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Kate Gosselin Fired While Senate Bill's Inspired

Kate Gosselin was fired from Coupon Cabin today, and the public learned about it through a public statement made by the site's CEO Scott Kluth.   According to Kluth, Kate Gosselin didn't "align with the authenticity" Coupon Cabin set out to build almost a decade ago.  True, cashiers have called her the "Coupon Nightmare" at our local Target store for her over-the top thriftiness as evidenced by handfuls of coupons, but the ability to utilize coupons does not authenticity make.  

In related and happily ironic news, Senator Thomas Murt's child labor Bill 1548 went to the Governor of Pennsylvania today.  The Bill introduces several protections for children working in entertainment in the Commonwealth of PA, including kids working in reality TV.  The Bill, which in the beginning was nicknamed the Gosselin Bill, was designed to mirror child labor laws in California, a state that has always been way ahead of us in the protection of children in the business of entertainment.  It's about time our laws reflected the reality that, despite what Kate has repeatedly said, kids in "reality TV" in Pennsylvania aren't just "playing in front of the cameras."