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Who Is Robert Hoffman: About the Author of a New Book About Kate Gosselin


The world is astonished to learn that anyone could think the public will buy a 297K words (that's 800 pages, folks!) book about someone whose social relevence has long faded.


The author of the supposed upcoming new book on Kate Gosselin claims to be Robert Hoffman. If it's true, who is he? He's been mentioned over the years, and I have occasionally clarified who he is in my blog comment discussions, but allow me to consolidate everything here, all in one place at the same time, once and for all.

Robert Hoffman, or Bob, as he is sometimes called by friends and family, was an employee of the Reading Eagle until he was fired around 2007. He then teamed up with Al Walentis, another former Reading Eagle employee who in the spring of 2009 was part of a massive Eagle layoff of 50+ employees, to follow the Gosselins for US Weekly. While working as reporters for US Weekly, they agreed to share notes for a book they planned to co-write about their adventures following the Gosselin saga during that summer and fall. 

The summer of 2009 was a crazy Gosselin summer here in Wernersville. We were besieged by the paparazzi and tourists who gathered in front of the Gosselin property until the cops were eventually handing out tickets right and left to anyone who even came to a complete stop on the road in front of the house. Robert Hoffman and Al Walentis were at the property every day along with paps from all over the U.S. as well as the U.K.  Robert Hoffman and Jon Gosselin eventually became friends, or, in my opinion, Robert ingratiated himself to Jon. Jon gradually included Robert in his social activities, inviting him inside the fence, including him in dinners and on trips such as the one to Las Vegas for the Wet Republic pool party.


Flashback to 2005: As you may recall if you are familiar with Gosselin history, Dana Hoffman was the Reading Eagle blogger who first ran entries in the newspaper questioning the sincerity of Jon and Kate's, particularly Kate's, impassioned cries of poverty and need for excessive “love offerings” for the children and family. She also questioned why the state should pay for care for the children beyond the normal care provided for other state-assisted families, particularly when the parents chose and even engineered this lifestyle for themselves. And she wasn't afraid to point out Kate's many instances of entitlement and rudeness toward those who came forward to help.


In 2009, after Robert befriended Jon, he was afraid Jon would find out he was married to Dana and be upset about it, so for months he pretended he and Dana only coincidentally had their last names in common. As it turned out Jon was not upset when he found out, probably because of Jon's good nature and the fact that he and Robert had been friends for some time by then.


Here's Robert picking Jon up the day the kids were upset about being dropped off in the big blue bus. He's driving the car Jon gets into at the end of the video. 


Eventually Robert pulled out of the book with Al and withdrew some of the material he'd contributed to it, telling Al he was afraid Jon and US Weekly (which was still paying him) would know he was the source. Since then he's claimed to be a friend of Jon's, although personally I question his definition of the word Friend. The story about Jon having two call girls in for the night at the Las Vegas hotel, while Jon's mother stayed in the room next door, came from Robert, and so did the chicken coop story, which Robert shared with Al after apparently making it up to see what Al would do with it. Robert's also the one who launched that annoying/cloying bogus Jon Gosselin fan site, unbeknownst to Jon.  It also appeared to me that Robert was the person pretending to be “an insider” giving “exclusive” information on one of the Kate fans blogs a while back. Robert, Jon's “friend,” was also the one who took the photographs of Stephanie Santoro leaving Jon's Gosselin garage apartment early in the morning.


After meeting Jon in person some time ago and finding him to be sincere and unassuming, and seeing how Robert appeared to enjoy manipulating others, I told Al I had doubts about Robert's trustworthiness. I also at one point tried to warn Jon through a go-between to no avail.  My concerns about Robert's loyalty to Jon were further validated after Al gave me a disk which Robert had given him after the summer of 2009, containing Robert's original notes for his and Al's book. At my suggestion, Al withheld from printing some of the information on Robert's disk in his book because it was either not credible, or, if it were true, could have been extremely hurtful to not only the Gosselins but other families as well. I do not plan to share the nature of that information but I am mentioning it here to provide background information on Robert Hoffman.


Will Robert's book have anything special in it that hasn't been covered already by Al or in my book, which focused on the need for child advocacy in reality TV and the psychological effects on reality TV on the Gosselin family, especially the children? I doubt it. Has he interviewed “hundreds” for his book? I doubt it, and whoever he's interviewed probably hasn't included any true insiders. Is there any reason to believe Robert Hoffman has the children's best interests in mind? From the way he's been marketing his book, I don't think so. Has Robert ever given any indication that he is an advocate for the children? Um, no, and if he was, why would he write creepy tweets with cryptic Biblical references and comments about Deanna's boots? And why would any publisher accept a 297,000 page manuscript ~ equating to 800+ pages ~ about a topic that is clearly past its prime? Sounds to me like Robert's trying to create a lot of buzz about nothing. Also sounds like his main motivation is profiting off the Gosselin kids, and as we all know, no one's allowed to profit off of them except for Kate herself.


Reader Comments (154)

Mickey - Interesting post about Jon. My hubby and I were just talking about it and he wondered if Jon just happened to show up at the restaurant while they were filming or if it was a planned walk on. I think it was the latter. Jon has tweeted about The Sweet Spot before, so I figure he probably knows the owners and knew they were filming. Plus I'm assuming he still has his Agent/PR firm representing him?

I think the "Let me build you a tank" and "Yeah, you should, that would be awesome." was scripted small talk, nothing more. At least, that's my read on it.

Still, good on Jon for making a television appearance if that's what he wants to do. I wish the kids wouldn't have to come up at all, although since that's what J&K+8 was about, it makes sense, in a small talk kind of way, for people to ask him how the kids are doing. It's not something I fault Kate on, actually, nor would I fault him. It's only when they keep talking about the kids that it's crossing a line in my opinion.

August 28, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersilimom

anywhere but home seems to make Kate happy

how odd when she wanted so much to have a mansion! and not a mediocre house
looks like Jon left twitter altogether. sad. I liked interacting now and then. hope he has a job.

Isaac has turned into a big sit and spin for us (but not as bad as Debby was!) but is now headed for Irene and the Biloxi TV station is streaming live coverage on the internet. I heard it's a real hurricane now (apologies to south florida) and you can see it on

The ankle is pretty color and swollen but now we have nice new *soft* ice packs and ace bandages, (such as the new kind are) and no, it's nowhere near broken. as long as I don't twist it again.

meantime, Irene (who is getting all ready to hunker down as I type) has posted a picture of a sit and spin as her cover photo on Facebook. very cute. They are having a 7 to 7 curfew down there - I mean up there. Forgot where I was. So, remember them. It's a very large storm (it's really big and wide, and it doesn't seem to move fast and that stinks cause if it lands on you, it will batter you for hours)

August 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPamelaJaye

On page 4 of this thread I wrote:

Brett, one of the stars of TANKED, was surprised when he was ordering something to eat "when a little bit of Hollywood walked in ... Jon Gosselin. Are we in mainstreet USA or the twilight zone?"

Brett said, "How are the kids doing?"

Jon, "They are doing great, thanks for asking"

Brett, "So let me build an aquarium for you"

Jon, "Yeah you should, that would be awesome"

Brett said to the camera, "I went from hustling a free snack to selling a tank in less than a minute".


I am a little confused, did you guys see the TANKED episode too or did you and your husband just discuss what I wrote? In any case, I told Polly via email to check out the aquarium because it even has a remote interactive submarine toy that the customers can play with and she told me that Doylestown is about 70 miles away from Reading so she too wondered if Jon showing up was a coincidence or not. This is what I wrote to her:

I have already deleted the show off my DVR so I can't rewatch it but I would have to say I don't think it was planned because I am pretty sure it was a legit surprise for Brett.

Brett was at the counter trying to order something to eat but turned around and at first kinda sorta recognized Jon but couldn't quite place him which is why Jon mumbled his name to Brett and said something about hearing about a tank being installed. Based on what Jon said I just assumed that he either read about a TV crew being in town or had friends at the Sweet Shop who told Jon what was going on and when it was going to happen.

Anyway the one thing I am sure of is that neither Jon nor Kate is going to get a free tank, not only because they are now both "has beens" but also because Brett said ".. selling a tank". There is also no doubt in my mind that these tanks are expensive to make because they are custom and then when you add shipping costs from Las Vegas to PA ... yep, if Kate gets an aquarium from the TANKED guys in a future episode I will know that she paid for it out of her own pocket just so she could get on camera one more time :)

August 28, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Hi Mickey - Actually, I ended up downloading the episode on iTunes because I couldn't find it on Animal Planet or online. We talked about it after we'd seen it - or rather I watched it and he listened from the other room.

I don't know, it just had a feeling to me of being staged. Maybe Jon showed up and once Brett was told who it was they invited him to do a walk on. I'm not sure.

One thing I do know - Brett sounds just like the guy on Cake Boss! Even his mannerisms are the same. Very eerie!

August 29, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersilimom

Sillimom -

Since this was your first exposure to Brett (who like the Cake Boss is from the east!) I understand why you might think it was staged but I'm still not so sure. Besides, now that you have mentioned Jon's tweet re the Sweet Shop, I'm thinking along the lines that Jon knows the owners and they were the ones who told him when the cameras were going to be there so he just showed up so it was just a walk on.

IMO Brett is no actor but he does have a history of promising the customer a certain tank and then his partner/brother-in-law Wadye has to figure out how to build the tank that Brett has envisioned out of thin air (Wadye usually looks like he wants to kill Brett for speaking without thinking first). For example, they were asked to build a tank that looks like a huge gumball machine that will be outside in the Las Vegas heat so first thing they would have to figure out is how to keep the tank cool for the fish to survive. Then Brett said something that of course it would need to dispense gum balls too...

I enjoy this reality show which you can find on Saturday night on APL because of the creativity that the TANKED guys have done for their customers, whether it be a tank for their home or business. Also, these guys have yet to exploit their own children for their fame and fortune.

August 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Speaking about reality shows and exploiting children ... I recorded the most recent episode of HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO (the one where they are riding ATVs) specifically for my boyfriend who is a truck driver and not home during the week.

As he was walking into the room I made sure I had the show on and he said, "OK, what garbage are you recording these days? ... is she [little girl with pig] supposed to be cute? ... Ya know real red necks would not find this show funny".

At this point I had to say, "Well I can't help but notice that you are smiling as you are watching this crap"

He continued, "ohhhhh now that is disgusting (mom being dragged in the mud) ... what? her sister is pregnant? Now THAT should not be on TV!!! ... I will bet you that the little girl will be knocked up real quick just so they can keep this stupid show on the air!!!"

I admit I had fun watching my BF's reaction to the show, but then two days later I heard Harvey Levin on TMZ say when this show was mentioned: "that little girl will be pregnant by the time she is 9".

Now that caught me off guard -- two guys who do not watch this show both figure 6 year old Alana will be pregnant fairly quickly. So sad.

August 29, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Well, hopefully not. Hopefully someone can write Alana's mom a letter and encourage her to save for Alana's future so that she isn't in the same boat as the Gosselins.

August 29, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersilimom

Well I hate to point out the obvious but Alana's mother has four daughters by four different men and she is not married to Alana's father who she has lived with for the past 8 years. Then when you take into consideration that the oldest daughter age 17 is pregnant and from what I can tell there is no baby daddy in the picture ... let's just say that the odds of Alana not being pregnant before she graduates from high school -- IF she graduates -- does not look good.

BTW this is NOT taking into consideration the reality show and all the fame that it has generated for this sassy little girl at age 6 ... as it is she already thinks that she is "all that" so by the time puberty hits she is really going to be hard to handle.

I did watch today's new episode and then it made me remember my gf's daughter from 20+ years ago -- she too was a sassy little girl and I remember laughing at her outrageous comments way back when. Well that little girl grew up: by age 10 she was cussin up a storm, by age 12 she was out of control, at 15 she was a runaway (I got a call from a mutual friend in case she showed up at my doorstep in CA), at 17 I heard she was on drugs and already had her first child, by 18 she went to jail for the first time, and by 21 she had two kids by two different men and was still not married. I heard through the grapevine awhile back that this little girl that was so cute as a child has been arrested at least 3 times for drugs and robbery, and not a surprise her mother (a woman who put her own needs and desires first over taking care of her kids - she left them with her parents to babysit so she could travel ... sound familiar?) now gets to take care of her grandkids. I don't know where the mother is, for all I know she could be in prison.

Suffice it to say I'm over the show HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO.

August 30, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean


I couldn't help but notice that here we are at the end of August!!! Where does the time go???

So, has Hoffman made any new announcements on 15 -- where his potential buyers are located -- about the Gosselin book being published in September?

August 30, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Re Republican National Convention Ratings ~

FYI according to tonight's episode of THE INSIDER the TLC show HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO actually beat coverage of the convention on the #1 cable channel Fox News Wednesday night.

August 31, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

I cant watch ANYTHING with Honey Boo Boo - Totally hate Toddlers and tiras,. I think Im getting to the point where "reality" ( rollilng my eyes) is getting to me. Its all so fake and a waste of time. Keeping up with the Kardashinas is so fake but so hurtful at times I just dont get how it says on the air. Well I hope everyone had a great summer , back to routines now that its over . Take care all ! :)

September 3, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJulie B

Will catch up in a minute if I'm not distracted by 13 things.

Over the weekend, discovered Redbox (roomie's been using Blockbuster, but their kiosks are being replaced it seems to him) when roomie was out looking for a movie to rent and I, talking to him, remembered I wanted to see Friends with Kids.
$1.28 is a great price for a recent movie, that you can pause.

In some of the deleted scenes/making of, Writer/Director Jennifer Westfeldt (girlfriend of Jon Hamm) said something about the small group of child actors in the movie. It was something like you had to get the performance out of them before they figured out it was work.

September 4, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPamelaJaye

Hi Mickey - Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner. Long weekends do that. :-)

Nope, no word on the Gosselin book. The current theory is that he was paid off by Kate not to publish it. I disagree with that only because it wouldn't make sense logically. Her fans wouldn't believe a word anyway and so why would she spend the money to silence him? It's not like she cares what her non fans think (at least not to the degree Leann Rimes does, allegedly). So even if he publishes, what is she going to lose? The locals already know the kind of person she is and my understanding is she's not very popular in the Wernersville/Reading/Wyomissing area anyway and again she doesn't seem to care. As she herself said, she doesn't notice other people. I suppose she might be afraid it will hurt her professionally but I don't even see that really motivating her to buyout Mr. Hoffman.

As for Hoffman, I personally think that he was just hoping a publisher would pay him a large advance for the book and none have picked it up because frankly, as you said, the target market is really just too darn small. His next tactic may be to try and sell his stories individually to Star or some other tabloid but the reality is, again, not enough people/Joe-Jane Public care about the Gosselins enough to make the expense for the stories profitable for the tabloid. He could self publish, like Werny and Al did, but I don't think that will net him the payoff he was expecting. The way I would do is to serialize it online using PDF. Then he should trawl the gosselin anti blogs and when you see someone discussing something in your book, you provide a link to the book site. This causes Google to raise his page rank which will drive more traffic to your site and increase your ad revenue. Then, you charge people to access the book, either with a one time fee or a monthly subscription fee (and you release the book in chapters on your site).

September 5, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersilimom


Interesting theory ... as I am sitting here processing this information I would have to say that my first thought was that Kate would NOT give Hoffman a dime to buy him off but would instead threaten to sue him for million$ which of course would give her a reason to once again go on talk shows to discuss his alleged lies. Another reason for her to not to buy him off is that he is a married man and has children and if Kate is successful in securing a judgment against him then this would impact his family's financial future for years.

I think it comes down to is how much money does Hoffman feel he might make off this book? (BTW I always thought he was going to self publish for some reason) If his stories are all true and he can prove it, what is the problem? But when you consider the target buying market -- which is a far cry from what it was just a couple of years ago -- is the threat of a possible lawsuit worth it? I can guarantee you that Kate's attorneys would quickly bury Hoffman and his attorney in paperwork so his attorney fees would skyrocket fairly quickly and this would be before both sides even got to a settlement stage.

Now normally I would be considered a possible buyer for his book except that I know he knew he would be considered a reliable source and purposefully planted the Jon/chicken coop story just to see what would happen with it. So knowing this tidbit, what else has he made up? In other words, I am sure he has some legit dirt on Kate but now I don't think I would believe everything in his book as the truth and nothing but the truth, and if not, why buy the book in the first place?

As for the locals, and the rest of the country, I think pretty much everyone is in agreement that this whole Gosselin story is over and we have moved on to (rats I'm going to have to say it) Honey Boo Boo. However as time moves on I do think that the locals are going to come forward and stories are going to come out.

Meanwhile it should be noted that over the weekend on my AOL homepage was a photo of Kate with the story of how she did not pay a $10,000 bill to a marriage counselor along with other celebs who have run off without paying their bills (I don't know why AOL did not use a photo of Lindsay Lohan who skipped out on a $47,000 hotel bill). Then yesterday E! had a repeat of 10 biggest scandals and the Gosselins were one of them. All things considering, Kate was on the TV/Internet but not in a good way.

As you know it was just a year ago this month that Kate + 8 was cancelled and now there is no question that TLC has moved on to other people/families and really could care less about Kate and her happy horse shit dramatics. Meanwhile back at the McMansion I'm sure that Kate is still wondering what the hell happened, all she knows is that it is not HER fault whatsoever ;)

September 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

I'm spending some time rewatching Kate's hit ABC Drama of last season - you remember it aired on Sundays at 8 and Kate had black hair... There's not an ep I watch where Kate doesn't cross my mind.

September 5, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPamelaJaye

Haven't heard anything about the Hoffman book and don't expect it to come out, and if it does I don't expect it to sell much. Nobody cares anymore except for a couple of diehard fans who are stuck in the past. Kate's 15 minutes are over like everyone's is when they're famous for being famous or anything not involving real talent. Celebs fly by quickly in this country and they better grab the brass ring while they can because the opportunity will probably never come up again.

Thanks for helping me with this blog, Mickey, you're a sweetie!

September 5, 2012 | Registered CommenterWerny Gal

Another theory is that the book will come out on September 12, the day her last episode aired. This was followed by an earlier prediction that the book would debut on August 15, the day it was announced the series would be cancelled.

It's kind of like those doomsday theories that keep popping up, huh?

I think I've been more fascinated by the twitter wars launched by fans of these minor celebs. The whole Leann Rimes thing is fascinating in a car wreck kind of way. A personal theory is that most of these people who are so fascinated are working out unresolved issues from adolescence. It seems to be the developmental stage most are stuck at.

September 6, 2012 | Unregistered Commentersilimom

Silimom ~

Interesting about the additional theories but what I find interesting is why would Hoffman wait so long to get around to publishing it in the first place? Surely this book as been a work in progress for years because when one looks into the Gosselin saga -- I'm referring to waaaaay back when before there was a TV show -- it was Dana Hoffman who blew one of the first whistles re Kate's grifting. That being said, it is not a stretch to say that the subject of the Gosselins have no doubt been discussed in the Hoffman home for years, so what would be the hold up in Robert writing and/or publishing a book?

Even if Hoffman was waiting for the show to be cancelled, that was a year ago. I did read on 15 that when it was announced that the show had been cancelled by TLC that the number of people coming to the 15 blog spiked -- everyone who gave up blogging about the Gosselins on the various blogs only to see Kate extend her 15 minutes of fame over and over and over again had to read it for themselves that the saga was really finally ending. So if ever there was a time to announce that a book was in the works, especially one that is promising to be a tell all, one does not need to be a rocket scientist to know that before September 12, 2011 was the time to start to market it.

Anyway I'm with Werny and at this point I am not holding my breath that a Hoffman book is ever coming out. My best guess is that there are some loopholes in the book that Hoffman cannot back up -- or perhaps Jon will not confirm something as being true because we are talking about Jon ultimately protecting his kids -- which of course could provoke Kate into filing a lawsuit. Then when you take into consideration the diminished buyer base because people have moved on to other celebrities and it is just not worth the financial risk.

I do want to mention though that one theory that was mentioned a long time ago is that once the show was cancelled that the kids would wind up with Jon since Kate only wants them around because she considers them props for the show. According to Kate's attorney, approximately 8 months after the show is cancelled, Jon now has 50/50 custody so in a way this blogger theory did come true.

As for Leann Rimes, I agree it is like watching a car wreck. The other car wreck I'm watching is Amanda Bynes, a former child star, who has had more than one hit and run accident in a very short period of time and yet when her father was approached for comment he denied his daughter even drinks alcohol. I realized that he may be in denial but I hope that he wakes up before it is too late, not only for his daughter's sake but for anyone else who might be on the road at the same time she is.

PamelaJaye ~

I finally got it ... you are referring to Desperate Housewives, with the emphasis on DESPERATE :)

September 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Today on THE VIEW during Reality TV Roundup the ladies of course mentioned HERE COMES HONEY BOO BOO. Not only did they show the family go out to dinner where little Alana announces that they are all fat, but then the family goes to the local department store to look for bargains ... or in their neck of the woods this means they are going dumpster diving.

Whoopi is looking absolutely disgusted that this is what people are watching, and then Barbara Walters said, "I think I need to consider them for this year's top 10". Sorry folks, I don't know if she meant the family in general or Alana in particular.

Seriously Barbara? Can't you find someone for your list that does NOT exploit their children for fame and fortune? As it is the mom was on TMZ live yesterday and noted that they are compensated very well -- more than $2,000-4,000/episode that is being reported.

However I have to say that I was giggling ... poor Kate Gosselin ... TLC has a hit on their hands where it is no big deal if the kids are playing in mud and getting their clothes dirty, that I don't think one member of this family knows the meaning of the word "organic", but then when you find out that the mom uses coupons to save money ... Kate WHO?????

September 6, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

I found the following 2 items on my Facebook page re Honey Boo Boo:


I'm baaaack! Hooray. The world kept spinning as we covered the West Coast (2,200 miles of it) from Oregon to northern California, then home.

I, like most of you, managed to catch up on this horror show called "Honey Boo Boo," and absorbed the alarming news that the audience for this carefully scripted show has increased! Is there no end to this documented assault on the very purpose of childhood? Why is there no welfare-worker present on shooting days? Where is the official person charged with Child Welfare? Is there no one watching the hen house? Where is the outcry from state and local officials? I want to see the demographics of the audience for this awful display of "pathetic parenting." Are any state subsidies provided to the production company? Is it just me, or is there really only silence from the various Parent groups who purport to represent children in the media? The potential for disaster is manifest. And finally, can someone please find the money-trail? "Honey Boo Boo" won't always be a child. The sobering question that needs to be asked is, what awaits this child?
Paul Petersen

*** AND ***

It seems that I am not alone in pointing out that TLC is still in the business of exploiting children:

HLN's Jane Velez-Mitchell and her panel examine why "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" is so popular with television audiences.

September 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

I also found this tidbit on Facebook thanks to Al Walentis:


Cut the guy some slack, you Giants fans. He was a soccer star in high school and he has eight little mouths to feed. Kate, meanwhile, is checking to see if Mady and Cara can get themselves conjoined, if that would land them a new TLC TV deal. erves-the-twitter

I have to admit that I agreed with Al -- there is no doubt in my mind that Kate is trying to figure out if there is some way to conjoin her twin girls (by grifting of course!!!) just to once again exploit her children on TLC for HER fame and fortune.

September 7, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMickey McKean

Dear Polly,

It just dawned on me today that I owe you a HUGE apology. I called you out on your attitude about Robert Hoffman. Unfortunately now it appears that he is every bit the "dodgy' character you warned us he could be. So I am sorry. You were right. I just wanted Kate to be exposed soooooo
badly that I snapped at the wrong bait...Won't happen again.....

September 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterGranny57

So 9/12 came and went with no Hoffman book. That was a shocker.

Granny, maybe you can help me understand this: Why is it so important that Kate be "outed" for who she is? I guess in my mind, she already has been. Reading and Wernersville residents seem to know the real Kate and from all reports she is not thought of all that highly there. Those of us on blogs like this have been sharing the Gosselin back story for years now so the truth is already out there for anyone who still cares enough to go looking.

Aside from some marathons, what has Kate accomplished this year? A failed attempt at using the Red Cross to get some free PR, a coupon blog job for a relatively obscure company, a website that is still a work in progress, a failed celebrity cruise, and a charitable fashion show that was held in a space about the size of my own attic on a makeshift catwalk and that she allegedly had to beg her makeup artist to pull strings to get her a place on the runway to start with. I think even Hollywood has her number and they're not beating down her door.

The few fans she has will never be convinced she is anything but their own personal Madonna complete with not one but 8 miracle children!

It really looks like the rest of the world has better things to do than think about a has-been reality star.

So why is it so important to prove to the world that Kate Gosselin is a narcissistic grifter? What earthly justice can be meted out that will even the score, wipe the slate clean, or make up for the fact that Kate Gosselin used her children, ex-husband, family and friends to obtain financial security and fame at any and all costs? I don't think there really is any.

Don't get me wrong. I would love to read about her dirty laundry, old and new. I'd like to finally close the Steve Neild chapter, just because I think it's such a lame one. I am a gossip. It is not a vice I am proud of and Kate brings out the worst of it, mostly because I am fascinated by the continued fascination with her and how polarizing the woman is.

I do understand that when we see people being rewarded for poor or bad behavior we want retribution. However, life has taught me that Kate will be held accountable for the choices she has made, as shall we all. It may happen sooner or later, it may happen publicly or privately, it my happen in this life or the next. But it will happen, Granny. Never fear.

September 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterSilimom

If you look at TLC's stable of shows, you'll find there is an audience for: Conjoined Twins, a Red Neck Family, rebellious Amish people, Hoarders, Toddlers and Tiaras, Coupon people, Gypsy Weddings, Sister Wives, Strange Sex, Strange Addictions, Princes, Virgins, and obsessions and little people. No room in the line-up for a Gosselin? Let's face it, if it weren't for Kreider's behaviour they'd still be on the air. She did this to herself. She's already been outed. There is nothing in any book that would change my mind about her, one way or another. She's well and truly finished and too many people realized she pimped out her kids for her own profit. The sheeple will be the sheeple until they grow up or have an epiphany. Why is she the most despised woman in America? This past year has shown that she's finished.

September 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterP.J.

Well, Kate posted a picture of one of the twin's legs in high heels on Twitter and Radar Online, a tabloid site, wrote an article about the response to it. The twin is almost 12, and the picture made me uncomfortable. When will Kate learn not to post pictures about the kids?

September 15, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterncgirl

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