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Who Is Robert Hoffman: About the Author of a New Book About Kate Gosselin


The world is astonished to learn that anyone could think the public will buy a 297K words (that's 800 pages, folks!) book about someone whose social relevence has long faded.


The author of the supposed upcoming new book on Kate Gosselin claims to be Robert Hoffman. If it's true, who is he? He's been mentioned over the years, and I have occasionally clarified who he is in my blog comment discussions, but allow me to consolidate everything here, all in one place at the same time, once and for all.

Robert Hoffman, or Bob, as he is sometimes called by friends and family, was an employee of the Reading Eagle until he was fired around 2007. He then teamed up with Al Walentis, another former Reading Eagle employee who in the spring of 2009 was part of a massive Eagle layoff of 50+ employees, to follow the Gosselins for US Weekly. While working as reporters for US Weekly, they agreed to share notes for a book they planned to co-write about their adventures following the Gosselin saga during that summer and fall. 

The summer of 2009 was a crazy Gosselin summer here in Wernersville. We were besieged by the paparazzi and tourists who gathered in front of the Gosselin property until the cops were eventually handing out tickets right and left to anyone who even came to a complete stop on the road in front of the house. Robert Hoffman and Al Walentis were at the property every day along with paps from all over the U.S. as well as the U.K.  Robert Hoffman and Jon Gosselin eventually became friends, or, in my opinion, Robert ingratiated himself to Jon. Jon gradually included Robert in his social activities, inviting him inside the fence, including him in dinners and on trips such as the one to Las Vegas for the Wet Republic pool party.


Flashback to 2005: As you may recall if you are familiar with Gosselin history, Dana Hoffman was the Reading Eagle blogger who first ran entries in the newspaper questioning the sincerity of Jon and Kate's, particularly Kate's, impassioned cries of poverty and need for excessive “love offerings” for the children and family. She also questioned why the state should pay for care for the children beyond the normal care provided for other state-assisted families, particularly when the parents chose and even engineered this lifestyle for themselves. And she wasn't afraid to point out Kate's many instances of entitlement and rudeness toward those who came forward to help.


In 2009, after Robert befriended Jon, he was afraid Jon would find out he was married to Dana and be upset about it, so for months he pretended he and Dana only coincidentally had their last names in common. As it turned out Jon was not upset when he found out, probably because of Jon's good nature and the fact that he and Robert had been friends for some time by then.


Here's Robert picking Jon up the day the kids were upset about being dropped off in the big blue bus. He's driving the car Jon gets into at the end of the video. 


Eventually Robert pulled out of the book with Al and withdrew some of the material he'd contributed to it, telling Al he was afraid Jon and US Weekly (which was still paying him) would know he was the source. Since then he's claimed to be a friend of Jon's, although personally I question his definition of the word Friend. The story about Jon having two call girls in for the night at the Las Vegas hotel, while Jon's mother stayed in the room next door, came from Robert, and so did the chicken coop story, which Robert shared with Al after apparently making it up to see what Al would do with it. Robert's also the one who launched that annoying/cloying bogus Jon Gosselin fan site, unbeknownst to Jon.  It also appeared to me that Robert was the person pretending to be “an insider” giving “exclusive” information on one of the Kate fans blogs a while back. Robert, Jon's “friend,” was also the one who took the photographs of Stephanie Santoro leaving Jon's Gosselin garage apartment early in the morning.


After meeting Jon in person some time ago and finding him to be sincere and unassuming, and seeing how Robert appeared to enjoy manipulating others, I told Al I had doubts about Robert's trustworthiness. I also at one point tried to warn Jon through a go-between to no avail.  My concerns about Robert's loyalty to Jon were further validated after Al gave me a disk which Robert had given him after the summer of 2009, containing Robert's original notes for his and Al's book. At my suggestion, Al withheld from printing some of the information on Robert's disk in his book because it was either not credible, or, if it were true, could have been extremely hurtful to not only the Gosselins but other families as well. I do not plan to share the nature of that information but I am mentioning it here to provide background information on Robert Hoffman.


Will Robert's book have anything special in it that hasn't been covered already by Al or in my book, which focused on the need for child advocacy in reality TV and the psychological effects on reality TV on the Gosselin family, especially the children? I doubt it. Has he interviewed “hundreds” for his book? I doubt it, and whoever he's interviewed probably hasn't included any true insiders. Is there any reason to believe Robert Hoffman has the children's best interests in mind? From the way he's been marketing his book, I don't think so. Has Robert ever given any indication that he is an advocate for the children? Um, no, and if he was, why would he write creepy tweets with cryptic Biblical references and comments about Deanna's boots? And why would any publisher accept a 297,000 page manuscript ~ equating to 800+ pages ~ about a topic that is clearly past its prime? Sounds to me like Robert's trying to create a lot of buzz about nothing. Also sounds like his main motivation is profiting off the Gosselin kids, and as we all know, no one's allowed to profit off of them except for Kate herself.


Reader Comments (154)

Thank you so much for this post, Polly. I figured you'd have the scoop about this local and I appreciate your candor. Based on your description, I would have to say that this gentleman deserves no more of my time or thoughts.

I hope things have been going well for you and yours and that you're enjoying your summer. We leave for Yellowstone in 2 weeks (but not in an RV although we considered it but passed once we saw the cost). My dd will finally get to see wolves up close at the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery center in West Yellowstone and then, hopefully, some more (through binoculars of course!) while we visit the park.

In planning for this trip, I am amazed at all there is for kids to do. There are Junior Ranger patches they can earn, the G&WDM I just mentioned, ranger programs at the park. I realize the show was scripted and educating the kids was not the focus of that trip (it was about TLC pushing Kate out of her comfort zone so they could film her meltdowns) but what a lost opportunity for the kids.

They probably drove into the park, visited Old Faithful and left. I thought it sad at the time but now I'm planning that trip, I appreciate what the kids missed out on even more and it just infuriates me.

June 24, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersilimom

Thanks Silimom. Yellowstone sounds great. We never got to take the kids when they were younger but maybe we'll still get to take a road trip there someday. I'm sure your family and esp the kids will have a much better time than the eight did. At least if it was anything like their "fun day" at the corn maze.

June 24, 2012 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

Hey there Neighbor!

Sounds like a pile of Happy Horseshit to me!

Anyone hear about the Octomom #2 (yes, Kate is the original Octomom) (well the dilley's had the 1st sextuplets but they didn't sell theirs for fame and fortune)? Anyway, seems people will do anything for a buck.

Thanks for putting the puzzle together....Now I am loling cuz no wonder the press of this past week. Makes sense now.

June 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterIrene

Polly, can't you just call him, or have Al call him to confirm if he is the author or not?

June 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKarlaB

As proof that anything Gosselin is no longer newsworthy, it was just 2 days ago that I purchased Kate's "I Just Want You To Know" book at a dollar store. Let's see, this book was originally released in the Spring of 2010 and it had dismal sales ... IMO, all things considering, it sure hit the dollar store kinda fast :)

So now I own all 3 of her books and they were all purchased at a dollar store where they have been dumped by real booksellers and/or publishers who need to make room on their shelves for books that are marketable and people want to buy.

As for Robert's book ... well Polly you have confirmed and validated that Robert knows Jon so he would no doubt have some insider information to put in a book, especially whatever info he requested that not be in Al's book (anyone who was waiting for Al's book knows that last minute changes had to be made when a "source" got nervous and wanted his info removed which delayed Al's book being published).

However, you have also stated that as it turns out that Robert made up the story about the chicken coop just to see what would happen with that story. As such I have to say that tidbit alone puts me on notice that Robert might make up and/or *exaggerate* other stories up just to sell his book too.

Still I have to comment on the fact that it has been reported that Kate is paying big bucks for an attorney in California to try to keep Robert's book from being published, so I am inclined to believe that Kate is worried for a reason. Now that the author has been identified, and knowing that Robert Hoffman, as well as Dana, have been following this Gosselin saga for years, there may be some interest in his book. How much interest? Who knows, from what I can tell the only people who know about the book -- and who may or may not be interested in buying the book -- are on the Gosselin blogs.

In other words will readers out in the real world want to buy this book if/when it is published since anything Gosselin is past its prime? Only time will tell but one thing is for certain, Robert may have waited too long to get this book published and his marketing tactics -- including harassing Kate via Twitter -- was inappropriate. Last but not least, it also lets me know that Robert has no concern for the Gosselin 8.

June 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Reading comprehension: The Gosselin Book web site states: 297,931 WORDS not pages. Seems since the two prior books were pretty much flops, and had very little new content that most in the know about the Gosselins already knew.... Is this your attemp to discredit a fellow author? This author has actually had extended contact with a Gosselin. You stated, drive bys of the estate and ONE observation at a corn maze was your only contact. The rest of your book was here say from the community and the psychological impact to the children from your profession opinion.

I recall when you stated you were writing a book and posting your imput to the content, your blog lost hundreds of readers/contributors. If this is your slanderous attempt to regain readership and deter the public from anticipating reading this newest resource about the 'Kate Gosselin Gestapo regime', think again. I witnessed Ms Kreider became the hugest psychological mess on tv. There is nothing more I would love to see than justice on a silver plater served to her for the horrendous treatment of her children, Jon and everyone she has hurt. Just the information you have posted gives her and the attorneys some credibility for their C&D, which we all know they do not deserve. You should have let her 'sweat it out' and kept your personal opinions to yourself in regards to Mr Hoffman.
Huge mistake. What were you thinking?

June 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSammy

Hi everyone. Karla, the book is definitely by Robert Hoffman. Sammy, a 297K word transcript translates to an 800 page book in print. If it really is that long it needs heavy editing. No publisher could afford to print a book that long in this day and age, especially on a subject past its prime. Maybe an exceptional Stephen King book, but just maybe. The purpose of this entry was as stated, to clarify who Robert is, since there have been some pretty imaginative guesses online. People wanted to know who Robert Hoffman is and now they know. My readers know I could care less about numbers, competing with other blogs or any of that nonsense. It's always been about quality over quatity for me. There's nothing here that could contribute to a C&D. If there's a C&D it's probably related to Robert's creepy tweets, IMO.

June 24, 2012 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

I wonder why he won't own his creepy tweets.? Do you think he was the one who told you about the Jon and the chicken coop?

June 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKarlaB

Dear Polly,

I have to admit I am a little disappointed by your attitude. I am a long time lurker...I read at 15, here, RWA, GWop & I was under the opinion that all of us were focused on exposing the TRUTH. I don't really care if it is you, Al or this Rob Hoffman...If someone can expose Kate for the lying liar she is...I really don't care who it is. I came to the realization that Kate was a fake when she put the sick baby on the laundry room floor. I know that I came late to the game, but I have known since then that Kate is a FAKE. If Rob is a posser then it will become obvious soon enough. If he is the real deal, then we should all be rooting from the rafters. That woman needs to be stopped....I really don't care who does it.....

June 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGranny57

i met robert hoffman in 2009 in front of the gosselin house - he is who he says he is

June 24, 2012 | Unregistered Commenternantastic

IMO the tweets are only creepy if you have something to hide. What's Kreider so afraid of?

June 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterP.J.

Polly, a lot of people are calling your post here (and at Mr. Hoffman's site) sour grapes because your book didn't do well.

I'm on the fence about this. You made some vaild comments, but their does seem to be a bit of jealousy.
I'm hoping you will expand on this.

One question. Mr. Hoffman doesn't disavow Jon having two hookers in his room in Vegas. He credits a different publication, but never denied he said it. Is that the way you read it, too?

June 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGuest

Granny57, I agree with you, the important thing is getting the truth out there. My impression of Robert is that he has been gamey in the past and IMO his marketing of his book has been the same way. I hope his book offers new things that haven't already been published and that it is honest. I do plan to read it so we'll see. I'll review it on my blog just like I did Al's book. It will be interesting to hear another perspective and I always enjoy seeing how others write, especially an undertaking as involved as a book.

Guest, no one except me knows how my book is doing sales-wise, other than Al who I discuss it with once in a while. You can't tell anything about sales from looking online even though some people think you can. That is not accurate so you can't depend on it. The only dependable way of knowing my sales is to see my bank account. I can tell you that not a month has gone by that I haven't gotten regular deposits despite my never doing any advertising. Surprisingly, my blog seems to have little to do with it. It sells all by itself.

I regretted calling Robert "creepy" and I removed that comment from my blog. Other than that I posted a blog entry that to my knowledge is accurate. It contains information about who Robert is, some of my opinions, and as is typical of my entries, it ends with a snarky zing. Robert indicated in his blog that he had his big boy pants on and understands this is the nature of blogging and is nothing personal. I thought that was very mature of him. I hope my readers will consider my entire entry instead of getting stuck on one or two sentences and it would also be great if Robert addressed all the issues I brought up, but I respect it's his choice to not do that if he chooses not to. As usual, my attitude is Live & Let Live.

Thanks for your comments, everyone.

June 24, 2012 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

OMG, if I had known that history was going to repeat itself over the same ol' happy horse shit I would have gone fishing this morning at a lake that is so remote I know that there is no cell service = no WiFi = no Internet! But alas we slept in this morning so there are happy trout in California.

Meanwhile I see that there is a war of words in Wernersville among the locals and on the Gosselin blogs. Once again bloggers are so focused on 1 or 2 tidbits that they are not able to see the whole picture and/or even think outside of the box.

For instance, Sammy -- you need help with your reading comprehension since you missed the part in the above post where Werny Gal tells that world that she has met Jon. I have known about this for months, but hey it was her news to share, or not, but yet you are just harping on a few drive bys and the one corn maze incident.

On another blog someone posted Al Walentis' tweet:

Kate Gosselin lawyering up to thwart publication of book on how "she fooled the world."

It seems that one blogger got the impression that the above tweet means that Al is not a fan of Robert Hoffman and/or Al is not happy about Robert's book. Oh, really? FTR I read that same tweet and got a completely different impression — what is it about this alleged book that has Kate so spooked that she retained a very expensive attorney in California?

This same blogger seems to believe that "Small Town is not being objective and has some personal feelings directly against the GB author" and another thinks that it was all "sour grapes".

To those bloggers I want to say you are entitled to your opinion, but why don't you read the TITLE of this post? All Werny Gal was doing was giving background information on Robert Hoffman from a local's point of view and confirming he is married to Dana who IMO is the first whistle blower of Kate's grifting ways over 7 years ago. As it is there was a lot of speculation as to who was behind the GB web site; yes, I laughed when I saw that there were those who even thought Polly was writing another book!!!

FTR I agree with the blogger who pointed out that Kate and TLC were not threatened with the first two books written by Al Walentis and Polly Kahl but I disagree that they were both flops. Al's book which I personally found to be a fun read was about the stupidest story in the history of the universe and the people who covered it, and Polly's book was about the selling of the Gosselins and the harmful effects to children on reality TV. To all of Polly's naysayers I would like to ask, "how many of you can say that you have taken the time to write a book about a serious subject that is now required reading at the college level?"

Now we have this third book by Robert Hoffman and Kate is scared. Big time. You better believe that I want to know WHY???? We all know that Kate did not try to stop Al or Polly from publishing their books, but she knows that Robert knows something thanks to his friendship with Jon.

Whereas I want to let Robert know that I might be curious enough to buy his book (that is after I read the comments about it on the blogs), yes even though Kate's show was cancelled over a year ago, but this is only because I was very involved in the Gosselin blogs for the past 3(!!!) years.

However I also want Robert to know that even if I am not a fan of Kate Gosselin I did find his tweets to her creepy to the point that I found myself wondering why would he harass Kate this way? Marketing? No, I don't think so.

Since I like thinking outside of the box, and if Jon was easy for Robert to become friends with but Kate was not to the point that she would not even give Robert the time of day, even if he is a married man and has 3 kids, could it be that Robert just wanted to find a way to get Kate's attention because he wants to tap that ass?

June 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

LOL Mickey, talk about ending with a snarky zinger!

If there's a war of words I don't consider myself involved in it. As my readers know I don't usually read other blogs and I hardly even have time to post here anymore. I don't understand why Robert did some of the things he did that I detailed in my entry, but it's also not my problem. It is what it is. I don't hold hard feelings about any of this stuff. Blogs are places where people inform, snark and share opinions. If you read through the blog entry you'll see I make it clear which are things that happened and which are my opinions. I don't even know Robert as a person and he doesn't know me. Also, I'm sure Al doesn't have bad feelings about Bob because Al doesn't let these things bother him. Al taught me back when I started this blog not to get upset about this stuff. We're all welcome to our opinions. That's what makes America great.

June 24, 2012 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

I don't think Mr. Hoffman's tweets to Kate were harrassing, threatining or taunting at all. Some of his tweets were exact quotes from the horses mouth herself.

I am looking forward to the TRUTH. Even if some things are hurtful to the kids they can't be any more hurtful that how Kate treats them. In fact, when the kids get older and if they read this book it may help them to realize they are not at fault for anything. It's not their fault that their narcissistic mother used them for everything. She got the best of everything, they got the bare minimum. She goes on vacations, they stay home. She treated their father horribly, regardless of how it would effect them. I could go on and on, we all know the story.

June 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTruthHurtsKate

Mickey said--"Since I like thinking outside of the box, and if Jon was easy for Robert to become friends with but Kate was not to the point that she would not even give Robert the time of day, even if he is a married man and has 3 kids, could it be that Robert just wanted to find a way to get Kate's attention because he wants to tap that ass?"

Mickey, that is disguisting and so unfai to Bob, his wife and his reputation. Plus it doesn't even make sense. He write taunting tweets to Kate because he wants to tap her ass. Yuck, that comment really turned me pun intended.

June 24, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterelise

Polly, you gained my respct in posting my less than kind post.

I'm rethinking my opinion of all this in light of what I see to be your honest replies.

Thank you for allowing negative opinions and criticism of your book, I was in no way expecting my comment to be posted.

June 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGuest

I see your point, Elise, but I took Mickey's comment to mean merely that Robert might not be objective about Kate. Either you took it too literally or I didn't take it literally enough. : D. She did say she was thinking outside of the box.

I agree, Truth. I think when they get older and start to rebel, and they find some of this stuff online and my book and maybe even Al's, and hopefully Robert's they will find a lot of validation. I kept them in mind in every page while writing my book. They are the ones who really matter here. Everything else pales in comparison and isn't worth getting upset about IMO.

No probby Guest, my readers know this is how I operate. I had two comments I didn't publish today. One because it appeared to be someone trying to impersonate one of my regular readers, and the other because it was just plain racist and disgusting and it was about the kids But I have no probby with commenters disagreeing with me or each other as long as we treat each other respectfully. And I appreciate your courtesy, thanks.

Time for beddy bye, long day in the office tomorrow. Sleep tight everyone.

June 25, 2012 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

Mickey, I found your comment offensive as well. Of all the writings of yours I've seen over the years, that one really surprised me and I believe it was uncalled for.

Let's talk about the "Truth" about Kreider. Is there anything that could be printed that would really surprise us? Is there anything that could be printed that would change a sheeple's mind? I've got to answer no to both questions. Hopefully, the kids will use all the books for their future mental health, and those of us who have known the truth about Kreider will be validated and can move on. The sheeple should be treated like the trolls they are. They should be ignored. Period. Moving forward, if I'm still following this mess, my only response to sheeple will be; Baaaa, baaaa.

June 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterP.J.

Elise, I'm sorry if you were offended with my comment. Polly is correct, is was written to think outside of the box and to make the point that Robert may not be objective about Kate and if not, why not???

There is no reason to debate the issue because ONLY ROBERT knows the true answer to my question.

But think about this: the majority of the bloggers on the Gosselin posts are women, and we women all know that men think differently than we do (Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus) or to be more specific, they think with the wrong head. Just last week on one of the entertainment shows that I watch during the week, after it was reported that Jon was interviewed by People, one of the guys said something like "Why is Jon talking now? What is the point? Could it be that because Kate looks so good that he regrets leaving her?"

The guy (I think it was Billy Bush) obviously did not know about the Gosselin book coming out. I did of course, but until Polly posted background info on Robert I did not know that Jon has/had been long time friends with the author.

Speaking of Billy Bush ... it was not too long ago when his show AH did a story re Kate and plastic surgery that he saw an old photo of Kate from 2004 and he did not recognize her -- Billy's cohost had to confirm that it was indeed Kate before she had all the work done and became "Hollywoodized" -- and I knew right then and there that Billy likes what he sees when he looks at Kate so I'm willing to bet that Billy would like to tap that ass :D

Bottom Line: Kate is a good looking woman on the outside but inside is another story. We bloggers on this side of the fence know that something is seriously wrong within the walls of the McMansion and hopefully all the blogging and the books written about the Gosselins will eventually help the 8 children when they are adults come to terms as to what happened to them during their childhood. Polly is right, if the children can validate what they think happened and no, they are not crazy, it will help them deal with it and move on with their lives.

June 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Started reading about Kate in the Reading Eagle years ago...never watched the show on purpose due to disgust. Never thought much about her until she ended up on DWTS, one of my favorite shows and I was angry that they ruined it by inviting her. Your blog was the first I noticed and enjoyed reading your observations.

That said, I am anxious for Gosselin Book to come out. Yes I will definitely buy it. As far as I am concerned, if you want to be a "celebrity" then you have to expect your life's actions to be an open book. As a local, I do hold some resentment toward these parents for expecting to be handed everything for free when it was their choice and their choice alone to have as many children as they did. To say that society owes it to you is beyond selfish and greedy.

When you are as obsessed about becoming a "stah" as Kate is, your bad behavior is going to be fodder for conversation. For the sheeple to shout "lies" when they haven't even read Robert's book is pretty hilarious.

I have to say, while I sort of disagree with you on the Gosselin Book, I love love love that picture of Kate you added to this post. Your subtle snarkiness has always entertained me :))

June 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCross Town Observer

Mickey, ask anyone what the phrase "he wants to tap that woman's ass" mean and they will tell you they want to screw her, have sexual intercourse with her. So I did not take it wrong. You wrote, "even if he is a married man and has 3 kids, could it be that Robert just wanted to find a way to get Kate's attention because he wants to tap that ass?"

And I repeat my comments that how dare you attack Robert Hoffman, a married man with 3 kids like that. You were implying--no--saying outright that he wanted to have sex with Kate Gosselin and cheat on his wife. I have lost all respect for you.

June 25, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterelise

Why would any man make friends with the husband of a woman who publicly stated the family should abort some of their children.
All parties involved disgust me.
Thank you for exposing Jon and Robert Polly. Good job !

June 25, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterdisgusted

Thanks Cross, I love that picture too. It's a classic. As I said above I hope Robert's book provides validation for the kids. And actually, I don't have a problem with him writing a book and have no idea if I will like it or not. The point of my entry was to let people know who he is. I think he's made some very goofy choices and he doesn't seem particuilarly trustworthy, and I also think his marketing has been way over the top so far, but hopefully the book will be better more honest and realistic than he's behaved in the past and in the book's marketing.

This seems to be the week of negative assumptions and misunderstandings. Elise, Mickey did not say he wanted to have sex with her. Mickey doesn't even know Robert. She was making a conjecture. That is a far cry from what you have portrayed it as, and to state you've lost "all respect for her" seems a little over the top to me. Do you even know Mickey? Have you actually held her in high regard until now, and now suddenly you are upset and disappointed that she suddenly destroyed that high regard with her one sentence to the degree that you have "lost all respect for her"? You may feel her question was in poor taste, and you may not be alone in thinking that, but let's not put words in her mouth. Read her sentence again. It was a question, not a statement, and it was pretty easy to understand.

The same with you, Disgusted. Are you saying that no man should ever be friends with another man who's wife is pro-choice or disagrees with his wife's pregnancy choices? And where did Dana Hoffman ever state that the Gs should have aborted? I believe she pointed out that it doesn't seem fair for the public to have to pay for children who anyone had intentionally, knowing that the expense would be beyond their means, and she pointed out that they did not choose the option selection to make the multiple pregnancy more affordable and realistic in terms of childcare, which is true and which was their right to choose or not choose. That is very different from her saying Kate should have had an abortion. (You just wouldn't happen to be a Kate fan, would you?)

Let's keep things in perspective here and have some good natured back and forth. Instead of assuming the worst about each other and our words, let's give each other the benefit of the doubt. This is a blog discussion between folks who have never even met. Is it really worth getting our panties all in a bunch about? :D

June 25, 2012 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

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