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A New Low

There is no excuse for the INF clip of Jon dropping off the hysterical kids.  I am not going to link to it here but it can be found over at 15 Minutes, on YouTube and at a myriad of other sites for your viewing displeasure.  There are SO many things wrong with this scene. 

Jon is locked out of the gated property just as I first reported he was a few weeks back.  I can't imagine any purpose this could serve other than to satisfy Kate's vindictiveness.   As I said when I reported it weeks ago,  no matter how bad things get between estranged parents, the number one rule is to not put each other down in front of the kids.  This is very important because children need to believe that their parents are capable and competent.  Undermining the other parent's appearance of competance creates insecurity in children, plus it damages them in terms of adult role modeling etc.  It is an especially terrible thing to do to children who are already insecure because of a divorce.

The voice of the psuedo-sympathetic papparazzi is so offensive ~ cloying, exploitatative and phony.  We see Jon being frustrated and surely embarrassed, trying to avoid the camera while being stuck helplessly at the gate with a van full of unhappy children, and the cameraman moves in to get a closeup and ask stupid questions.  When the cameraman moves to the other side of the van we see and hear crying children along with the constant clicking clicking clicking of cameras.   This is in complete violation of the implicit paparazzi agreement to not upset or frighten the children.  Then as Jon walks away and gets into another car we hear the photographer asking more stupid questions, this time with slimy fake sympathy in his voice. 

What an awful documentation of the continuing pain of this family.  It is just one more humiliating, painful episode on top of the many others that have been filmed for all the world to view over and over again forever and ever.  The children will never be able to get away from these permanent documents.  They will be forever preserved for eternity and will impact their friendships, their school lives, their romantic relationships, their marriages, their jobs and even their own future parenting for the rest of their lives.  

UPDATE August 4

The paparazzi who took the video is Chris Watts who works for INF.   He is the Chris referred to in Al's book and he is also in the acknowledgements at the back.  The person driving Jon away is his friend Bob, who started out as a paps and then Jon befriended him.  They cut a lot of private deals to make money, as described in Al's book.

Would you like to be an INF "photojournalist" and sell your soul for the big bucks?  Apply here.

Meanwhile Jon's gotten into a pissing contest with Perez Hilton (ummm, golly gee whiz, wonder who's going to win this one?  The guy who everybody loathes but reads anyway and whose web site is worth almost $4 million, or Jon Gosselin?)