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Reader's Call to Donation Agency About Kate Gosselin Book: Robert Hooo?

My reader Mickey McKean got some surprising information when she called the non-profit agency the Robery Hoffman book "proceeds" are supposedly going to.  Here's what happened, in Mickey's own words:

I have been associated with various charities and I know from personal experience that sometimes an organization must distance themselves from someone or something due to "guilt by association". In other words that their reputation could be tarnished by negative publicity.

That being said, I called the [agency name deleted by blog owner] to ask whether or not they were aware that a book was released yesterday where it is advertised that proceeds are going to be donated to their organization. I made the point that it does not say 100% of the proceeds but I was sure there were people who were buying the book assuming that ALL of the proceeds were going to [the agency] which is about child advocacy.

I gave them a brief outline of the contents of the book and that it talks about specific child abuse, that the author himself saw the abuse and wrote this book.

I gave them the gosselinbook web site address so they could check this out for themselves.

I said that in my opinion the cover of the book would be painful for the Gosselin children to see one day, and considering what I have read about their organization online I was a little surprised that they would sponsor or necessarily want to benefit from this book.

Their response was that I was not their first call about this very subject, that they have never heard of Robert Hoffman, they do not know anything about the book, there is no agreement in place but under the circumstances they probably will need to have their legal department look into this matter.

Please understand that I am glad Robert Hoffman wrote his book, not because he exposed Kate to the world, but by doing so it just might help save the Gosselin 8. Robert has the right to make money off the book if he so chooses because he has the right to make a living, or he can donate all or part of his proceeds to a charity -- as long as it will not harm the charity and of course with the charity's knowledge and permission to use their name.

                                                                    ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Thanks for the information, Mickey.  I agree with you.  The more information we can get out there about the grifter Kate Gosselin the better, but it's important to do it responsibly.  It's standard professionalism to have an entity's permission before you publicize that you are associated with them in any way, because it implies you have their endorsement when you actually don't. 

(To read Mickey McKean's original comment go to the second page of comments under the last entry, fourth comment on second page.)