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Kate's New Look

Kate's new look. Vote ~ pro or con?


Kate on Leno Tonight

Kate will be on Jay Leno tonight at 10 PM, EST. Be there or be with your kids caring about them first, foremost and always, like you said you are.


Kate~A Most Fascinating Person~One of Ten!

Kate Gosselin is one of Barbara Walter's Ten Most Fascinating People of 2009 on her annual special, tonight at 10PM EST on ABC-TV. Will this be another example of how Kate says she's taking the high road rather than embarrassing herself "like a certain someone" while she's embarrassing herself and taking the low road by making not-so-subtle stabs at her husband on national television? Or will this be another example of Kate being on national television like she was on the Ellen Degeneres Show taped in California, talking about how she's being a regular mom at home with her kids instead of jet-setting all over being on national television like a certain someone? Or will this be another calculated foot in the door toward her own talk show on national television, which if she gets she will have to do from the humble town of Wernersville PA if she plans to do it without jet setting all over the world while her children are home again with the nannies? One thing's for sure, Kate - if you want the attention to stop, stop feeding the beast. It will be interesting to see tonight's display of good mothering and taking the high road. Watch it and then come back to discuss.


Faster Than a Speeding Kate Gosselin

The story I heard was last Thursday night Jon was "flirting it up" with a server at Wyomissing's Viva, and then after the bar closed he took two (implied hot) girls out to breakfast at 2:30 AM. The following morning he was in Phila at 9 AM for a walk on autism. Then that afternoon he was back in the Reading area, where he "eyed up" the waitresses while having lunch at Hooters.

Here's what bothers me about these reports. What is "flirting it up?" What is "eyeing up?" What's wrong with meeting new people and going out to eat with them after the bars close? And although I am certainly far from a fan of Hooters, let's face it, it ain't about owls.

At this point I really question if Jon can go anywhere without people looking to see if he's trying to stick Mr. Happy somewhere it shouldn't be.

Here's what really offends me: Kate's driver going over 100 MPH to lose photogs the other day, with Kate and the kids in the vehicle. Guess what, Kate? You can't promote yourself all over America and then come home - even to little Wernersville PA - and expect to be invisible. What do you want? Do you want to be a brand, with the photographers and lack of privacy that lifestyle entails? Or do you want to be a regular citizen who can go places without being followed? By now you surely know you can't have it both ways. But whichever way you want it, don't endanger your kids' lives and the life of their mother by playing stupid games with your children inside four tons of steel hurtling at 105 miles per hour.

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