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Entries in exploitation of children (2)


Laws on Children in Entertainment in Our 50 States

Eagle-eyed reader Irene contributed this link which contrasts laws regarding children in entertainment in all fifty United States. It doesn't provide specifics but shows a good overview allowing us to contrast and compare.

PA is doing better than some states but there's a major flaw in our laws: They only pertain to children age 7 and up. Therefore, it's free-for-all for kids younger than that.

It's obvious that a lot of work has been done to institute good laws protecting children in entertainment in California. On the other hand, Rhode Island, you totally copped out on this one.

Tiny little bone tossed to the Gosselin children: You've lost most of your childhoods and you'll never get them back, but at least you don't live in Mississippi, New Hampshire or Utah.

Thanks Irene!


Shame on TLC

Here's the description of tomorrow night's hour-long episode. You'd never know the turmoil this family is going through from the promos TLC has been playing ad nauseum all weekend. It's all one big happy family, the Gosselins and TLC. Or Kate and TLC, that is:

"Jon & Kate Plus 8 Viewers' Top Moments: Kate takes a walk down memory lane as she looks back at viewers' favorite moments from Jon & Kate plus 8 and helps the audience countdown some of the best moments on the show." (Played to perky happy-wappy music, of course.)

Jon is suing TLC and TLC is suing Jon. Meanwhile TLC continues to squeeze more episodes (ie: more revenue) out of this family until they get all the legal details settled. What I wonder about both sides is, if you really care so much about the kids, why don't you call A Minor Consideration in to testify? Let the real experts ~ adults who have experienced being on television as children, as well as the real-life long term outcomes ~ tell it like it really is.