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Who Is Robert Hoffman: About the Author of a New Book About Kate Gosselin


The world is astonished to learn that anyone could think the public will buy a 297K words (that's 800 pages, folks!) book about someone whose social relevence has long faded.


The author of the supposed upcoming new book on Kate Gosselin claims to be Robert Hoffman. If it's true, who is he? He's been mentioned over the years, and I have occasionally clarified who he is in my blog comment discussions, but allow me to consolidate everything here, all in one place at the same time, once and for all.

Robert Hoffman, or Bob, as he is sometimes called by friends and family, was an employee of the Reading Eagle until he was fired around 2007. He then teamed up with Al Walentis, another former Reading Eagle employee who in the spring of 2009 was part of a massive Eagle layoff of 50+ employees, to follow the Gosselins for US Weekly. While working as reporters for US Weekly, they agreed to share notes for a book they planned to co-write about their adventures following the Gosselin saga during that summer and fall. 

The summer of 2009 was a crazy Gosselin summer here in Wernersville. We were besieged by the paparazzi and tourists who gathered in front of the Gosselin property until the cops were eventually handing out tickets right and left to anyone who even came to a complete stop on the road in front of the house. Robert Hoffman and Al Walentis were at the property every day along with paps from all over the U.S. as well as the U.K.  Robert Hoffman and Jon Gosselin eventually became friends, or, in my opinion, Robert ingratiated himself to Jon. Jon gradually included Robert in his social activities, inviting him inside the fence, including him in dinners and on trips such as the one to Las Vegas for the Wet Republic pool party.


Flashback to 2005: As you may recall if you are familiar with Gosselin history, Dana Hoffman was the Reading Eagle blogger who first ran entries in the newspaper questioning the sincerity of Jon and Kate's, particularly Kate's, impassioned cries of poverty and need for excessive “love offerings” for the children and family. She also questioned why the state should pay for care for the children beyond the normal care provided for other state-assisted families, particularly when the parents chose and even engineered this lifestyle for themselves. And she wasn't afraid to point out Kate's many instances of entitlement and rudeness toward those who came forward to help.


In 2009, after Robert befriended Jon, he was afraid Jon would find out he was married to Dana and be upset about it, so for months he pretended he and Dana only coincidentally had their last names in common. As it turned out Jon was not upset when he found out, probably because of Jon's good nature and the fact that he and Robert had been friends for some time by then.


Here's Robert picking Jon up the day the kids were upset about being dropped off in the big blue bus. He's driving the car Jon gets into at the end of the video. 


Eventually Robert pulled out of the book with Al and withdrew some of the material he'd contributed to it, telling Al he was afraid Jon and US Weekly (which was still paying him) would know he was the source. Since then he's claimed to be a friend of Jon's, although personally I question his definition of the word Friend. The story about Jon having two call girls in for the night at the Las Vegas hotel, while Jon's mother stayed in the room next door, came from Robert, and so did the chicken coop story, which Robert shared with Al after apparently making it up to see what Al would do with it. Robert's also the one who launched that annoying/cloying bogus Jon Gosselin fan site, unbeknownst to Jon.  It also appeared to me that Robert was the person pretending to be “an insider” giving “exclusive” information on one of the Kate fans blogs a while back. Robert, Jon's “friend,” was also the one who took the photographs of Stephanie Santoro leaving Jon's Gosselin garage apartment early in the morning.


After meeting Jon in person some time ago and finding him to be sincere and unassuming, and seeing how Robert appeared to enjoy manipulating others, I told Al I had doubts about Robert's trustworthiness. I also at one point tried to warn Jon through a go-between to no avail.  My concerns about Robert's loyalty to Jon were further validated after Al gave me a disk which Robert had given him after the summer of 2009, containing Robert's original notes for his and Al's book. At my suggestion, Al withheld from printing some of the information on Robert's disk in his book because it was either not credible, or, if it were true, could have been extremely hurtful to not only the Gosselins but other families as well. I do not plan to share the nature of that information but I am mentioning it here to provide background information on Robert Hoffman.


Will Robert's book have anything special in it that hasn't been covered already by Al or in my book, which focused on the need for child advocacy in reality TV and the psychological effects on reality TV on the Gosselin family, especially the children? I doubt it. Has he interviewed “hundreds” for his book? I doubt it, and whoever he's interviewed probably hasn't included any true insiders. Is there any reason to believe Robert Hoffman has the children's best interests in mind? From the way he's been marketing his book, I don't think so. Has Robert ever given any indication that he is an advocate for the children? Um, no, and if he was, why would he write creepy tweets with cryptic Biblical references and comments about Deanna's boots? And why would any publisher accept a 297,000 page manuscript ~ equating to 800+ pages ~ about a topic that is clearly past its prime? Sounds to me like Robert's trying to create a lot of buzz about nothing. Also sounds like his main motivation is profiting off the Gosselin kids, and as we all know, no one's allowed to profit off of them except for Kate herself.


Reader Comments (154)

Good discussion, everyone. Sili, as far as I know Jon still works for the local company as an IT guy, but that was a few months ago. Mickey, Kate relieving Jon of his child support duties may sound altrusitic but what if it means he can't see the kids as often or that he has no/less say over their being exploited again? After everything that has happened it's hard not to be suspicious of Kate doing anything that appears completely altrusitic, right?

August 6, 2012 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

Werny, good point, and I agree that may have been Kate's motive to get more control.

But what if it was so Jon would have to spend more time with the kids which would of course save her money on her nanny expenses? This also would allow her freedom to travel on weekends -- she apparently was in NYC for a convention for her "work" -- and Jon gets "stuck" with the kids.

Also, there is some confusion as to whether or not there is a dating show in production, and if so, is Kate going to be traveling around looking for the right man? I only mention it because I read somewhere (sorry I don't remember where) that Jon reportedly said something like he felt Kate should be spending time at home with the kids and dating [locally] like everyone else versus trying to do another reality show. His comment, if true, led me to believe that perhaps there is a show and she will get to be on the road looking for Mr. Right (anywhere but home seems to make Kate happy) ... so if Jon does not have to pay child support perhaps Kate will make him "pay" by forcing him to babysit his own kids more.

In other words whereas I think Kate does love the kids in her own way, it does seem to me that to her they are merely accessories to get her the fame and lifestyle she believes she deserves. Now that there is no K+8, and the kids are getting older and more wiser, they are needing more of her time and attention but now that she has had a taste of the good life, she wants more of it and not being tied down (let's face it, there is a reason some people refer to kids as "baggage").

Silimom, thanks for the heads up that Hoffman may have made an appearance on 15 and indicated that his book will be published in August. Trust me when I say that I do not read 1,200 comments on 15, instead I just read the thread titles and I feel as if I have an idea as to what is going on in Gosselinland, which when you think about it ... why are we still talking about it????

Last but not least I noted on my twitter account over the weekend that Jon has decided not to tweet anymore, that he is "done done done with the BS". This certainly is one way to get back to living a normal life.

August 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

How can Kreider say he doesn't have to pay child support? Isn't that money for the kids? How can she make that call? I know everything she spends is money earned by them, but seriously?

August 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterP.J.

Is Jon currently unemployed? What seems to be the issue that he can't
hold on for more than a couple months?
This is the same issue Kate will have probably talling everyone how to run their business.
Usually beginning wages are very low and it takes perserverence to hold on.

August 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterLinda

Someone on 15 minutes said there is 50/50 custody which means Jon doesn't have to pay anything which is what happens with 50/50 custody in Pennsylvania. He has the kids more and may contribute to bills. There's no definite proof, but that scenario makes the most sense.

August 6, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterncgirl


I don't know if Jon is currently employed or not, but I do want to say that everytime his employer or place of employment is mentioned somewhere on the Internet or in a magazine I wonder if it will get him fired. Why? Because there are those sheeple out there -- OK one in particular comes to mind -- who will call his boss just to get him fired by saying whatever happy horse shit they want to, and then they blog about the call that they made and how he can't keep a job.

Of course the sheeple feel justified in doing so because Coupon Cabin gets a lot of complaints about Kate from her haters.

IMO if either Jon or Kate are employed in a job where the children are not being exploited in any way then no calls should be made from either side of the fence to their employers. Getting and keeping a job in this economy is hard enough and neither one of them should have to be worried about complete strangers making phone calls trying to get them fired.


I agree with what you wrote re 50/50. One way to think about it is if Jon has the kids half the time he will be feeding them, have a roof over their head, etc., and it is Kate's responsibility to do the same during her time with the kids.

Jon and Kate have chosen to live different lifestyles, Kate in a McMansion with all the upkeep and Jon in a modest home. That being said, it would not be fair to Jon to expect him to pay more money if he has the kids 50% of the time, and since Kate no doubt is more financially secure than he is, then it would be up to Kate to pay for the extra ordinary expenses such as the private school bills since there is a public school system available.

August 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

By Rita Marie, and moved over by Polly from being posted on old thread:

Polly, I visited your site for the first time in a very long time. I was reading thru the comments, etc. Also glad you have Octomom on here. Finally someone is speaking out about her children. Something should be done about these women and their multiple births, selective multiple birthing, yes.

There should be a law against it. If it sounds like China, then so be it, but if you cannot afford more than you make or are psychology capable of then you should not have those implants. The ethics of doctors is at stake here.

As for Kate Gosselin. I believe and I do believe this, her bodyguard is her lover and her manager. It will come out one of these days that he lives there most of the time.

I believe he is the encourager of her staying in the limelight because he wants to be there also. No Presidents or Senators hiring him to escort them or their families, are there? Probably never were. He was probably hired for a hotel when a former President arrived with Secret Service, which they have the rest of their lives and Steve was in that photo. I have a brother very high ranking in the police dept who appeared with a lot of big names, but he was working for his township/county not the celebrity, they have their own bodyguards. Steve wants back into TV and a weekly paycheck. I saw that when he went with Kate to Vegas to see a comedian and they sat at the front table in the theater; why would a bodyguard be sitting with someone he was protecting?

Now let's talk about Kris Jenner. She only sees dollar signs. She has made Kim K a lot of money with nude porno films she brokered and playboy magazine posing. There is not a part on Kim K's body that everyone hasn't seen on the Internet. A disgrace. Every sex act; it is there forever. Kris Jenner is not a stable person but a very frustrated one because she wants to be on TV, in films, etc. Has always been her dream. Now you ask about Bruce allowing Kris to stop the 2 youngest daughters from going to college and pile up the money? On the Today Show from London, during the Olympics, Bruce said that he and Kris took their idea for a show about their family to Ryan Seacrest and that was the beginning of the show. So yes, I think Bruce Jenner pretends he doesn't want what Kris wants but I do think he is a
good example of a man who cares nothing about their children, just like Kris Jenner. Every kid is a dollar sign to her and to him. Luckily a couple of daughters are tired of it, one has a young family and is avoiding the limelight and concentrating on her clothing line. The other is married to a sports figure and he has limited his appearances on that show.

The wedding that lasted 72 days? That was all Kris Jenner's encouragement of a dumb daughter who exposed her vagina on film and performed sex acts that her mother encouraged. No doubt about that.
It is all Hollywood. Nothing is sacred. The more money you have the higher your status, the more you can shop in the stores that charge more money than anyone should ever spend on clothing or shoes.

Now throw in the housewives shows and you have what all are seeking and that is the Brand. Even Dr. Oz has a Brand, sells all kinds of things on his web site. Dr. Phil, Suzanne Orman, name the people who have realty TV shows or advice shows and you have The Brand if they are selling anything. All very sad and a very sad society.
The End
~Rita Marie

August 11, 2012 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

I have no clue what is going on in GosselinLand but thanks to PJ for the synopsis. I wasn't sure what she was leading to, but otherwise...

I come here sometimes when I have time just cause I like you all and it's a warm atmosphere. We all need that. :-)

August 13, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterpamelajaye

btw, The Bates family, which has appeared on the Duggars' show, now apparently has their own show. Out of ideas, TLC?

August 13, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterpamelajaye

Anyone who has been following the Gosselin story knows that Kate in high school was obsessed with the family that had 7 kids back in the 1990s (their last name escapes me right now) and that Kate even named at least one of her kids the same as this HOM family.

Late last night as I was flipping through the TV channels I came across a movie called QUINTS on the Disney channel. I saw just a couple of minutes ... it was after the babies were born and a man comes up to the house and tells the older daughter that he has all the free stuff (5 huge boxes of whatever is on their front lawn) and more stuff is coming because the quints were now famous.

I immediately thought that if Kate saw this movie it would most definitely motivate her to have multiples so I hit the info button on my remote and noted that the movie was released in August 2000. Let's see, the G twins were born in Oct 2000 but the six pack arrived in May 2004 -- yep, chances are that if Kate Gosselin saw this movie she would know that after her twins were born that she would most definitely have to try for another set of multiples in order to get any and all free stuff that would come her way ... that she would need more than just another set of twins.

According to, here is the storyline for the QUINTS movie:

[14 year old] Jamie Grover's parents are always around and not letting her have ANY space. She wishes for just a couple days without their constant attention. She gets her wish. Her mother has quintuplets. Being the first in their state, they become famous. Mother and Father get caught up in the fame and Jamie has to bring them back down to reality.

Yes folks I chucked when I read the "Mother and Father get caught up in the fame", and if one has followed the Gosselin storyline you know what happened to Jon and Kate. It is perhaps unfortunate that this movie does not touch on how the quints were exploited in the TV movie family, but we know that certainly happened in the Gosselin family with product placement and all that.

But one thing I noted on the website under trivia -- because babies could only legally work a few minutes each day, a total of 20 babies were used just to film this movie.

Alas no such luck for the Gosselin children as they had to work for hours, in fact the six pack had a camera in the bedroom 24/7 and as we all now know that a recently convicted pedophile was working in the film editing department so who knows how many photos of these innocent Gosselin children are in the hands of perverts ... forever.

Fame and fortune ... selling the children ... was it really worth it Kate?

August 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean


Not only is TLC going to have a series on the Bates family called UNITED BATES OF AMERICA starting tonight, they also have two new shows:

BIG TINY, a show about the world's smallest siblings, Bri and Brad, a brother and sister that are primodial dwarfs also to be aired TONIGHT.


JOINED FOR LIFE, a show about Abby & Brittany, conjoined twins to be aired on Aug 28

Since there have been documentaries done throughout the years on these individuals I believe that all of them are now over the age of 18.

August 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Darn, Mickey! I didn't want to know about the dwarf brother and sister! My DVR is full.
I do like The Little Couple and wish for a rerun of their original special about them growing up and getting together.
Even my brother know about Abby & Brittany. It is a rerun or an update?

August 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPamelaJaye


First of all let me say that I made a mistake earlier today, it seems that the show about the conjoined twins is called ABBY & BRITTANY and not Joined For Life. It is a new TV series, not just a special or a documentary.

BIG TINY, the show about Bri and Brad, where Bri is so tiny that she takes showers in the kitchen sink, is also a new TV series.

I also like THE LITTLE COUPLE but right now it seem to be on hiatus (probably will be shown after these new shows have run through all their episodes).

So it looks like you will now have some hard decisons to make when it comes to your DVR ... I can relate by the way, thanks to my DVR I don't watch nothing live because I can't stand the commercials and I watch too much TV as it is :)

August 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Last night on THE INSIDER the subject was "outlandish reality TV".

Kevin Frazier said, "Apparently there is a new Dutch show that will offer someone a one way ticket to Mars [in 2023] or how about the new show about a pair of conjoined twins and of course there is the new TLC show that is a hit that has gone viral HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO".

Brooke said, "The compelling take on rural southern relatives is just one of a slew of new shows involving very different families, so why are we so fascinated with their reality?"

Kevin interviewed the two primodial dwarf stars of BIG TINY struggling to live a normal life and asking them about their new fame. Brad said, "Definitely I think we need a bodyguard" [Considering that Brad is 20 and Bri is 22 and they are both in college, since both of them are less than 36" tall .... yes they need a bodyguard ... a real one ... most definitely NOT Steve Neild]

Kevin also mentioned the new show re the Bates family with 19 children and asked, "Our reality TV obsession, is it educational or sensational?"

Chris Harnick, Huff Post said, "There is an exploitive nature to all kinds of reality TV and at the same time you are informing people of something that they are not familiar with ... that there is take away info from many reality TV shows like shows about a large family ... how are they getting by ... they have 19 kids so they must be really thirfty ... are there tips that we can learn?"

Kevin noted that social media went crazy after the premiere of HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO a show highlighting 6 year old Alana who does pageants "yes we are rednecks" and shining the spotlight on her over the top kin "this is my crazy family!" and then a scene was shown where her older sister was bobbing for pigs feet.

Chris said, "Reality TV audiences are obsessed with shows that feature shows that are pretty different than them"

Kevin then mentioned EXTREME MAKEOVER WEIGHT LOSS EDITION where this week Sally lost 155 pounds "I allowed some of my weakest lowest moments to be captured for millions of people to see but I think that vulnerability is exactly what the people responded to"

End of segment.

Pamela Jaye -- it is interesting to note that the majority of the shows mentioned above are on TLC.

August 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

you mean HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO isn't a cartoon?

Pamela Jaye -- it is interesting to note that the majority of the shows mentioned above are on TLC.

Interesting? I thought it was a foregone conclusion. TLC is now the midway freakshow of yesteryear, on TV. Has been for quite a while.

As for Bill and Jen, they are on Twitter. As you'd expect Jen is very outgoing. Bill probably is too, but Jen just bubbles! I twitted her about her issue of saying Bill and I in cases where it should be Bill and me. I suggested it made me lose faith in higher education (not to mention lower educatoin) cause she's been to so much school and is very smart.
She would try to keep an eye on it and that sometimes it was hard with editing. (okay, good point) But she didn't get all offended as some do. And I didn't mean any offense. I just wince when people do that. "They made this beautiful cake for Bill and I." She also said grammar wasn't her best subject (mine either) but science (and maybe math). Mine was algebra and foreign languages. so we mini-conversed about that.

She said she thinks that they will be back in the fall but has not been told just when.

Their twitter is TLConTLC I think, and then they each have their own (which they often mention on that one). She tweets about medicine, decorating, her dogs, and all sorts of things that strike her fancy or she cares about. I've always wondered what it must be like to have a zillion people all tweeting back at you. She's retweeted my stuff, which was cool. :-)
I should have deleted all of Kate's shows (which I can't even watch but keep for "evidence") and not theirs. Oops. :-(

August 14, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterpamelajaye

Haven't checked in for a while, what with school starting for the kids, etc. I can't believe the reality shows that are being created. When will this fascination for reality tv stop? I can understand maybe a special to help raise awareness every so often for dwarfism, high order multiples, alternative lifestyles (Bates, Duggars, Browns, etc.) but a series? Why?

I miss the days of sitcoms. Great shows like "The Cosby Show" and "Murphy Brown" and "Northern Exposure". Is it just the fact that there are so many cable channels now compared to the 80's/90's that networks have to dredge the bottom of the barrel for programming? And what does that say about our society as a whole, that we are creating a demand for this type of programming?

I'm starting to sound like an old fart. I'm sure there were people in the 70's, 80's and 90's who complained about television programming back then as well. But I think it has gotten worse in the 21st century. (Yeah, I know, I'm sure those people felt the same way about their decades). Is it just a middle age thing, that we develop less tolerance for cr** as we get older and we start valuing our time more?

On a different note, it's nice to see that Kate has managed to stay out of the mainstream news for a few weeks. She even managed a beach vacation and had to put up her own pictures of it on her website because no paps were interested. That's progress, isn't it?

As for Jon and no more child support, my understanding from 15 Minutes is that he was awarded 50/50 custody at the end of April (which was around the time the tabs were stating he was going back to court for failure to pay child support). That would possibly explain why he no longer has to pay Kate money. I think it's playing out the way many of us thought it would. Once Kate's "career" in television started to dry up, she'd pass the kids on to Jon more and more so she wouldn't have to deal with them.

August 20, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersilimom

You mean HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO isn't a cartoon?

Oh Pamela Jaye, IF ONLY it was :(

There have been a lot of comments re this show all over the Internet on various blogs, as well as other TV shows, and I'm afraid that this show is going to be around for awhile. See if nothing else, it gives credibility to all the red neck jokes.

I noted yesterday that Paul Peterson of A Minor Consideration wrote the following on his Facebook page:

Nancy Grace's hour-long 'discussion' on "Honey Boo Boo" failed to address the three most critical issues surrounding the obvious exploitation of this unfortunate child:

One, is the child a mere 'innocent participant' in a commercial enterprise broadcast on television?:

Two, if everyone else is getting paid when do child labor laws prevail?; And

Three, Do 'Parental Rights' include the 'sexual commercialization' of their off-spring?

How many so-called Adults profit from the world of child beauty pageants? How many pedophiles get their jollies from these ghastly images? It's time to take The MONEY out of these pageants.

Paul Petersen

August 22, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Does anyone have a link to a list of what kate has grifted over the years? I think she is trying to grift American Girl dolls for the girls and it is not that I do not want them to get them. It is the principal! She can easily buy them HERSELF! I just need that list so I can send it in to show what she really is.
thanks, lukebandit (teresa) if you could email me at

Has anyone heard if the book is going to be published this month?

August 24, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterlukebandit


I wouldn't lose any sleep worrying about Kate being successful in grifting for American Girl dolls -- the last time she was successful because she had a show, and in exchange for the dolls for the twins, American Girl got free advertising time on the show.

So it was a win-win for everyone. But with no show there is no product placement so Kate is just a normal person these days as far as the AG marketing department is concerned -- if she wants dolls for her kids she can pay for them just like everybody else.

Like it or not, with or without money, Kate is now considered mediocre just like the rest of us, and this will hold true on all products from now on, not just dolls :)

As for a list of what she has grifted over the years I don't have one but I pretty much assume just about everything, and if she did not like it she sold it for cash because that is just the type of person that she is. So at the McMansion you can assume the furniture, the 4 crooked houses, the chicken coop, the electric cars that the six pack were driving, and of course the treehouse that was built last year for one of the K+8 episodes were all freebies.

August 24, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

I was so disheartened to hear of the new TLC show with Brittany and Abby. The last I heard about them was a magazine article (I don't think it was PEOPLE/EXPLOITER). It was an interview with the girls' mother in which she vehemently decried the absolute GROSSNESS of Reality television and the exploitation of anyone "different."

She went on and on about how often their family had been approached by agents and producers who wanted to put the girls on t.v. and swore it would never happen even if hell froze over; I thought she was so bright and normal and glad I'd read the article.

Well, I guess the girls are of legal age now and seeing how much $$$$$$$$$$$ can be made, they've taken the easy way out of mediocrity and leapt in to the sewer of fame and fortune; it's their call now, legally. I sincerely hope they receive whatever it is they're hoping for.

Does anyone else remember reading this article or have knowledge of past interviews where this smart mom said "NO!" to exploiting her kids??? It was probably ten years ago.

August 24, 2012 | Unregistered Commenteralana

Sitting here west of Tampa waiting for hurricane Isaac

August 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPamelaJaye


I did not see the magazine article that you mentioned, but I assumed that the parents of Brittany and Abby, as well as the two tiny siblings Bri and Brad, opted NOT to exploit their children for fame and fortune when they were minors.

However it appears that now that these young people are of legal age that they themselves have decided to exploit themselves and I have noted that the parents of the little siblings are part of the show too.

Whereas it is not much of a stretch to call the show about these young people educational due to the everyday struggles that they face, it is still very much exploitative too.

Pamela Jaye,

Please keep us updated re Tampa.

August 25, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Since Kate is so desperate to be on *any* TV show, I purposefully did not mention on this blog that it crossed my mind a few months back that if Kate wanted to order a custom arylic aquarium for her home - which would of course not only be relaxing but also educational for the kids -- she could be on a show called TANKED which you can find on the Animal Planet channel.

But last night Jon beat her to it :)

On the episode that aired yesterday, the Tanked guys whose motto is "if you can dream it we can build it" were installing an aquarium in a place called Sweet Spot, a Carribbean themed restaurant located near Philly in a town called Doylestown where you can even see the custom tank from the outside of the building.

Brett, one of the stars of TANKED, was surprised when he was ordering something to eat "when a little bit of Hollywood walked in ... Jon Gosselin. Are we in mainstreet USA or the twilight zone?"

Brett said, "How are the kids doing?"

Jon, "They are doing great, thanks for asking"

Brett, "So let me build an aquarium for you"

Jon, "Yeah you should, that would be awesome"

Brett said to the camera, "I went from hustling a free snack to selling a tank in less than a minute".

I sure hope Brett is not counting on this sale of a custom aquarium because personally I don't think so if the rumors are true and Jon is not working these days ... besides, if it had been Kate to walk into this restaurant she would have expected a FREE custom tank, no ifs, ands or butts about it LOL

But who knows, Jon might mention this encounter to the kids who will no doubt tell Kate ... it will be interesting to see if in a future episode Kate will bite the bullet and pay for an aquarium for her home out of her own pocket just for a few minutes of being on TV again. Only time will tell :)

August 26, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Stopping by to say hi Small towners! Hope youre all well! :)

August 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJulie B.

Dropping by to note that I'm not sure where Isaac is right now, but the graphic I just threw on my facebook page shows him off our coast and everything says he is headed for Irene. You can find us on Facebook, and now and then I post on twitter.
Walked down the street yesterday to catch up with the ducks but didn't make it as I twisted my ankle but good, finally got up and limped 5 houses back home to get the ice (and repeated dump street dirt and debris out of my shorts) and discovered that the two ready for anything men in my house at the time did not have one decent Ace bandage between them! (i never ace bandage my ankles but this felt bad. gets in the way of the ice though! do they make an ace bandage with ice?)
Ankle still a bit sore. Off to check on the pets and ducks (which last night, apparently followed the limping girl home, as on going to ask for bandage, found ducks in yard)
Pray for Irene. I think she still needs it. We'd just like to keep our AC...
thanks and stay tuned.

August 27, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPamelaJaye

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