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Kate Gosselin & Another Twitter Pedophile? Prove It!

As my dear readers may recall, back in May 2011 Kate Gosselin was followed on Twitter by someone proudly professing to be a pedophile. I tweeted about it here and the story was picked up by several national news outlets. There was some suspicion among the pro- and con-Kate blogs that the offender was just a Khater planted to stir more brown stuff online. The offender, fictional or not, was quickly removed from Twitter.


This scenario was allegedly repeated about two months ago when rumors circulated that Kate responded to another pedophile on Twitter. The story went that someone asked how the kids were and she responded they were great. This would have been unnotable except that the avatar of the person asking was a graphic image of a male erection. Thus began a flurry of emails and blog comments questioning how Kate could be so stupid as to put her children in such danger by replying to someone who represented himself so inappropriately.


I'm all for calling Kate on her idiocy when she's earned it, which has been way too frequently over the years in my opinion. But, although I'm no wackydoodle Kate Gosselin fan, it disturbs me when rumors circulate without verification, especially rumors this seedy. I've been trying to track down evidence of Kate's latest Twitter brush with a pedophile for the past two months and can find nothing more than discussions about it. So my suggestion to all of us is to not get all riled up about something that we don't even know is true. On the other hand, if you have a screen shot of this abomination send it to me and I'll publish it here as well as blogging about it on Technorati where it will be sure to get lots of attention.


Two Years Later Kate Gosselin Continues to Throw Her Ex Under the Bus

      How many times can Kate Gosselin throw her ex-husband under the bus within a time span of 48 seconds in this clip from an interview with Dr. Drew Pinsky? Let's count them and see.

1. Kate on their relationship since the divorce: It's more peaceful. It's probably not anything I'm doing differently...Maybe he's a little happier with himself, so that will boil down to peace between us.

Translation: I refused to get marriage counseling although my husband requested it to try to save the marriage. I didn't need counseling: He was the one with the problems and he was the one who needed to change. So now that he's happier with himself, no more problems!

2. Kate: The kids are now okay going there.

Translation: Lordee bee, the kids used to hate visiting their father!  Now they're finally just okay about it.

3. Dr. Drew: Is he being a good dad?

Um, I feel like he's
trying, and that's good.

Translation: He's such a loser he wasn't even trying before, but now that he is, at least it's tolerable. And as everyone knows, I'm a great parent, so I'm qualified to sit in judgment of him.

4. Kate: The bottom line is the kids come home basically happy, and that's basically all that matters.

Translation: The kids used to come home so unhappy because Jon was being such a crappy dad. I still can't say they're thrilled to visit him, but at least they're
basically happy so at least it's a little improvement. Fortunately they have me as a mother.

     How ironic that the partner who has repeatedly been called out for being rude and entitled sits in judgment of the partner who tried to save the marriage, and the partner who continually promotes herself as a loving mother repeatedly puts down her children's father in public.

     What's it going to be like for the kids in the future when they hear all the nasty things their mom has said about their dad over the years? How long will Kate continue to publicly slam Jon despite her insistence that she's no longer emotionally invested in having a relationship with him? And how can Kate possibly believe that speaking poorly of the father of their children, at the rate of one strategically aimed toss under the bus less than every 12 seconds, will enhance her appearance or reputation in any way?

                                                                      ~     ~     ~

Article first published as Kate Gosselin Breaks New Record Throwing Jon Under the Bus on Technorati.


Cruising Kate Gosselin is Andy Cohen's Newest Jackhole

Thursday night on Bravo's Watch What Happens host Andy Cohen named Kate Gosselin the Jackhole of the Day for inviting people to spend thousands of dollars to go on a cruise with her so she can run around the ship yelling at other peoples kids.

The Royal Carribean cruise with Kate includes a private welcome cocktail party, private dinner and brunch, book signing, Q&A session, and a craft lesson.  Time will tell if this cruise sails successfully or not, since as usual Kate's troubled reputation precedes her.  It's a mystery why the cruise line chose Kate to entice people to sign up for the cruise when there are endless celebrities who haven't had a small fraction of the consistently negative press she's had.   My guess is that she'll show up for the minimum meet-and-greet events required and not spend any time with the ship's guests unless she absolutely has to.  One thing's for sure:  Kate loves being treated like a celeb and apparently Royal Carribean is going all out in doing so.

Although she hasn't said who yet, Kate has said some of the kids will be on the cruise with her.  I personally have no problem with Kate making money via legitimate gigs like representing a couponing site or hosting a cruise, but as with her years of TV shows, I think she should leave the kids out of it.  She can call it just playing in front of the cameras as much as she wants but the fact remains, it's work in order to provide their mother and family with income, and they are still way too young, immature and inexperienced to be capable of consent.  Personally I think it's sad that while the kids will have lots of happy memories of doing fun things with their dad just because he loves them, all their memories of trips with their mom are going to be tainted by the knowledge that their childhoods were being sold to strangers in order to provide income for the family.

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

This article was posted first in Technorati.


Reality TV:  When You Tune In Because You Know The Real Life Outcome

by guest blogger Mickey Mckean


I am a dedicated viewer of the RHOBH.  I didn't miss an episode from Season 1, and I certainly have not missed an episode from Season 2.  It is not likely that I will miss one, either, since I know that filming this reality show contributed to Russell Armstrong's suicide.


I need to mention that I know people who have committed suicide.  Therefore I know from personal experience that for those of us who are left behind, we are forever left questioning ourselves about whether we missed something that might have saved a life had we paid closer attention it .


Even though I know that careful editing has been done, I am very aware of the timeline of real life events in regards to the Armstrongs.  With hindsight being 20/20 I find I am watching for clues that Russell was on the verge of "cracking," and I wonder if those around him missed any obvious signs.  Or were there just a lot of little things that could have been easily dismissed?


Because we know of the real life events, my BF is now hooked on the show, and he has looked for signs too.  Both of us were literally cringing for Taylor when she and her husband were asked to leave Kyle's white party because Russell sent an email to Camille threatening legal action for what she said on camera (and more likely than not, eventually threatening legal action to the other cast members too.) Whereas Taylor did not seem to know of the email, she was very aware while sitting in the limo that her husband was processing the fact that they were just asked to leave a party because they were no longer welcomed around the group and it was all being captured on film.  I kid you not, we could tell that Taylor was scared of what her husband would say or do to her once they were alone and behind closed doors.


But we are just viewers watching something that happened months ago ... what about the producers and camera guys who were there at the time?  Surely they had to be somewhat concerned for Taylor ... or was it just a job to them and besides, it would be good for ratings?


As a viewer, and keeping in mind that the cameras only intensified the emotions that were really going on beneath the surface, then we only see Taylor and Russell walk into their home that night.  Again, as viewers who have studied the time line, knowing that at some point between that particular night and mid-July when Taylor filed for divorce, Taylor wound up in the hospital with an eye injury she alleges was caused by her husband.


I am addicted to a show where I know that a real life tragedy happened that will forever impact the family and friends of Russell Armstrong.  I can only hope that some good will come out of this season, perhaps empower women who are in abusive relationships to get out before it is too late.  As it is I feel that Taylor and her daughter Kennedy are very lucky to be alive, as this could have easily wound up to be a murder/suicide story and not just a suicide.


In the meantime, while the story is unfolding on RHOBH, recently a lot of the women from the Real Housewives various franchises posed for a Hollywood Reporter magazine shoot which of course has prompted a lot of talk on the celebrity news shows.


On last night's Access Hollywood, while showing a clip of the photo shoot, Billy Bush said, "The housewives shows have become a phenomenon worth over a half a billion dollars and growing for Bravo.  It has spawned imitators on other networks but [in regards to RHOBH] none with the appeal of these self absorbed narcissistic ladies -- I say this in the nicest way -- who seem to have too much time and money on their hands."


Billy Bush goes on to point out that in the RH franchise there have been 10 failed marriages, 2 bankruptcies, countless physical altercations and one notorious table flip, and as outlined in the magazine Hollywood Reporter, the housewives have proven themselves to be a train wreck guilty pleasure recipe for success.


Andy Cohen, Bravo executive, showed up to be interviewed by AH.  Billy asked, "Have you ever had any specific moments where you are like, oh, gosh, I don't feel good about this?"


Andy said, "Look, we are shooting what happens in people's real lives.  If someone is having trouble in their marriage and I see that playing out on camera, you don't want anything bad to happen to people."


Andy Cohen helped develop the series into the success it is now. He was an instrumental voice behind the scenes when the franchise addressed its most devastating drama ever, the suicide of Russell Armstrong.  Billy said, "As an executive you were involved in the decisions to get this show back on the air. Some people, even a few in the cast, were saying, 'let's not go with the show.'"


Andy responded, "You have a lot of conversations with the cast, with the producers, with ourselves. I mean this is something that we spent 3 or 4 weeks on lock down discussing, looking at footage, seeing what to keep in, what to keep out.  What we wound up with is an interesting story of a woman facing domestic abuse issues and how her friends reacted to that."


Billy pointed out that the only mention of the death so far was during the Season 2 premiere, less than one month after Russell's suicide.  Billy also noted that the ratings were up 42% from the first season premiere, and now the franchise is casting an international version in France, with Australia, Asia and the UK to follow.


He also noted that stateside the drama and attention has offered each housewife an unparalleled opportunity to develop her own brand, with the poster child being former NY housewife Bethany Frankel who has an estimated $120M sale of her Skinny Girl product brand.  Then Billy pointed out that behind the scenes at the recent photo shoot the ladies were in full self promotion mode. Lisa Vanderpump said, "We've all got so many fabulous things to do. I'm now doing a book, you just get so many offers, but I love being on the show it really has been a lot of fun." 


In closing Billy noted that even Lisa's dog has something like 40,000 twitter followers.


~     ~     ~     ~     ~

This article was published first in Technorati.


Thanks to Mickey McKean for contributing this post and also to Concerned For the Kids whose post will be printed soon. :D



~Happy Holidays From Small Town Gosselins to You~

It's early in the morning on December 26th and I'm finally finding time to wish happy holidays to all of my beloved readers and the wonderful friends I've met online and in real life.  What a wonderful year you all have given me:  Great friends, so much knowledge gained, laughs 'til my belly hurt, so many heart warming events, and even a few tears shed together, which only brought us closer.  Although Christmas 2011 is officially over please allow me to thank you for all that you have given me, shared with me and taught me over the past year.

I love the smell of a live tree.  Our

main tree is eight feet tall and is

decorated in traditional reds and

silvers.  It makes me happy

because it reminds me of the tall

fragrant pines that lined the country

property in Massachusetts I grew up

on. May nature bless your holidays

and New Year with fresh air

and good health.




This silver pencil tree decorates

our formal dining room all year

round, and is spruced up at

holiday time.  This year I hung

brightly colored balls on

a vintage silver garland wound

around the tree.  Like the live

tree it is eight feet tall.

May your dreams be bright 

and may your loftiest wishes be

fulfilled all year round.







This 4' tall tabletop ring tree

was a store display tree for

selling ornaments.  I like placing

different colored glass balls on

each of the rings.  May your most

colorful wishes and dreams come

true this holiday season and all

through the New Year.


Our "family tree" is in our family

room this year.  It's covered

with home made ornaments and

ornies the kids made over

the years in school, and there

are ornaments with pictures of

our family going back at least

20 years.  May your holidays and all of

2012 be filled with many happy family

memories of previous years

and may you be happily busy with the

creation of new happy memories to fill

the years to come.


           ~ Happy Holidays to You from Polly at

                                  Small Town Gosselins ~