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Kim Kardashian Compared to Kate Gosselin & the Red Cross is Not Amused

Mickey McKean sent over this link to an article comparing Kim Kardashian to Kate Gosselin, in which the author opines that both reality TV participants thought their stars would never fall. 

According to the author, the family that captivated reality television and built the house of E! is coping with a vertiginous reversal of fortune in the same way that Kate, who helped build the house of TLC, has.  "She thought she was Teflon and she's being proved wrong," publicist is quoted as saying about Kim kardashian.  "She's the new Kate Gosselin."

Last weekend's "Saturday Night Live" offered an acid parody that portrayed the Kardashians as airheads who prattle on about anal bleaching.  In the sketch, mom Kris Jenner is played by Kristin Wiig as an attention-seeking, plastic-surgery addict, while soon-to-be ex-husband Kris Humphries was rendered a monosyllabic simpleton.

"The only way people are going to stop hating her is if she goes away for awhile," the publicist stated about Kim, although he could have just as easily been describing Kate Gosselin.  "But I doubt this woman will ever do that. She'd go nuts to be away for even five minutes."

In this article Kim andKate are both portrayed as entitled divas who don't care who they trample on the way to stardom.  Kim's ruthlessness in her quest for fame is evidenced by her brief marriage to Kris Humphries while Kate's is evidenced by her choosing her reality TV life over her ex-husband Jon.  Jon has stated that he would have been perfectly happy to have never done reality TV and his attempts to get his children out of the public eye and back into having normal childhoods are well documented.

One thing is clear when it comes to either reality TV star, or anyone else in reality TV, for that matter.  The public doesn't like being tricked, condescended to, or treated like idiots, and they WILL tune out.

In unrelated news, the Red Cross has been receiving complaints about Kate insinuating herself into being affiliated with them by draping herself psuedo-seductively in a Red Cross flag in a picture on her personal web site.  According to the Red Cross, they have had no communication with Kate and they did not give her permission to affiliate herself with them.  Looks like kate's using the Red Cross to continue trying to build her new everywoman-goodmom-solidcitizen image (since the Hollywood A-List and sexbomb images sunk like the Titanic.)  This is rather ironic given her local notoriety for endangering herself, her children and others by parking in fire lanes. 

Well, there's one difference between Kate and kim Kardashian, anyway.  Kardashian never would have done this kind of endorsement without ample renumeration.


Kate Gosselin's Tweets Not So Sweet

Kate Gosselin's tweets, which have been known to include veiled (or not so veiled) jabs at her ex-husband Jon, took a new direction in nastiness Monday when she put down widely respected veteran actor and child advocate Paul Petersen. When a Kate fan informed her through Twitter that Petersen had been on a local radio show that morning, Kate's response was, “lol. He just needs a platform to hear himself talk...”

Paul Petersen's worked in the entertainment business for over fifty years. He starred on the Mickey Mouse Show, co-starred in classic feature films with Hollywood royalty like Cary Grant and Sophia Loren, has had several hit singles, and authored a series of sixteen books. In 1990, following the suicide of former child star Rusty Hamer, Petersen founded A Minor Consideration, a non-profit child advocacy group providing support and guidance to former child stars and children in the entertainment business. The group's membership currently includes approximately 600 former child actors. In 2009, he successfully petitioned a California court to appoint a law guardian to oversee the earnings of the widely publicized octuplets born to "octomom" Nadya Suleman. In 2010 he met with community leaders, lawmakers and the media to promote PA Representative Thomas Murt’s bill to reform Pennsylvania’s child labor laws (still pending). Ironically, Kate Gosselin, who achieved fame by giving birth to sextuplets after intrauterine insemination and is widely reputed to be self-centered and difficult to get along with, would be lucky to achieve half the success in her lifetime that Petersen has achieved in his.

Kate's rude tweet about Petersen was in response to the fan telling her that Petersen had been “judgmental” on the local radio show, but it's hard to figure how someone who's dedicated his life to preventing future child actor disasters could be construed as anything but positive to a mother of eight famous children. Perhaps Kate Gosselin resents the fact that Petersen brought attention to the need for improved child labor laws in Pennsylvania partially as a result of her shows, Jon & Kate Plus Eight and Kate Plus Eight, being filmed here. Many former fans of Gosselin's shows now believe she exploited her children for fame and money by allowing them to be filmed engaging in such private acts as having their diapers changed, sitting on the potty, fighting and having tantrums, and vomiting. The proposed bill will protect the working children of PA by limiting hours they're allowed to work, mandating that they have guardians on set, and have protections for their financial well being set in place, among other improvements. For most parents of kids working in entertainment in Pennsylvania, that bill, when it finally passes, will truly be something worthy of tweeting about.                                                               

                                                                    *     *     *         

Article first published as Kate Gosselin's Tweets Not So Sweet on Technorati.


New Hope for Reality TV Addicts

Divorces, suicides, and other negative repercussions have shown us that while being on reality TV can be fun and financially beneficial, it can also be psychologically harmful to families and children.  Sudden fame and fortune often cause reality TV participants to think that they're actually stars, despite their lack of any actual talent.  Thanks to their senses of entitlement and narcissistic illusions that their fame will last forever, most reality TV participants have no Plan B.  Then suddenly, when their shows are over, they're propelled back into true reality where they have to give up their fancy homes, go back to regular jobs, and start living mundane lives again.  Depression and other symptoms of PTSD can result from having to integrate back into the mediocre lifestyles they recently thought were permanently behind them. 

But wait! Now there's help for former reality TV stars with no Plan B.  The Twelve Steps of AA have been modified to fit many addictions:  alcoholism, drug addictions, gambling, overeating, codependency, and more.  And now the list includes an addiction to being on reality TV.  Here are twelve recovery steps for former reality TV participants whose lights have flickered, dimmed and then inevitably sputtered out.

               The Twelve Steps of Reality TV Addiction Recovery

1. We admitted that although we thought we'd always be stars, we were ultimately powerless over the fleeting nature of fame.


2. We came to believe that powers greater than ourselves could restore us to a normal life without fame:  Cutthroat networks, declining ratings and lack of public interest.

3. Made a decision to turn our lives back over to normal pre-fame living including working a regular job, no longer expecting to be treated as though we are entitled, and ceasing pimping out our families' and children's privacy for money.

4. Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves and realized our lives, and especially our children's lives, were better without being in a reality TV show.

5. Admitted to God, to ourselves and to other human beings the exact nature of our wrongs, specifically our previous misconceptions that infamy equals fame and that money and fame buy happiness.

6. Were entirely ready for our television networks and production companies to end our contracts.

7. Humbly asked God to remove our shortcomings, or at the very least help us appreciate the depth of our superficiality and loss of basic human values.

8. Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all, including ourselves.  (In some cases this step is expected to take the longest.)

9. Made direct amends to such people without exception, because to do so would heal our relationships with them. 

10. Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.  (This step is lifelong and ongoing, particularly in some cases.)

11. Sought through prayer and meditation to educate ourselves about the realities of “reality” TV and the entertainment business, praying only for knowledge of how it has harmed our loved ones and how we may recover and heal together. 

12. Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, we tried to carry this message to others exploited by reality TV and to practice these principles in all our personal and professional affairs.


God, grant them the serenity to accept that they are not, never have been and never will be "stahs," the courage to go back to living as normal citizens, and the humble and gracious wisdom to know the difference.   

*     *     *

Article first published as The 12 Steps of Reality TV Addiction Recovery on Technorati.

 Thanks to friend and Internet neighbor Mickey Mckean for the idea for this entry.

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Kate Gosselin's Driving Violations Catching Up With Her?

     Kate Gosselin's pleaded guilty by mail and paid her August 9th speeding ticket fine of $174.00. In that offense she was charged by state police in Brecknock Township, Lancaster County, with driving 88 miles per hour in a 65 mile per hour zone.
     Gosselin has a history of traffic violations.
     On Oct. 30, 2009, she was cited for a similar incident in Adams County, PA in which she was reportedly doing 70 miles per hour in a 55 miles per hour zone. Her eight children were in the SUV at the time. She pleaded guilty and paid another fine.
     On Feb. 26, 2010, Kate was pulled over by state police based in Gettysburg after she was speeding at 73 miles per hour in a 55-mph zone. That case was also settled with a fine of about $155.
     Then there's that blind item regarding a certain reality TV star's hit and run.   Not only does the blind item describe Kate to a T, but locals wouldn't be at all surprised if it was true.  

Kate parked illegally in a fire lane. 

     Kate's driving has long been a point of local discussion. Several incidents of her unsafe driving are recounted in former US Magazine reporter and Berks County local Al Walentis's book The Secret World of Jon and Kate: The Stupidest Story in the History of the World and the People Who Covered It: Kate weaving in and out of traffic lanes at high speeds to outrun the paparazzi; Kate driving as fast as 95 MPH; and Kate driving at high speeds with her lights off at night to evade the paps, not to mention all the illegal parking.   My book, Jon & Kate Plus Eight: “Reality” TV & the Selling of the Gosselins recounts similar stories of locals who have been subjected to her bad driving. In fact earlier this year a local friend of mine was almost run off the road after Kate drove up very fast behind her, tailgated her at a dangerously close distance, and then passed her in a no-passing zone.

Kate parked illegally in another fire lane. 

     Kate's excuse for her August 2011 violation was that she was hurrying home to be with her children. Apparently she hasn't heard that most kids would rather have their parents arrive home slowly, safe and sound, than quickly in a casket. And how tacky is it for her to blame her children for her speeding? Does every parent who wants to get home to their kids have carte blanche to speed? And what a flimsy excuse anyway, considering she does nothing to curtail her inconsiderate and dangerous driving even when her kids are in the vehicle.

Didn't she ever hear of shopping carts (no pun intended)? 
     How many times will Kate have to endanger herself, her children and others before she learns that she doesn't own the road? Court dockets show Gosselin, cited under her legal name Katie I. Gosselin, was pulled over again and given a traffic citation by Pennsylvania state police on Sept. 11, 2011 in South Londonderry Township in Lebanon County. That case is still pending.

                                                                            ~     ~     ~

This entry was first posted on Technorati as "Kate Gosselin Driven to Distraction?"

The two photos are from INF and RadarOnline.

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Kate Plus Eight: Finale Recap

I wish I could present you with a pithy happy blog entry celebrating the end of Kate Plus Eight, but after watching it I am far from buoyant.


The beginning for the finale continued the discord at the end of the RV episode viewers saw last week. Ashley said she and kate have some issues to resolve, eventually, and she looked skeptical about resolution. On the other hand kate minimized the seriousness of Ashley's feelings by calling her overly dramatic and stating that in the five years they've worked together they've never had a disagreement, even a small one. That doesn't mesh with Ashley's strong statement that she was sick of kate's dramatics, indicating long term, not short term, drama. Maybe Ashley kept her mouth shut for the past five years but that doesn't mean there wasn't ever a disagreement. We all saw what happened when Jon tried to argue – or reason – with kate when she hit him, put him down or was otherwise abusive. It's easy to imagine Ashley not bothering to argue with kate after repeatedly seeing the futility of it, and only finally speaking out when trapped in the middle of nowhere with kate and having no other outlet for her frustration.


How sad it is that after all this kate says she loves Ashley and Ashley is family. As I wrote in my book, I believe that kate's unhappy childhood has prevented her from knowing what a family truly is. Over the years kate's referred to TLC and the crew as family while she's repeatedly alienated or rejected close and extended biological family members. When given the choice between ending the show or losing her marriage she chose the show, despite her promise to the kids that “we will always be a family.” The bottom line is kate can call anyone family or say she's got family as much as she wants to but those are just words that haven't borne out in her choices to have things rather than genuine quality human relationships, including saving her relationship with her husband for her family's sake.


Kate groused, “Holy cow, I'm unemployed and I have eight kids to provide for.” This would be the time for kate to move into Plan B, if she had one, but she was the first to admit she was shocked when the show was cancelled. I think kate's concerns about money is not that she doesn't have plenty, but that she's used to spending others' money rather than having to dip into her own wallet. At the time of the divorce Jon and kate were said to be worth $10 million, and the leading entertainment trade journal listed Kate's 2010 income as $4 million. The “bodyguard” was paid over $1000 a day by TLC. Former Timmy from TV's Lassie Jon Provost said in my book that TLC no doubt paid for the private school so the kids would be more available for filming than they would be at a public school where the rules about missing school are more stringent. And we all know about many of the other freebies (although not all, I'm sure.) Hopefully money has been set aside for the kids in reserves that cannot be accessed by kate because it's going to be awfully hard for her to eventually succumb to the mediocrity most of us are satisfied living with on a daily basis when the money runs out.


Interesting that when asked how they feel about the show ending, the kids said they're sad but they couldn't say why and none of them look genuinely sad. One of the twins even pulled the sides of her mouth down with her fingers rather than displaying genuine sadness, and then followed that up by explaining, in case we didn't get it the first time, that her doing that to her mouth meant she was sad. They all looked like they were repeating the party line because that's what they were supposed to say.


Kate stated “all of that financial responsibility” for the kids is on her, “Whew!” She neglected to mention the child support her former husband pays her. It may be mediocre compared to the $250,000 she made per episode, but he works an honest job and does the right thing by his kids, and it's insensitive to minimize that, just like it's insensitive to continually gripe about being a “single parent” when in fact she is only one half of the children's two parents.


“The First Voiceover Session” shown didn't mesh with kate's assertion that this was the “realest reality show ever.” Yes, there were retakes, and no, the kids weren't playing in front of the camera as she's asserted many times over the years. I was at the corn maze filming and I witnessed and documented what happened. These kids have worked their entire lives, period, and now they finally have a chance to stop working until they're old enough to choose their own jobs. Please, kate, don't screw it up again.


In her couch interview Jamie said the kate she sees now is not the kate she met at Reading Hospital, one she remembers being softer and more caring. The kate she sees now cares more about how she looks and being skinny, which Jamie attributes to kate having become used to a different level of treatment due to fame. This goes against what I've heard from others who worked with kate or knew her before fame hit, who've said that while fame has exacerbated kate's sense of entitlement, she was always difficult and demanding.


“Whoa, swearing, swearing.” God forbid anyone should swear in front of the kids, right? But what about the huge tantrums, including swearing, kate is notorious for at home when the cameras are off? Eventually the kids are going to rebel against this “do as I say but not as I do” hypocrisy, and it ain't gonna be pretty, and some of them are going to have hella potty mouths too.


Kate's always complained about the huge throngs of fans who've made her life miserable but from the clips shown it looks like she's drawn more attention to herself than necessary when she's recognized in public. She should try just calmly saying “hi” or “thanks” and keep walking, rather than standing there flailing her arms and complaining loudly that everyone is staring at her. That might help.


When asked how many times she and Jon discussed whether or not all the invasion was worth it, she said Jon was always ready to quit but she wasn't because “there's no perfect job, and it's a constant matter of just weighing the pros and the cons.” What a shame that it was never enough for her that her ex-husband wanted the kids off TV and wanted their normal life back. Instead she had to have more, more, more, and now she's got family “memories” on the same DVDs anyone else can buy and no marriage to show for it. And she's role-modeled very poor cooperative skills to her children in the process.


“Oh no, we don't hit, this is the potty corner.” Which means it's okay to hit outside of the potty corner? Former Gosselin employees have talked about kate taking the kids into rooms away from the cameras and hitting them and Al Walentis' book recounts one incident where she spewed F-bombs at the top of her lungs in front of the children as though there was nothing unusual in her doing so. Again with the “do as I say and not as I do.” Let's hope the eight are those kinds of learners who utilize their childhood experiences to improve their own parenting down the road, rather than replicating it and becoming hitters themselves. Unfortunately only time will tell but chances are excellent that at least some of them are going to turn out just like their momster.


The “I'm in charge and that's never going to change!” scene. I wasn't going to address the fake boobs but it's impossible to ignore the two elephants in the room. This is more than weight loss, running and a good bra. This is surgical. I think the reason viewers have been so annoyed at kate's not owning all of her cosmetic surgeries is because they feel that their intelligence has been insulted, much like viewers of The View felt insulted when Star Jones wouldn't cop to having had gastric-bypass surgery when it was obvious she had. As Judge Judy would say, don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining. If my TV was 3D both of my eyes would've been poked out by now.


Yes kate, all kids love watching their parents doing things together and getting along, but how sad that the only family documentation of this is in old footage that anyone can buy for a couple of bucks on eBay. Since the Gosselin family belonged to TLC, they were strictly limited in being allowed to take images even of their own family, but why would kate bother when she considers TV shows to be the family videos? The problem is, there are no truly private family moments in those “family videos,” no matter how much they are produced to appear to capture intimate moments. As Paul Petersen says, the presence of cameras changes everything, and even babies recognize they are being filmed and alter their behavior as a result.


Kate says this has been the most real reality show and the kids will always be able to look back and see their real lives and it doesn't matter whose living rooms it went to. One of the criticisms of the show has always been that the eight have had no choice about having their most private moments sold as entertainment for others. Unfortunately the finale showed more of the infamous potty and vomiting moments as well as some meltdowns. Why would the kids look back on this with fondness and why would they want others to see this? And why doesn't it matter whose homes it went into? How confusing it must be for the eight to hear in school about never putting private information about themselves on the Internet and to learn about stranger danger and personal safety, only to have videos of themselves in all levels of nudity available to any pedophile with $9.99, not to mention their mom sharing their actual locations at various times on twitter.


The last ten minutes of the finale were warm and fuzzy and featured a lovely song by Francesca Battistelli but I still left the last episode feeling sadness that after years of showing us how abusive she is, kate didn't utilize this last large-scale opportunity to redeem herself by acknowledging and taking responsibility for her bullying ways. It's unbelievable that someone could receive so much consistent feedback about themselves over so many years and yet still find ways to minimize, rationalize and outright deny it. She may have filed the divorce papers but it was her loss. Jon may not have been perfect during the marriage but at least he was a nice person, and he's long redeemed himself as a good parent by sticking to his word to put his children first.


Kate stated in an interview this week that we'll see the kids again and that she's not concerned that Jon doesn't want them on TV.   She also proudly unveiled her new web site which from first look promises to be another venture in grifting, self-aggrandizement and mercilessly selling her children. Unlike Jon, she hasn't learned a thing.


~     ~     ~     ~     ~

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