Burke. I have seen her get rather nasty during television interviews. Coincidentally, she was rooting for Kate during her DWTS stint. During Brook's recent grand theft court trial, we also got to see a glimpse of the real deal... and it was none too pretty.

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLBC Girl

Very good interview. I will not be watching tonight. I, like others, plan to watch The Next Iron Chef. Do you have a link to the MyPhilly article?

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLaurie

"But even an ordinary secretary or a housewife or a teenager can, within their own small ways, turn on a small light in a dark room"-Miep Gies-movie The Freedom writers

Good evening neighbors....I don't know how all this is gonna end up...the future is not something we all know and hindsight is always 20/20...but I am so grateful to be with some of the best and brightest in the blogosphere like I and others have been while we try to make sense of what is senseless.

So Werny & all that said...I will be glad to not watch tonight or any other night!!!

November 7, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterIrene

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