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Kate Throws Jon Under the Bus Again

Kate really flung the old crapola on Live with Regis and Kelly today, spewing lots of what my father used to call “happy horse shit.”  No matter how many times she says what she does is in the children’s best interests, it’s clear her own image is her priority.  Below is a transcript with my comments inserted.  Put your waders on, it’s deep in here. 

Kelly begins the interview by asking if Kate knew then what she knows now, would she have allowed the cameras into her life and her house, with all the attention that came with it? 

Kate:  “I look at it still as a huge blessing. I am able to…I mean I’m solely providing for eight kids and I can to do that because of the opportunities, because the way life turned out for me.  So I still, when I go back and think in my mind, because I’m asked that a lot, I think I ended up with eight kids and I never envisioned that, and then I ended up with this change of career that has allowed me to provide for them.  And I’m providing solely for them, and I’m able to do that, I’m very grateful to have this job that they can be alongside of me where I’m working and they’re playing and it’s still to me, it goes hand in hand, and it’s working for us. 

(So you’re surprised you ended up with eight kids because there was absolutely no chance of that happening despite fertility treatments?   You’re providing solely for them because your corporate owner has blocked Jon from having any income, but why point it out on TV where your children’s friends and everyone else can hear it?  And there’s that tired old refrain, you’re “working” while they’re “playing.”   All television jobs, even reality TV, are hard work.  Even reality TV involves fake plots, being fed lines, having to repeat takes, having to sit and endlessly “hurry up and wait,” having to stay clean, having to stay quiet, having to fake smile, etc.  It's grueling, even for healthy adults.  And you’re not supporting your kids.  Without those kids we never would have heard of you.  Those kids are supporting you.)

Anderson:  So you’re saying Jon’s not providing for them at all? 

Kate:  I’m doing it, like I said, by myself, since our divorce, it’s me, and I don’t spend time, you know, worrying about it, getting upset about it.  I’m just very glad that for them, life has stayed the same, you know, they’re in their same house and they’re in their same school and as a parent that’s my job to do it and, you know, I don’t have to worry about anybody else. 

(If you’re not upset, why do you throw little digs and veiled putdowns of your children’s father on TV and other public venues?  And why do you make it sound like you’re their only parent, and the only parent who’s taking care of them?  You’re not a single parent any more than Jon is.  Your children have two parents.  And I don’t mean you and Steve.) 

Anderson:  Is your relationship with Jon as contentious as some make it out to be, or… 

Kate:  It’s, you know… 

Anderson:  I’ll take that as a Yes 

(Kudos to Anderson for cutting through the happy horse shit.  Kelly is a useless asskiss but we knew we could count on you.) 

Kate:  It depends on the day, um, I just know that it’s, you know, it’s my focus, is the kids, and doing the best for them and you know, Jon and I are divorced, obviously, but he’s still their father, so I do try to keep it as peaceful as possible.  I’ll speak for myself when I answer that. 

(Do you try to keep it peaceful by locking Jon out of the property so he cannot even drive up the driveway to pick up his own children without Chris the paps in his face?  Or is that last passive-aggressively attacking comment an example of trying to keep it as peaceful as possible?) 

Anderson:  When the kids spend time with him, what do you do? 

Kate:  I just basically wait for the phone call for how many of them want to come home. 

(How sad and lonely you must be, sitting around forlornly, waiting for the poor wee ones to call for your help, since you have no life other than them, no boyfriend, no appointments and nothing to do, and they hate being with their father, right?) 

Kelly:  No kidding.

Kate:  Yeah, I do, I mean, I don’t really have any exciting plans unless I’m working or traveling or something. 

(When you’re home you’re in your office all day while nannies and others take care of the children, do your laundry, do your ironing, clean your home and do your bidding.  To borrow and paraphrase, “It’s a boring life, but it’s your life.”) 

Kelly:  So like, if they want to come home, what happens, I mean, are they, are they allowed to, or…? 

Kate:  It’s a weird thing, that whole law, it’s hard to explain it to your kids who want to be at home, playing with their toys and sleeping in their beds and spending time with me, so as much as that is allowed, I’m there for them and I bring them home. 

Kelly:  Wow. 

(Yeah, Wow.  They miss you so much you go and pick them up at Jon’s apartment.  The only thing missing is the background violin music as we imagine sad neglected children, crying for their own toys and beds and mommy, but alas and alak, the law, the damned law, makes them go with their deadbeat neglectful father instead.  Insert sad sigh here.) 

Anderson:  So you’re saying basically that they don’t enjoy being with him? 

(Good job of trying to make Kate own her comments, Anderson.  She'll still be ambiguous, but good job trying.)

Kate:  You know, some of them do, different days, different times, they don’t mind, some of them, it’s a difficult situation, it’s not home, it doesn’t feel like home to them, and actually my six year olds are very torn.  They tell me. It’s hard, it’s hard to explain.  And I understand that, I mean, they have a need to see him because he is their father, but yet they want to be at home, in their house. 

(They always look happier with him than they do with you, no matter where they are.  The video of them being locked out at the gate was awful ~ it gave the impression they did not want to leave their father and go home with you.  We know how rude and controlling you are in public ~ What are you like in private?  And if you truly believe they want to be home, let their father visit them at home instead of locking him out of the property.  After all, you “do try to keep it as peaceful as possible,” right?) 

Kelly:  What about your older girls, because they must really be fully aware of what divorce is and what custody means and what all of that is. 

(You bet they’re old enough to be aware.  15 Minutes Gosselin Style has a counter ~ as of today, only 2949 days left until they’re 18, and then what’s going to happen to your relationship with them?  Will they sue you for selling their childhoods and for their incomes which pay for your opulent lifestyle, and will they ever even want to talk with you again?)

Kate:  This is very new to us, we’ve only been doing this for about three months, that he’s been actually spending time with them and taking them, so it’s very new, and people I think kind of forget that with even with school going back this year, the school didn’t realize that we are so new to this switching back and forth thing, and so we’re just, that’s kind of sinking in, and it’s very difficult, you know they’ve had friends whose parents are divorced so they’re just trying to get used to the fact that these are the days, and I’m trying to keep the schedule as stable as possible and not have it flimsy flamsy around because for them that’s the best, they need to know, like, I go this many days and… 

Kelly:  Yeah, kids like consistency. 

Kate:  Right, it works out for the best, I mean our whole lives are inconsistent… 

(This makes it sound like Jon wasn’t spending time with them until the last three months, which is untrue.  It also makes it sound like you were usually with them before then, which is also untrue.  Up above you said “I’m just very glad that for them, life has stayed the same,” but now you’re contradicting yourself by saying it’s been difficult for them and their lives are inconsistent.  Well, you got that last part right.)  

(End of interview, showed clip of Kate Plus Eight.)

                                                                             *     *     *     *     *

Worst part of the interview?  Kate’s unconcealed distain for Jon and her glorious martyrdom as evidenced by her various pained facial expressions.  Can’t wait to hear what the body language expert has to say about this one.

Best part of the interview?  The look of incredulousness and barely hidden disgust on Anderson Cooper’s face.  Kelly may be a die-hard team-playing Disney employee, but Anderson knows happy horse shit when he hears it.

Classiest Tweet of the day?  Jon, for expressing his dismay on Twitter while also deciding to take the high road.  Good for you, Jon. 

Kate, this isn't a contest.  You'll always both be the children's parents, and being divorced doesn't have to mean you're enemies.  Do what you need to do to move on from your resentments.  The more you act like a team the better it will be for everyone, especially the kids.

Reader Comments (106)

Kate: You know, some of them do, different days, different times, they don’t mind, some of them, it’s a difficult situation, it’s not home, it doesn’t feel like home to them,

and actually my six year olds are very torn. They tell me. It’s hard, it’s hard to explain. And I understand that, I mean, they have a need to see him because he is their father, but yet they want to be at home, in their house.


Sure is hard to explain Kate. Your kids are telling you that they want mommy and daddy back together.

Thanks for the transcript WG. I couldn't watch the video because it made me throw up in my mouth. There are times in the transcript where Kate is just rambling, as if she is scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with ridiculous lies about Jon. Kate is getting desperate.

September 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterLauren

Hi Neighbors.

Lordie bee Werny! I did not see the interview and now I am glad. Reading it is so jolting enough.

I want to pull from Heathers last post on the other thread that Jon just needs to stay very, very quiet. This is all starting to implode right before our eyes.

1st of all, Kate doesn't financially support her children. Her children financially support her. She has been unable to make any successful tv stint on her own. And, even with making her kids WORK, and yes, I said WORK, their career is going down the toilet. SICK OF K8TE!

Cameras don't lie ~ People may try to feed garbage to the cameras but we have had Kate sized up for a long time and/or DeKonstructed. I am going to go on a limb and say....this whole krapola today proves it.

As far as the contempt in her words for the law....they are his kids too! And, yes, judges will make arrangements when parent's cannot.

Lie about Jon not paying child support. If he wasn't you'd damn sure know that she would have been on Regis yesterday spewing..."He missed his payments. I have to take him to court and have the judge throw him in jail." And, mark my words one day she will try if given the opportunity.

And, that tone of denial that this is still a great thing she MADE her family members do with TLC. Oh, please woman, that trip back to the real world, that cold shoulder from the tv execs that is will fail in comparison of what your children are gonna feel & think one day when they realize you alienated their own father, sold their childhoods to the highest bidder, and you did it all with that condescending smirk on your face and a boobyguard right next to you.

Jon Gosselin, this is going to be the fight of your life. But, one day these kids are gonna look back and they are gonna see you stood up for their right to not be owned by a scummy corporation like TLC. No contract can be so tight that you have to give your consent. This is the thing. They are still maintaining the kids are participating by "playing" yet they are cooperating with the PA Dept of labor like the kids are WORKING. Please go to the PA Dept of labor, the state's attorney, the attorney general of PA....and tell them you relinquish permission for the filming of your kids. It will be a high price to pay but you will have your kids best interests at heart.

September 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterIrene

Happy horse shit! I love it! That's awesome.

I posted about this under the last topic, but this should come as no surprise to anyone. Unfortunately, Kate will never change her behavior because of her narcissism - she's incapable of change because narcissists do not believe they are wrong. Ever. They have no regard for others' feelings and their children are no exception. She will someday be sitting on another like TV show having this same inscrutable conversation about one or all of her children. Jon is the only one capable of changing his behavior in this scenario and I think yesterday was a step in the right direction on his part. However, I still believe no response would have been better.

The fact that he acknowledged her appearance on Regis and Kelly and the statements she made only fuels her narcissism even more. She wanted him to react because that tells her she got under his skin and she thrives on that. I would go as far as to say she gets a physical 'high' from all of this drama she is orchestrating. Not fueling her psychopathy is the absolute best thing Jon can do. She never needs to know that anything has come across his radar.

Her saying the things she did only makes her look bad. I thought it was great that Anderson was trying to hold her hand to the fire, but you nailed WG when you said she would be cryptic. That's all part of the narcissistic web of evasiveness. They choose their words very carefully. They respond with broader statements that never really answer the question. It's all very murky, but you can bet it's on purpose. That way they can never be called out because they can say "I never said that" or "you misinterpreted my comments." What's interesting - frustrating really - is if a narcissists does slip up and say something incriminating, they will deny they ever said it in the first place. Denial is a tactic heavily exercised by narcissists. Deny...deny...deny. She would make a great Hollywood publicist - ha! You could also have a video tape of them saying something detrimental and play it back for them and they would still deny they ever said it. That's how fallacious they can be and it also shows you just how impossible it is to deal with them. Which is why I believe NOT dealing with them is the best course of action.

I do think Jon's getting there though. Yesterday was certainly an improvement and I think with time, Jon will continue to learn that not responding to her is the best thing he can do on his end. It will make him look a whole lot better in the court of public opinion, his children will respect him even more in the long run and it will continue to shed even more light on her mania. He's definitely fighting an uphill battle in dealing with her, but I think he's headed in the right - or in her case - the opposite direction! :-)

September 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHeather

This so called Mother brings more disgrace onto herself. How cruel her comments are. Shame on Kelly for asking those leading "questions". Anderson seemed to realize the damage she continues to spill from her sick mind. SHAME,SHAME on kate(lower case).

September 11, 2010 | Unregistered Commenteranother kate

Damage control by TLC for the video of the kids screaming that day when Jon dropped them off. The one thing TLC doesn't want is the impression that she is not the super mom she pretends to be. Glad I didn't watch. Obviously Kelly is on the side of working moms and no problem with that (I was one myself), but 99% don't sell out their kids or have the benefit of nannies and helpers. She really does not represent working moms.

September 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterGeorgiaMom

Where I live, Kate's performance would warrant a call to Children's Services as a clear example of emotional abuse, especially since Kate has been alienating the children from their father consistently and publicly since the divorce.

I really don't understand why, when hundreds of bloggers all over North America can see this travesty happening, that someone with the authority to do so has not stopped it.

Where are the Professional Associations that deal with children: SocialWorkers, Psychologists, Doctors; conspicuous by their absence, except for individual practitioners who comment in the tabloids. No professional Association that I know of is speaking out.

This is not just about changing child labour laws, although that has been the focus of many initiatives. People with expertise and power, who are in a position to comment as a group, are silent while these children are being abused.

September 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterIDModo

Just saw this on another site. She's certainly digging her own grave in the court of public opinion:

September 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHeather

Thanks Heather, I'm linking it into my blog entry, in the "move on from your resentments" sentence near the end.

September 11, 2010 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

What a tragedy this whole thing has become and their mother, who claims she is so interested in their well being and would do anything for them-- another lie of course, goes on national TV to badmouth their father, yet again. She is given free rein to say anything she wants, even when there is proof in that video of Jon returning those kids home, that those kids prefer their Dad. Why doesn't anyone show that video and force her to respond to it? Why is she allowed to say whatever she wants and continue to feel like she is in control of the whole f**king world? This woman is one of the most despicable people I have ever seen. TLC and the other networks have fed her sick ego for so long that she honestly thinks she can lie and say anything she wants and people will let her get away with it. I personally think that interview yesterday is the one that is going to begin the tipping over of Kate Gosselin. She set herself up very well for a very hard fall. People are much smarter and more savvy than she gives them credit for. AND Jon is taking the high road and people who know nothing about the Jon and Kate show are going to start wondering why do we never see or hear anything from this guy? What is going on? I personally can't wait to see her massive tumble, but the children do not deserve what is coming. And Kate can thank herself for the fallout, because she set this whole thing in motion.

September 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBarbara

I just read Al's book so right now I need some pretty strong convincing that Jon's a good guy because at this moment I think both he and Kate are just lazy lowlife scum whose every action is done simply to keep them in the spotlight and that neither one loves or cares about the well being of their kids. The kids are objects to them nothing more. And that angers me and makes me want to throw up my hands in defeat.

September 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSilimom

Heather said:...." That's all part of the narcissistic web of evasiveness. They choose their words very carefully. They respond with broader statements that never really answer the question. It's all very murky, but you can bet it's on purpose."
You are absolutely right! When People mag last year asked Kate about the allegations she & Steve were having an affair, she responded by saying she found the allegations disgusting, deplorable, etc. etc. blah blah. She never once said the allegations were UNTRUE or FALSE. When asked if she had a boob job, she told one interviewer "who has time?" Later, she did look Joy Behar in the eye and lie, giving her the old "it's a good bra" line. That was rare, usually Kate expertly answers questions she does not want to answer with diversion and waist-high BS. For instance, when Anderson asked how Mady and Cara felt about visiting Jon, she seemed to ramble and didn't answer the question.

She did point blank claim yesterday that she is the sole provider of the kids (when really the kids are HER sole provider.) I wonder if the reason she said this with certainty is because Jon's child support allegedly comes from TLC? So therefore, she may not consider it as Jon actually contributing. There was speculation that the deal was made for TLC to pay Jon's support from the deal reached after he consented to the kids filming again. If this is the case, I can see Kate being blindingly enraged over this, as she may have thought she held Jon's pair in the vice when TLC forbid him from taking work, but he still had child support to pay. As she was quoted in Al's book "then I guess you will be going to jail" when Jon asked how he was supposed to pay his support order. I bet she never thought he would never shut down filming, and as evidenced by yesterday's stunt, she's never going to stop punishing him for it, unless a higher authority stops her. JMO.

Oh and BTW.... I am a PA resident (York, PA in the house!) and I was a stay at home mom when my kids were little. They were with me all the time and I never needed to get a permit from the state when they played. So spin away, Kate. If your kids need a permit from the state "to play" THEY'RE WORKING!!

September 11, 2010 | Unregistered Commentersandi

One comment of Kate's I want to address - she makes it sound as if Jon hasn't been around except for the past 3 months.

Jon filed for custody back in March/April because Kate was not abiding by the terms of their original custody agreement and was not allowing him to watch the kids when she was off filming DWTS. He wanted more time with his children. This new agreement/schedule was a direct result of Jon's initiative to have more access to the kids. It was Jon who pushed for more consistency for his children, ostensibly.

She complained before that he wasn't involved. Now she is complaining that the kids have to go visit him. Kate you can't have it both ways. Sorry.

September 11, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterSilimom

"I just read Al's book so right now I need some pretty strong convincing that Jon's a good guy because at this moment I think both he and Kate are just lazy lowlife scum whose every action is done simply to keep them in the spotlight and that neither one loves or cares about the well being of their kids. The kids are objects to them nothing more. And that angers me and makes me want to throw up my hands in defeat."


I totally agree with what you wrote above. Jon and Kate are both pond scum since they both are continuing to allow their children to WORK to support THEM.

There is no doubt that Jon is not an innocent when it comes to manipulating the drama, and he most definitely had no problem in using the paps to his advantage. But Kate is also clearly capable of using the media too and this is exactly what she did on Regis & Kelly. Yes her antics are getting old but this time I'm pretty sure her antics have backfired, her show will still continue to tank because anyone who has an ounce of common sense can see that she is throwing the father of her children under a bus on national TV.

Kudos to Anderson Cooper for attempting to nail her by pinpointing her down. I knew that he is not a fan of Kate Gosselin so I was hoping that the journalist in him might try to nail her. He did, but Kelly interrupted him ... dammit!

I saw the R&K episode on Friday. When I turned on the TV in the morning it still was on the same channel from the night before and because President Obama was on I did not change the channel. Then when Obama finished his speech the TV went back to their regular programming -- in this case R&K -- and a few minutes later Kate walked out in all her lying glory.

I also read Al's book and I agree that a lot of it has to do with Jon and not Kate. However, I also recall when I was waiting for this book to be released that at the last moment WG let us know that a source got cold feet so there were some things that had to be removed. So because Al had to edit the book to remove these "things", the book's release was postponed for a couple of weeks.

So after reading the book, I am inclined to believe that more likely than not that whatever the source's input was that had to be removed before it could be released had to do with Kate, not Jon. That being said, I will always believe that this source was literally scared as to what Kate would do to this person if the input could be traced back to the source. In other words, my best guess is that Kate can be extremely vindictive and the source knows it. Of course, after watching Kate's performance on R&K I think it also goes without saying that Jon must know better than anyone just what Kate is capable of doing when she is out for blood.

Anyway, after I finished Al's book and then shortly thereafter I saw THAT heart wrenching video of screaming kids, it is no wonder that I am left wondering what is it that we still do not know about Kate, and what exactly is she doing behind closed doors to those children?

I hope and pray that those 8 children can survive their childhood.


September 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Werny Gal,

Please confirm ~

Is it true that in your county that if there is a dad who is not paying his child support payments that it is noted in the local paper?

Because if this is true, and if Jon has never been listed as a dead beat dad in the newspaper, then this proves that Jon is in fact supporting his kids and Kate just lied once again on national TV.

It goes without saying at this point that if Kate could, she would have Jon thrown in jail for nonpayment of child support. The fact that he is still free is proof to me that he is not a dead beat dad no matter how Kate spins it.


September 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Just finished Al's book. Definitely interesting. He certainly paints a derogatory picture of Jon although it's probably pretty accurate. The biggest issue I had was his use of the royal 'we' when referring to himself. Makes me think he originally had a partner who later, after he'd finished, decided not to be associated with the project and Al didn't want to use the 'find' and 'replace' function in his word processing software.

The best part of the whole book, though, was your contribution Werny, IMO.

After reading this, I really can't wait until this whole fiasco is done. As he said, this is a story about nothing. The saddest thing, though? For Cara, Mady, Aaden, Joel, Colin, Hannah, Alexis and Leah this will never be over. Jon and Kate, two immature, selfish, narcissistic, lazy people who feel entitled to the best life has to offer without the graciousness and appreciation that should go hand in hand with the blessings they have been given will always be their mom and dad and their role models. As you wrote, Werny, this experience has permanently marked them and only time will tell how they will process and integrate this into their psyches. They need our prayers and the good that I hope comes out of this is that we as a society decide reality television like this should end.

September 12, 2010 | Unregistered Commentersilimom

Yes, the parts of Al's book that were removed were about Kate, not Jon. If Al had included those incidents it would have been obvious who the info came from, so they were not included at the source's request. I wish they could have been included but it is what it is and I commend Al for respecting his sources.

Yes, parents who don't pay their child support - fathers and mother - have their names printed in the Reading Eagle, and Jon has never been listed there. Also, the spouse who has the larger income pays the spouse with the lesser income, which means Kate would pay Jon alimony and child support - not the other way around. This is how it works unless the spouse with less income is proven to be avoiding work in order to avoid paying, which is not the case with Jon. Jon has tried to find work but TLC has blocked him. They have completely controlled Jon and then made him look deadbeat, which he is not. Can you imagine how frustrating it must be to want to make a living and find your place in the world, and not being allowed to, and then being accused of being neglectful? Especially being a man, because in our society we value men on their ability to produce income. It's so emasculating.

September 12, 2010 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

You know this has been talked about all weekend. I am wondering something. Do you think Kate was fed these lines through an earpiece or did she come up with this krapola on Friday on her own for Regis and Kelly episode?

September 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterIrene

I think she was booked on R&K for spin control, because normally she wouldn't go on unless she was plugging something. I also think maybe Kelly and Anderson were playing Good Cop Bad Cop at the request of the producers, although I think Anderson truly dislikes Kate and Kelly is truly clueless so of course Kelly was the God Cop and Anderson was the Bad Cop. Either that, or Kelly was just conducting a regular interview and Anderson got sick of it and had to try to pin Kate down. Personally, I don't think Late was working with an earpiece but I think she was ready with her answers. They probably told her what they were going to ask beforehand and she probably prepares her "lines" with her handlers.

September 12, 2010 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

"Kate, this isn't a contest. You'll always both be the children's parents, and being divorced doesn't have to mean you're enemies. Do what you need to do to move on from your resentments. The more you act like a team the better it will be for everyone, especially the kids."


Great thoughts however, Kate has never cared what is"better" for the kids-
IMO--the only time J&K will become a team is when they sue TLC-

September 12, 2010 | Unregistered Commentercs


Here are my personal thoughts as to what Kate said on R&K:

1. IMO Kate was scheduled to make an appearance on this show more for damage control for THAT video of the screaming kids rather than a promo for the next episode of her stupid show. Speaking of the promo, does anyone really give a rip that Kate and the twins learned how to surf on one of their many working job sites?

2. The fact that her appearance was not made immediately after THAT video came out but more like 6 weeks later was so it would not be obvious as to why she was throwing Jon under the bus ... again.

3. I still (and always will) believe that when THAT video came out TLC did its own damage control and gave information to the National Enquirer about Kate not peeing in a bucket. It worked - talk on all the blogs went from THAT video to "Camping with Palin 101".

4. My proof of this motivation is when Kate said, "I just basically wait for the phone call for how many of them want to come home". Nope, sorry, not buying this happy horse shit Kate (my new catch phrase-thanks WG!!!).

5. I don't think Anderson was fed any line; I think the journalist in him saw what was happening and tried to pin her down. However Kate is a master manipulator - knows very well how to work the sympathy card - and answers questions by NOT answering them directly by being vague. The best example is noted above by another poster - Kate has never come out and straight up said she is not having an affair with Steve, she has just said she was disgusted that it was ever a topic of discussion.

6. Once again we are not talking about Kate and Steve, no we are talking about Kate on R&K. But we are talking and that is keeping her relevant in the TV world/media.

7. In regards to an earpiece, I don't recall seeing her playing with her ear whatsoever. No, just the fact that the kids have to be exchanged outside the perimeter gate because Jon is no longer allowed on the property tells me that Kate is so pissed at Jon these days that the venom we heard her spew was all on Kate.

8. Just for giggles I just now played R&K on the DVR for my boyfriend and asked him for his thoughts. FTR he has always hated Kate for how she talked to Jon on the original show, and he only knows a little tidbits about what is going on thanks to me (I don't think he even knows Jon is not allowed on her property). His comments are as follows: "wow, they just made Jon look like an asshole but I don't believe it. I also have kids that live with their mom and know what she is capable of telling my kids ... I don't believe this shit that they don't want to be with their dad".


September 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

WG said: Yes, parents who don't pay their child support - fathers and mother - have their names printed in the Reading Eagle, and Jon has never been listed there. Also, the spouse who has the larger income pays the spouse with the lesser income, which means Kate would pay Jon alimony and child support - not the other way around. This is how it works unless the spouse with less income is proven to be avoiding work in order to avoid paying, which is not the case with Jon. Jon has tried to find work but TLC has blocked him.


If this is all true - and I'm not doubting that it is - why in sam hill doesn't someone call her out on it in these interviews when she's trying to convince the public that she's the only provider and that Jon does not support the kids? I'm going to speculate that it has to do with TLC and the consequences a network would have to endure should someone hold her accountable in one of these interviews. I have no idea if this is the reason, but what else could it be?

September 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterHeather

She speaks...she even addressed the sheeple aka koolaiders as fanatics! Lordie bee

September 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterIrene

Just an observation and question, so Jon isn't permitted to work anywhere? At all? I find that hard to believe. He can't work on TV. Well, nothing is preventing him from oh, I don't know, getting a REAL job?

I understand he may be the lesser of two evils in this situation, but come on, if he wanted to work somewhere, he could. He's still just lazy, IMO. He wants the fame, glory and lights on him just as much as Kate.

September 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterBettina


If you have been following this Gosselinodrama closely you would already know that Jon does have a job -- he works for TLC and he is paid to do nothing. Not only that, but they have a gag order on him.

This has been confirmed not only by court documents but also on ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT.

TLC is paying him approximately $25,000 per month; $20,000 of this "paycheck" is deposited directly into Kate's account and is considered Jon's child support payment. The remaining $5,000 per month is what Jon pays for his monthly living expenses.

In exchange for this monthly allotment of $25,000 Jon allows his children to be filmed. Also, Jon is prohibited from working anywhere else according to his contract with TLC but of course Kate does not mention this tidbit, nor the fact that Jon has never missed a child support payment.

No, Kate Gosselin would rather go on Regis and Kelly and lie and trash talk the father of her children in order to make herself feel good.

The bottom line in all of this is that it is the children who work and support the entire family.


September 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

I don't understand. Jon has been picking at Kate for months, he does awful things all the time, every time she has something in her life (DWTS/The Emmys) he finds a way to tear her down somehow (the custody thing/going to do the Rabbi's show) and then she says that sometimes the kids call to be picked up because they want to be home (sometimes/some of them) and that is the equivalent of Kate throwing "Jon under the bus?" What did she say that was so bad? That sometimes they want to come home? That's bad? This last interview doesn't give me any bad impression of Jon, it just leads me to believe that these kids are like any other kids of divorced parents. Sometimes they enjoy themselves visiting the non-custodial parent, sometimes they don't. They sound like normal kids to me, and Kate sounds like she's describing a normal situation. It's how everyone has interpreted that is very odd. People claim that she said something wrong about Jon, but I've read the transcript here and I've seen the clip, but I don't see what's WRONG. I say good on Jon if he let's the kids call Mom to come get some of them if they're not having fun. It sounds like they're both working in unison to support their kids' happiness in that situation!

September 12, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterAshley

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