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Interview with Eric Roberts ~ Gosselins, Reality TV, & More

Monday a sharp-eyed reader informed me of a tweet by actor Eric Roberts, about Kate Gosselin.  It read:

I know she's fading from the news, but hopefully someone's still got their eye on the well being of her kids. Kate Gosselin is a child abuser.” (11:17 PM Oct 31st via web)

I met Eric and his lovely wife Eliza years ago, briefly,  at a red carpet event in NYC and he seemed very nice.  He wasn't one of those celebs who didn't want to mingle with the Little People.  He was as courteous and respectful of those of us working the event as the "talent"  who were there to be celebrated.  Based on this brief impression of him, I decided to email him and see if he would be willing to be interviewed about his tweet.   Eric was in Europe but was game, so I sent him some questions and he responded via email.  The following is our interview. 

Small Town Gosselins:  Your tweet about Kate Gosselin was quite passionate. What exactly precipitated it?

 Eric:  Simple, really. Thank goodness there is footage of Gosselin hitting her kids, and apparently feeling fine about it. I say thank goodness, because behind closed doors makes it that much tougher to stop.   All I ask is that any caring parent or non-parent take a few minutes to read material from Alice Miller's FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, or visit this site, or listen to the audio book THE NATURAL CHILD, or review materials from Prevent Child Abuse America and then decide. 

STG:  The Gosselin children have literally grown up in front of the cameras, with private moments such as having their diapers changed, tantrums and vomiting being displayed for entertainment. These moments will be available to anyone for the rest of their lives in medium such as YouTube and DVDs. You have been in the public eye for many years and have had your own ups and downs, along with all the usual public commentary. How do you think the public display of their lives is impacting the Gosselin kids or may impact them in the future?

Eric:  This trend to document life as it happens, and to have the documentation studied by strangers, is not going away any time soon.   I don't think it's inherently bad. I think the Gosselin kids' private lives are their problem, not the fact that their private lives are public.  They have an awful mother, and a father who doesn't stop her. 

STG: TLC states that it has earned $200 million in the past five years from Gosselin-related shows. TV Guide reports that Kate Gosselin is paid $250,000 per episode. The eight children split 15% of that income, so each child gets 1.875% while the mother gets 85%. Comments?

Eric:  The number of kids Kate and Jon have are the reason Kate and John have money.  It would be awful if financial stress was added to those kids' problems.  But the money should be divided 10 ways. 

STG: According to IMDB, your daughter Emma has been acting since the age of nine. Did you sign contracts on her behalf and if so, what safeguards did you insist upon in order to ensure her safety and fair treatment?

Eric:  Never signed a contract on Emma's behalf.  Her mother and her manager handle her career.  Emma is extremely fortunate to be successful at such a joyous job. 

STG: In dealing with acting contracts involving your daughter, have you ever had the right to stop the filming and take back your authorization of consent if the production involved scripts or activities that you hadn't anticipated and felt were inappropriate for your child (like the old script switcheroo, for example)?

Eric:   I'm sure the parents of some working minors have those rights, and hopefully those parents know the business and know the needs of their kids.

STG:  The parents whose children participated in the reality TV show Kid Nation signed contracts stating that the producers would not be responsible in the event of their children dying as a result of being on the show. In your experience, how common is it for parents to neglect carefully reading the fine print before signing acting contracts involving their children?

Eric:  I think some parents know what they're signing and some don't .  Most have lawyers who know these contracts quite well.  People who are popular with audiences are considered commodities and products.  There are death clauses in most management, label and studio contracts. 

STG:  The film Bruno has a scene where real parents agree to have their babies be in all sorts of outrageous dangerous situations, just so they can possibly become stars. Some people seem to think that almost anything would be worth having their children be stars. Why do you think this is?

Eric:  People equate fame with immortality. That's as ridiculous as equating anything else with immortality. There is no immortally.      I think endangering a child is an obscene crime. 

STG:  A Minor Consideration, the group advocating for children in entertainment which boasts over 600 former child star members, is working on drafting a national bill to end the federal child labor exemption for child actors. As an adult actor you have unions and laws to protect you. What do you think about legislation that would put similar laws into place for children?

Eric:  I love what Paul Petersen does. 

STG:  Are you a member of A Minor Consideration, and if not, good grief, why not?

Eric:  I'd like to be.  Thank you for reminding me!

STG:  About Reality TV. All actors experience the challenge of being confused with their characters, but this is especially true with reality TV participants. In reality, Reality TV characters are sometimes created by the producers eliciting certain responses, setting up fake scenes to create drama, and of course the magic of editing. I worry about how this might impact children who are too young and immature to understand differences between acting and reality. What are your thoughts on this?

Eric:  I do think this is unfair to children, as they are not fully willing participants.  But kids are not fully willing participants in anything during childhood. 

STG:   Over the summer you filmed the VH1 show “Celebrity Rehab.” Just how real was your reality TV experience?

Eric:   Pretty real. 

STG:  As a society we want to believe that all parents have their children's best interests at heart, but many of us know that unfortunately this is not always the case. You have probably been exposed to all sorts of stage parents over the years. How common is it for parents to overlook their children's best interests in the field of entertainment, in your experience? (For example, allowing their children to be exposed to adult situations, having their children work when they don't want to, not ensuring their children will be adequately financially compensated upon reaching adulthood, not allowing their children to have normal childhood experiences because they are too busy acting, having the children be financially responsible for supporting the family, etc.)

Eric:  Most parents love their children very much, just not very well.  The home is an unregulated place to work.  This should change. Parenting should be earned and licensed.  Violence, emotional or physical, against or around a child or an animal (or anyone) should be a one-strike situation.  Kind people have to step up to take care of the children who are being raised by unkind people. 

STG:  I have always had the impression that the prevalence of addiction and child abuse is higher in former child stars than in the general population (and we know they're epidemic in the general population.) Have you found this to be true? Why do you think this is the case?

Eric:  On my website, there are some of my thoughts about that.    Quote:  I think people who are drawn to acting and music tend to be very emotional, and people who are emotional tend to be easily intoxicated by intoxication of all kinds...including love. 

STG:  I have a theory that being a child star imposes codependency on children because it forces them to think about how they can be marketable rather than allowing them to naturally become their own authentic selves the way other children are allowed to. It forces an unnatural self-consciousness that is necessary for financial success. Thoughts?

Eric:  Well-Said and very valid!

STG:  Jon Gosselin has stated emphatically that he does not want his children to be filmed anymore, that they have said they don't want to do it, and that they are now having behavioral problems as a result of having grown up in front of the cameras. Yet Kate Gosselin refuses to stop the filming. What do you think this is all about?

Eric:  I think Jon is being unrealistic. How is that family going to live?

The kids could have a great time doing the show if their mom wasn't a cruel horror who is clearly repeating generational abuse.  Jon's got his eye on the wrong ball.  The kids, however, should not be forced to do anything. 

STG:  Do you feel differently about the Kate Gosselin than you do other reality TV parents, and if so, why?

Eric: Can't stand Kate. Most of the other reality TV parents seem gentle and loving.  I have a feeling David Charvet's wife, Brooke, isn't all that nice either, unfortunately. 

STG:  What advice would you give Kate Gosselin, and why?

Eric:  My advice to Kate Gosselin would be to get out of denial and receive anger management with Dr. Richard Green in Woodland Hills, California.   Next time she feels herself lifting a hand to harm one of her children, she should instead make a call to her local 12-step program. Those programs help with patterns of violence, among the more expected things they treat. 

STG:  What advice would you give her children?

Eric:  I would want the Gosselin kids to know that their parents' rage is not their fault, and to please do therapy to keep themselves from continuing the pattern. 

STG:  Advice to Jon?

Eric:  Make a legally binding arrangement whereby Kate loses her financial security any time she hits those kids.  She's playing the role of good mom. When she stops playing the role as it's written, she should be fired. 

STG:  Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule for this interview. We actually met briefly several years ago at a red carpet event at Radio City Music Hall and I always remembered how nice you were. I appreciate your sharing your thoughts for my readers today. It has been a pleasure interviewing you and I wish you and your family the best of everything.

Eric:  Thanks for asking!  Important subject.

Be well,


 *     *     *

One of Eric's views is that the show is the lesser problem and insensitivity to the children and their needs is the larger issue.   Yet when children in entertainment are managed by insensitive parents who are dependent on those children for their livelihood, can those issues be separated out?   I look forward to your comments on that as well as your other observations.

~Special thanks to Cindy Leong, Eric Roberts and Eliza Simons for making this interview possible.~

Reader Comments (94)

Hi all the comments...guess what the jury is in...awareness is helping...1.3 million viewers for Kate plus 8 (if I saw this correctly)

Who woulda thunk? Just wanted to share with ya'll.....Tuning out is the best thing for the kids at this point and it looks like the viewers are....

November 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterIrene

Obviously Jon wasn't the only one not watching. 1.3 million views according to TV by the numbers. Be sure to read the information at the top because her program is not listed and they have an explanation at the top along with the numbers. All her negative publicity is finally catching up to her. Oh, to be a fly on the wall at the mansion tonight!

November 9, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBarbara

I really hope Kate is able to find some way to make a living in entertainment, since that seems to be her dream. It's hard to imagine her being happy working a "normal" job after the past five years and she seems to have the drive and ambition it takes to succeed as a talk show host or some other commentary type of entertainer. I just hope she leaves the kids out of it. Then if the kids want to do it again (I'm betting a big NOT on this) they could always do it again later later when they're capable of consent.

November 9, 2010 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

Never Told said: In response to the contributor who believes that we should not judge Kate to be an abuser because we do not know her, well I am 54 and grew up in an emotionally deprived household. I had all the signs starting at the age of 5; daily vomiting, akwardly shy, nightmares, etc. How I wish someone would have sat in judgment of my upbringing and perhaps I would not have the emotional scars I do today.

I am so sorry someone did not step in and speak up on our behalf. This broke my heart to read this. You say you are 54 years old and you STILL have a pretty vivid memory of the affects of the deprivation you suffered 50+ years ago. I really hope people don't just skim over this - more than 50 years later and this person still has the scars and a very clear memory of the pain and their subsequent acting out in an effort to gain the emotional intimacy every child needs.

The throwing up thing is very, very interesting. In one of the earlier episodes of J&K, one of the tup girls would force herself throw up whenever she didn't want J or K to leave them. I remember an episode when they were dropping them off at Sunday school at church and she started to gag and Kate yelled at her "don't you throw up!" They went to the couch interview with J&K immediately after and they explained that this child didn't like for them to leave and whenever they did, she would force herself to throw up. I remember thinking a few different things at the time:
1. I had never heard of such a thing. How does a child that young learn to do this - force themself to throw up?!?! I was really shocked at such an extreme display for attention.
2. How often are they leaving these kids that she would feel the need to do such a thing? Obviously they can't be with their children 24/7, especially if both parents are working, but I don't believe Kate was working by this episode because they were in the house down the street from Kate's brother and his wife and I don't think she was working by the time they moved to that home. Even if she was a full-time SAHM by this point, she can't be expected to be with her children 24/7 - ALL moms need a break from time to time. My point is this - what other reason was this child forcing herself to throw up? "Never Told" - you may be able to give more insight as to your emotions at the time you would throw up and what was going through your head. If you are comfortable elaborating.
3. Why in sam hill would you show this to the world? This child is going to be so embarrassed someday to know that this was filmed for all the world to see.

I had commented in my previous post that I bet 100% of children who were abused or neglected as children would have loved for a concerned adult to come in and pluck them from their environment and get the family the help they needed. Here's an example of one who would have given anything for that to have happened...and the help never came. As a result, more than 50 years later, the scars are still there and the memory still very vivid. I believe most people have enough common sense (discernment) to know when something is just off about a situation. Don't be afraid to speak up, ask questions and observe more closely. This is not judging or bashing. It's showing concern when something just doesn't add up and your instinct in telling you that this is a bad situation. You just might save a child years of pain.

"Never Told" - again - I'm so sorry someone did not speak up or act on your behalf. Maybe this is something that you are supposed or could do with your pain - help others who suffered in the same way you did.

November 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHeather

I wouldn't jump and down yet on the ratings. 1.331 million is still good for a TLC cable show, even though it's her lowest so far. It's going to take Jon getting the kids off the air or the advertisers to dump her to make this end. From the recap I read, it appears that some are tuning in to watch Kate make a fool of herself and watch her kids, particularly the girls, turn into little Kate clones.

November 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGeorgiaMom

With all due respect WG, I do not think K8 has the drive or ambition to succeed in anything. She had her original master plan and boy did it work! But her "success" has nothing to do with genuine drive or ambition and everything to do with being the all-too-willing puppet of a very powerful media monster, TLC/Discovery.

K8's character and persona are so toxic, her reputation will always precede her. I do agree with you that she will never be happy in a "normal" job, but then again I don't think she will ever be happy, period.

November 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLordy Bee

Hey Nancyb....In response to your question about filming. Pa Dol responsibility starts and stops in Pennsylvania. Any filming done out of the state of Pennsylvania has nothing to do with the what goes on filming in other states.

That is a great question and a good reason for changing the law at Federal level with children in entertainment. It is also a reason for states to look at their current laws and update them, and for DOL's in each state to enforce what laws they already have better. As we all seen here in Pennsylvania an ounce of at least enforcing their current laws would have maybe prevented such gross lack of.....oh, I don't know what to insert there....:-)

Werny, I agree about that. There is nothing wrong with a mom chasing her dreams. I also hope she finds a media job. One thing I liked about Kate (way back when) is she likes to talk. It may be nice for her to consider doing a radio show from her house to build an audience... actually do a blog herself like Rene Syler of Good Enough Mother.....start small and work big. I know a lot came to her fast and big but that isn't the way it always works in the entertainment industry. Her biggest stumbling block I think is she thinks the only way to do this is through the children and that is neither fair to them and is really selling herself short. (((Now as far as how I think she treats her kids, fans,relatives, ex spouse, etc overall....well that is a whole other story but since I am in a nice mood today I just will refrain from going there)))

November 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterIrene

I didn't know about the throwing up thing before I read it in my comments here, Heather, because I didn't watch the show. I only saw little bits after they moved here, out of curiosity, but couldn't stand to see the way Kate treated Jon and the kids. I also wonder how such a young child thought of throwing up to keep her parents close. That was an ingenious coping skill. (I really enjoy your comments, Heather. You are so well-spoken.)

Points well taken, Lordee Bee.

Irene, I really like the way you put a positive spin on the situation with your comment "Her biggest stumbling block I think is she thinks the only way to do this is through the children and that is neither fair to them and is really selling herself short." I agree, Kate should have the confidence to go after whatever she wants to on her own merit. Somewhere out there is the perfect niche for her.

Have a great day, everyone.

November 10, 2010 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

I'm confused. If Kate + 8 goes off the air will you also work to take all children off the air? Paul Peterson said he did not want children off the aire, just better regulations.
Do you have plans to follow the Duggars for example as the issue is not if you like the parents but children on reality TV?
Irene and werny gal both stated in their comments they have nothing against Kate working, just the children. But any work Kate has done without the children has been severly criticized by Irene.
This site has some over the top undocumented comments about abuse that's disturbing. Are you really comfortable with that?
I watched Kate + 8 Sunday to see what all the fuss was about and I saw extremely happy, well adjusted children who lovingly refer to their mother.
BTW, whats with all the comments about how Kate dresses? They honestly bring into question your motives.
If this isn't posted I won't be surprised werny girl, in hear you do not like opposing remarks but I honestly am trying to get to what motivates you.

November 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSarah

New article up at the very same website as had originally posted the tup getting suspended story --- only this time it is TWO of the tups, namely ------ and ------, and they weren't suspended but rather, were expelled and will be home-schooled.

November 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDH

DH, I'm going to wait to post your comment until the info in it is verified, since it could be hurtful to the family. Thank you for your understanding.

Sarah, I agree with Paul that there need to be better regulations. I am not opposed to all children in reality TV. The Gosselin children have said that they do not want to do it, their father has tried a few times to get them off it, and they are exhibiting behavioral problems that are common with children exploited in entertainment, therefore I support getting them off the air and back to a normal life. If you read my chapter in the green book in the amazon link to the right you will be able to read where I'm coming from, or spend a few minutes reading through this blog. I've been consistent throughout.

I am conscientious and responsible about what I publish here. If you watched the show and thought everything was presented, it sounds like you have a superficial view and take things at face value. Many viewers used to watch the shows and see only what you are seeing. On this blog we take a deeper look, are educating ourselves about the business of reality TV, and learning to discern between real reality and profit-making marketing. Feel free to join us. If you prefer a more superficial view, there are a couple of fan sites that might be a better fit for you.

I don't mind opposing comments, but I don't publish comments where the poster repeats him/herself when the issues have already been addressed, and I do not publish comments that are rude or indicate the writer is just gunning for a fight. We have a distinct view on this blog and it is unlikely to change. I don't go to the fan blogs, insult the blog owners, leave aggressive argumentative anonymous comments, and expect the blog owners to change their stance based on my opinion, because I am not interested in fighting and it would be silly expect anyone to change based on what I think. We're here to discuss this issue from one of many perspectives, and any comments that are kind and fit into the discussion are respectfully welcome.

November 10, 2010 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

Werny, can you confirm what has picked up from Intouch Weekly that ------ and ----- have been expelled from kindergarten and are being home schooled? In fact, they report that all of the kids are exhibiting behavioral problems with "colorful" language, hitting, calling other kids names. etc. Surely this type of behavior will sway a judge to rule in Jon's favor.

November 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGeorgiaMom

My personal thanks to Eric Roberts for speaking up and doing this very important interview. Due to his own personal history - that he has "been there, done that" - is why he can see signs of certain behaviors of other people whether it be just one photograph of a mother spanking her child or watching one or more episodes of J&K+8 or Kate+8.

I was not a victim of child abuse and I'm not an abuser of children, alcohol or drugs, but I know from my life experiences that people who are know the signs when they see it where I would be totally clueless. For example: why is it a drug addict in recovery can spot other drug addicts a mile away? Because they have "been there, done that". Just like in the movie 28 Days with Sandra Bullock, when a "newbie" enters rehab, the ones already in recovery are able to pretty much figure out what addicitions brought the newbie to rehab.

Again, kudos to Eric Roberts for helping to bring this issue out into the public which is in the best interest of the children.


November 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Werny- I like your blog very much and I usually agree with you. Sorry, but, I don't think Kate has any business being in show business. I don't see any marketable talent and I think she has burned too many bridges and pissed off too many people. Maybe, she could have but, I don't think she can now. She looked very out of place on DWTS and The View. JMO.

This is a little OT. I recently read Michael J. Fox's books. He talks about your Q factor ( likability) and how it relates to other opportunities in show biz. If a celebrity has a high Q factor, it translates to people trusting them and that translates into sponsoring opportunities.I remember reading how Kate had a very low Q score a long time ago...maybe, a year or more ago. Her Q factor has gone down a lot even since them. If the people watching TV do not like you, they will not trust your opinion about products you are trying to sell them on TV. I don't think Kate could even get a commercial for any products at this point. I think she is poison right now. This is just my opinion.

November 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDiane F.

Werny Gal,

Recently on one of the Sheeple sites I read something about a rumor about Kate breaking the neck of one of the twins while in Alaska; that Kate was asked to leave Alaska because of her shaking the child. I had no clue what they were talking about, and then this morning I found the following buried in the middle of some posts on 15 minutes.

Now with today's news that 2 tups have been expelled that perhaps the Sheeple will start to see that most definitely there is a lot more that has yet to come out, and a lot more that we will never know.

Apparently the following is from Preesi's site who it seems originally found these comments on ROL in regards to the Kate/Eric child abuse story.

It goes without saying that these comments are unsubstantiated but guess what, I'm sure that if Jon or Ellen reads this they will certainly look into it.

The comments from ROL:

Those kids are doomed, Kate grabbed Maddy and shook her so hard, that the TV crew had to break up er scuffle on Sara Palins new show, the personal assistant to Todd Palin wanted to file charges against Kate for child abuse

by honor maria3
Posted Mon, 11/08/2010 - 5:17pm
Was that BEFORE or AFTER the photo shoot where Maddy appears to be crying while Kate appears to be digging her banshee claws into Maddy's shoulder?!! Maybe that's why Kate & Steve left for 2 days, so she could work a PR spin.

by Kahu09
Posted Mon, 11/08/2010 - 5:22pm

The production crew of the show demanded that Kate/kids be edited out of the footage but was denied by top brass (ratings) in several of the scenes you see Sara Palin looking at Kate in disgust and also not even acknowledging her

by honor maria3
Posted Mon, 11/08/2010 - 5:26pm

Hum, that seems to be the reaction of other people who have worked with Kate. Is that the same look Emirl appears to have given Kate when she smacked him with the rubber spatula? A look of disgust!?

by Kahu09
Posted Mon, 11/08/2010 - 5:29pm

The deal that was made, the Palins and crew would not report it (did not want the negative exposure) if Kate left that evening and gave no interviews regarding Alaska/trip or they would report the incident to local PA authorities

by honor maria3
Posted Mon, 11/08/2010 - 5:32pm

THE REAL KATE- several cast members from DWTS confronted Kate regarding her verbally abusing Steve in front of the ENTIRE crew, dressing him down for forgetting her cell phone(left in trailer) they told her "thats no way to treat someone"

by honor maria3
Posted Mon, 11/08/2010 - 5:37pm

Kates verbal/physical abuse to those around her is well known, she abuses her family, sisters, brother, dad, kids, co-workers....THERE IS A PATTERN OF ABUSE, now the kids

by honor maria3
Posted Mon, 11/08/2010 - 5:48pm

November 10, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Hi Mickey, that story about Kate breaking one of their necks is so ridiculous. That could never be covered up. It's an example of how things gets exaggerated and twisted. But there is probably some basic core of truth to the story.

"thats no way to treat someone"
How sad to have to tell an adult this, especially one who is the main female role model for eight children. And then we wonder why the children are aggressive.

November 10, 2010 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

Werny, Why has Eric spoke out now ? Is there more that happened in Alaska that has not come out yet? Is is true he knew someone on the crew that saw this abuse? It just seems weird that he would be so direct in saying "Thank goodness there is footage of Gosselin hitting her kids, and apparently feeling fine about it." He must know something more than the one photo of kate hitting one of tups. Since this story has come out, I have been wondering why he has spoke now. Thanks..

November 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterJean

Hi Jean, if I hadn't asked Eric for an interview, he wouldn't have spoken out. He did tweet about it, but he is very involved in the anti-violence movement and his tweet seems to have been a part of him talking about that as usual. Then I heard about the tweet and asked to interview him. It was the interview that inspired all the news about him speaking out. No one seemed to have noticed his tweet as it didn't make a dent anywhere, so if I hadn't interviewed him it probably would have faded away like most tweets do.

No, he had nothing to do with the crew, didn't know anyone, etc. It all just stemmed from his tweet and then my questions about what caused him to tweet. I don't know if he watched the show or not, but he is sensitive to issues involving violence against children as many others are and may simply have been upset by the photo of kate hitting one of the kids. Or if he has watched the show he may also be upset about the pattern of emotional violence and insensitivity many others have been upset by. Many people feel there's plenty enough to be upset about without including the Alaska incident.

November 12, 2010 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

I want to say that I used to be a fan of Jon and Kate plus 8 and even Kate herself, when the kids were very young it actually did look like they were just being their normal selves and having fun while the camera caught it all. Kate yes was hard on Jon and a bit uptight but seemed to run a tight ship but you could see her love for her kids. I caught several episodes of Kate plus 8 and decided to stop watching, the kids no longer look like they are having fun, in fact they look as though they're being drug around all these places, and are TIRED! and Kate herself seems to be having the time of her life and unconcerned about the kid's feelings, after the New York episode I'd had enough! Then I read on another site about the expulsion and there was a link to this blog, and I want to say Thank Goodness that someone is watching what is really going on with these kids. Please keep up the good work, as a former fan I truly care what happens to these children it is a shame that their unhappiness is there for all the world to see and their own mother either cant or wont see it.

November 17, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBillie

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