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Cruising Kate Gosselin is Andy Cohen's Newest Jackhole

Thursday night on Bravo's Watch What Happens host Andy Cohen named Kate Gosselin the Jackhole of the Day for inviting people to spend thousands of dollars to go on a cruise with her so she can run around the ship yelling at other peoples kids.

The Royal Carribean cruise with Kate includes a private welcome cocktail party, private dinner and brunch, book signing, Q&A session, and a craft lesson.  Time will tell if this cruise sails successfully or not, since as usual Kate's troubled reputation precedes her.  It's a mystery why the cruise line chose Kate to entice people to sign up for the cruise when there are endless celebrities who haven't had a small fraction of the consistently negative press she's had.   My guess is that she'll show up for the minimum meet-and-greet events required and not spend any time with the ship's guests unless she absolutely has to.  One thing's for sure:  Kate loves being treated like a celeb and apparently Royal Carribean is going all out in doing so.

Although she hasn't said who yet, Kate has said some of the kids will be on the cruise with her.  I personally have no problem with Kate making money via legitimate gigs like representing a couponing site or hosting a cruise, but as with her years of TV shows, I think she should leave the kids out of it.  She can call it just playing in front of the cameras as much as she wants but the fact remains, it's work in order to provide their mother and family with income, and they are still way too young, immature and inexperienced to be capable of consent.  Personally I think it's sad that while the kids will have lots of happy memories of doing fun things with their dad just because he loves them, all their memories of trips with their mom are going to be tainted by the knowledge that their childhoods were being sold to strangers in order to provide income for the family.

~     ~     ~     ~     ~

This article was posted first in Technorati.


Is Kate Gosselin the New Human Barbie?




With tabloid speculation that Kate Gosselin has had a facelift, there once again are a slew of tabloid articles and blog discussions about Kate Gosselin’s changing appearance.

It wasn't that long ago that Kate looked like an average Berks Countian.  She wasn't beautiful, nor was there anything offensive about her appearance.

When Kate was a child it would have been difficult for anyone to anticipate what she'd look like today, except perhaps in her own childhood dreams.  Perhaps she imagined, as many girls have over the past six decades, that when she grew up she would be as "perfect" as our fictional cultural ideal, Barbie.


It appears that Kate has given into the pressure many female entertainers feel to keep up with Hollywood standards. Perhaps she has relished the attention becoming “prettier” has garnered her, perhaps being “beautiful” feeds into her sense of entitlement about deserving all the best life has to offer simply because she is who she is, or perhaps it’s a combination of all of the above.  In any case, throughout all the speculation about boob jobs, weight loss, tummy tucks, botched botox, chin implants and facelifts, Kate has looked less and less like her natural self.

In relation to her parenting, Kate has looked progressively less like her children.  What is it like for ethnic-appearing children to witness their Caucasian mother gradually reject what little ethnicity she had?  And how will Kate's role-modeling impact her daughters?  The twins are now eleven, an age when many girls develop an interest in appearing older.  How will Kate allow her daughters to dress and make themselves up as they enter adolescence?  Will Kate be surprised  ~ or dismayed ~ or proud ~ if they want to start looking like her?

This isn’t the 1950s anymore.  Today we know that beauty comes in all colors, shapes and sizes, and the ways adult role models ~ particularly parents ~ teach their children to feel about their bodies can make a world of difference in children’s developing the confidence and self-esteem that will help carry them through their adulthoods.   Attentive parents teach their daughters ~ and show them by example ~ to love themselves for who and what they are, including their appearances. 

True beauty lies in individuality and feeling good about yourself, not succumbing to stereotypes.  Yet as time has gone on Kate has progressively morphed into the Barbie stereotype we try to teach our daughters to not feel pressured into having to look like.

When asked about her appearing as though she's recently had a facelift, Kate stated she felt "complimented" by hearing she looked so "young and rested."   But the fact remains that despite her attempt to spin the speculation into positive press and her chirpy "chin up, tally ho, never give up" attitude, unless Marabel Morgan is your hero, that's not necessarily a compliment.

~       ~     ~

This is an edited version of an article first published as Is Kate Gosselin the New Human Barbie? on Technorati.


Happy Thanksgiving To You

Good morning, or should I say Good Afternoon to all.  I woke up fifteen minutes ago, at 12:15 PM.  It's highly unusual of me to sleep in this late, in fact I don't know if I've ever done it before, but late last night I started watching Gone With The Wind on AMC and the rest is history.  What a great film, and what a long film too, especially with commercials inserted.  So the first thing I was thankful for today was my hubby letting me sleep in.  Now it's time for me to tackle that big turkey breast and all the fixins for our big meal this evening.

Happy Thanksgiving to all creatures, great and small.  May everyone be warm, clothed and fed adequately today.  A special Happy Thanksgiving goes to my wonderful friends such as Mickey, Irene, Pamela, Susan, and so many others I've met and become close with on this blog.  I wish the Gosselin children and Ellen and Jon a day filled with peace and love and I wish Kate a day filled with gratitude for her many blessings.  (Gratitude deserves its own special appreciation too.)  I am grateful that Kate has a job related to couponing which does not require the children working.  Having looked at the other blogs to see what they were doing for Thanksgiving posts, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Ziggyflo included Jon and Ellen in her holiday wishes this year, and so I would also like wish a Happy Thanksgiving to Ziggyflo.  Although we don't agree on much, Ziggy, I would like to express my condolences for your neighbor's loss and tell you how much I admire you for taking such good care of your son.  I don't know much about your situation other than the little bits and pieces I've picked up over the years, but it's obvious you love your son to pieces as well as appreciating your blessings, and kudos to you for that. 

Every Thanksgiving, we go around our holiday feast table and each tell what we are thankful for (a tradition I wouldn't mind repeating every day at dinner time, if only my guys would put up with it.)  There are so many things to be thankful for today and my greatest Thanksgiving wish is that everyone appreciates them all.

Okay turkey breast, look out, here I come.



Are You a Reality TV Viewer? Hollywood Calls You a “Consumer”

Our sometime guest blogger Mickey McKean found an interesting book review by Spencer Pratt, former cast member of the MTV reality show The Hills, in which he discusses reality TV as a calculated money making machine. Please read the entire thing at the link provided above, and meanwhile here are some of his observant bon mots about how celebrities make money by being famous, or to look at it from another angle, how people become famous celebs to make money. Either way, whether he's discussing the Kardashians or Speidi, Pratt makes it clear it's got nothing to do with reality.

The public has been on to Kim and her momager Kris Jenner for awhile now. I'm sure they know how every move they've made in Kim's life has been part of a money-making strategy...For example, look at Kim's millions of Twitter followers. She pretends they're part of her extended family, but after her divorce announcement when all anyone wanted to know about was her relationship, she only tweeted about her store appearances. There's a reason for this. Kim tweets to promote herself. She'll do that for free. Talking about her personal life? That'll cost you.


When I was manipulating the media for profit I was blatantly obvious about my attention-seeking antics, with the goal of making money off stories and photos. I never thought I was putting one over on the audience/viewer/reader. ...Speidi was the obvious fame loving duo...everyone making significant money in Hollywood is doing everything Speidi did in the past -- only they do it in secret. We made our money the same way everyone in Hollywood makes money, we just never tried to cover it up.


...All major stars have photo deals with photo agencies and sell these photographs along with strategically manufactured stories that are all timed with the launch or release of a book, film, TV show, fragrance or product. Every story you consume about Hollywood has a purpose and that purpose is to make money for the celebrity.


...there are no coincidences in Tinseltown. It's no coincidence that Kris Jenner had her book tour during the week of her daughter's divorce announcement.



Kate Gosselin's Red Cross "Contributions" Not So Great

Yesterday the American Red Cross supposedly asked Kate Gosselin to remove a picture from her web site which shows her draped in what appears at first glance to be nothing but a Red Cross blanket.   After receiving complaints Dave Shrader of the American Red Cross Southeastern Chapter stated, "We have since asked her to choose a different photo to post on her website and are awaiting her response."  Then apparently he backtracked because he later stated, "I did mistakenly write that we have asked Ms. Gosselin to take down the photo. We have not. I meant to write we have asked that she submit a different photo for us to use on the phillyhomefire website."

Sounds to me like Mr. Shrader's discovered what many of us already knew, which is that when it comes to saying anything regarding Kate Gosselin, it's hard to please everyone and someone's bound to complain about something.  I experienced the same backlash after appearing on the E! show on Kate and writing my book about the effects of reality TV on the Gosselin family and then receiving hate comments of my own because some of her detractors thought I didn't hate Kate Gosselin enough. 

IMO the picture of Kate draped in the flag is inappropriate and has much more to do with her grabbing another 15 seconds of fame than her giving a rat's ass about the Red Cross.  I'm a Red Cross volunteer and I can tell you for a fact she's never been in contact with the Berks County Red Cross and has never donated a dime to them, and she's sure never been out in a cold truck at 3 AM handing out blankets to crying parents and children who have lost their homes, their pets and everything but the pajamas they're wearing over their bare feet in the dead of winter.  So let's talk about what's really important.

The Red Cross.  As my regular readers know I'm a Red Cross volunteer, and I happen to have pictures of the truck because I took some for my kids when I was last on it on October 15th.  The truck was donated to the Red Cross by a local women's organization and it was received with much appreciation.  It is a converted bread truck which was once full of racks for breads to be delivered from the factory to local grocery stores.  It fills the Red Cross's basic needs, and I do mean basic, and it's a gas guzzler.  Here's what the inside of it looks like.

Behind the passenger seat there's a tiny sink with storage underneath.  Everything is condensed and built for function, not beauty.

There's a small gas stove and all the storage compartments are labeled.  The truck carries different volunteers all the time depending on who's on call and it's important to be able to find things quickly.  We're all trained and certified in first aid and CPR and when we go on calls we're ready for anything. 

In the back behind the driver's seat is a standing storage compartment loaded with bins of supplies we need for the comfort of people in crisis mode.  We have as many comforts as we can afford that fit into the truck, everything from water bottles to blankets to slippers.

Along the side behind the driver is a bench storage unit.  When we're at the scene of a fire or other emergency we bring families into the truck and try to comfort them.  They are often traumatized and unable to think clearly and we take care of their basic needs.  We make sure they're warm and safe and we help them find shelter for the night or the next few days until they find new homes.  We also give them vouchers for clothing and places to stay while they get back on their feet.  This all takes hours and the emergency call can wake the volunteer up at any time of the night.  Be prepared to be exhausted the next day but know you'll be grateful because you're being tired doesn't begin to compare to what these poor families have been through and will continue to go throu for the next couple of weeks, months or years as they recover from their emergency.


Please excuse my hair, I didn't know I was going to use these pictures on my blog.  Inside the bench are blankets and bags of toiletries for the families, containing little comforts like toothbrushes and toothpaste.  In cases of fire the victims sometimes walk away from their burning homes with literally nothing.  The blankets we hand out are nothing like the cushy creamy blanket Kate draped herself in.  The real ones are thin and inexpensive but they do the trick when even the basics feel like luxuries. 

IMO any more conversation about this just feeds into Kate's continual bid for attention, fame and money so I just have one more thing to say.  Kate Gosselin, put your money where your mouth is.  The Red Cross exists solely on donations.   Instead of griping about how poor you are and extolling how thrifty you are by using all those coupons, how about donating some of that $4 million you made last year alone to the Berks County chapter of the American Red Cross?