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Kate Gosselin a Matter of National Security?

Rumors have circulated about a kate Gosselin-Steven Neild affair for the past couple of years, and now the Gosselin blogs are atwitter with the news that Steve Neild is named in the current People Magazine cover story as now being Kate Gosselin's “road manager.” This seems a step down from being kate's “bodyguard,” especially for someone who's work experience includes “lead[ing] the special operations section and focus[ing] on counter-terrorism and dignitary protection” for the New Zealand Police Department for 19 years, providing “close protection planning and management for the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), for the Royal Families of Britain, Thailand, and Brunei, U.S. President Clinton, and many other elected heads of state,” and having “substantial experience in law enforcement and counter-terrorism operations and management of large critical facilities, such as Auckland International Airport in Auckland, New Zealand.”

Round these here parts we just thought he was paid to look handsome while he packed the van, carried the kiddies, and lugged bags back to the manor from Target.


To clarify this recent turn of employment events, I emailed Mr. Neild through the contact form on his professional web site.


Dear Prudential Associates,

I am a resident of Wernersville, PA, and the writer of a popular blog called Small Town Gosselins and I am writing to request an interview with security expert Steven Neild regarding his services for Kate Gosselin now that the TLC show Kate Plus Eight has been cancelled. Mr. Neild could have final approval of this interview which would be published on my blog and would address questions such as why Mr. Neild was hired to "protect" Kate Gosselin rather than her children, why there is a need for Kate Gosselin to have a "road manager" as she is currently unemployed, and how being a bodyguard for Kate Gosselin has impacted Mr. Neild's personal relationships with his wife and children. I spoke with Mr. Neild briefly at a local corn maze during TLC's filming of an episode there and found him to be warm and friendly. Thank you for your consideration and I hope you will grant my request for an interview.

Polly Kahl

Wernersville, PA


If I receive a reply I'll let you know how Steve's counter-terrorism tactics will be utilized on behalf of kate, as we all know kate Gosselin's health and safety, not to mention happiness, are a matter of national security.




Tweets on the RV Breakdown Episode of Kate Plus Eight


Kate Gosselin Hosting the Talk ~ Temporarily?

UPDATE:  On 9/12 Wendy Williams of The Wendy Williams Show stated that during a backstage conversation kate Gosswelin denied the temporary job on The Talk.

Orinigal Entry:

Kate Gosselin has been offered a temporary gig co-hosting The Talk.  This windfall is no doubt unexpected to the millions of former fans and viewers who've abandoned Jon & Kate Plus Eight and Kate Plus Eight over the last few seasons.   Kate's made it clear over the past year that she'd love a talk show host job but her previous talk show guest appearances haven't shown the relaxed go-getter charisma that typically seems characteristic of other hosts.  Kate became famous for having eight children in two deliveries rather than for possessing any particular talent, and there are many accounts of her being entitled, demanding, and unpleasant to work with.   Do you think she can pull this off and possibly make her dream come true by sequeing this temporary stint into permanent talk show hostess gold? 


Reality TV: Last Week in Review ~ Part I, by Guest Blogger Mickey McKean

There seems to be a belief out in TV Land that a fast and easy way to make a boatload of money is to go on a reality TV show.  As to just how far someone will go to get a show of their own, let me remind everyone of the "Balloon Boy" incident just a couple of years ago. 

But whether or not you sign up for a show -- as a series regular or just a one time appearance – will depend upon how much your privacy is worth for the sake of entertaining complete strangers.  Is the paycheck really worth it, especially if something happens on a reality TV show that was not planned but yet makes you the butt of jokes on all the late night shows?  Keep in mind that after you spend the money and even though you want to just move on with your life and forget whatever happened on the show, the fact is it will never be forgotten because it is forever on film and can always be found on the Internet.


Sunday night, Aug 14th -- Kate announced on Twitter she was having a contest.  Her followers were asked to make signs asking people to watch Kate Plus 8 and then display these homemade signs in public areas by 8 am the next day before her show aired Monday night.  There were those such as myself who figured that Kate must be in a panic mode because this contest was an obvious desperate last ditch effort to drum up viewers and bring up the ratings.


Monday, Aug 15th -- TLC announced that Kate Plus 8 was canceled.  We will never know if Kate's contest pushed TLC to cancel her show on that particular day, but it did not matter because everyone who has been paying attention to the ratings of this show knew that cancellation was inevitable.


That very night Kate Plus 8 aired an episode where Kate answers questions from her Twitter fans, but there have been several reports by viewers that TLC did not exactly show Kate in a favorable light:


* Kate was asked dating and she said that the kids were open and ready to it, but when the kids are asked only half said yes.  One girl tup, who was filmed shaking her head No, said, "I do not want a hobo to marry mommy or I do not want a different dad" and then what was sad to watch was one boy tup asked, "If you get another husband we still get to see daddy?"  Off camera Kate said, "always" and the child fell back on the couch silently clapping his hands and looking at the ceiling while smiling.  Viewers were given the impression that the kids do not want to give up Jon as their daddy and that they have learned to say what their mother wants to hear to keep her happy, i.e., "If mom's not happy, nobody is happy".


* When asked about plastic surgery Kate only confirmed her stomach is all plastic.  However TLC also showed footage just a few days after the tummy tuck where her boobs were 1/3 the size they are today which indicates Kate is a liar.


* Several scenes were shown where Kate is bitching and complaining, it is "my way or the highway".


* One of the twins was asked what their friends think about them being on TV.  She confirmed that there are some kids at school who think being on TV is stupid, giving the impression that they are teased about it but that they know their true friends really don't care if they are on TV or not.


* Kate and kids were on a hay ride and Kate asked the kids if they remember doing it when they were three.  Their response was "We have the episode".


* Kate threw her brother Kevin and his wife under the bus, claiming that if they thought they were helping her kids she thinks that they should have gone to the parents before they went to the media.  I bet most viewers believe, as I do, that they went to Jon and Kate first, but that after they got shot down they were forced to go to the media.


Tuesday, Aug 16th -- Russell Armstrong, the husband of Taylor Armstrong, was found dead of an apparent suicide.  The Insider hosts asked, "Was his exposed life on camera too much for him to handle? Did the pressure of the show get to him?  We saw some tense dinners, some awkward moments and I'm sure there was more going on behind the scenes.”  Brooke Anderson said, "I watched the RHOBH religiously and Russell was never portrayed in a flattering light and then there were all things that popped up on the web that I think could have been humiliating for him."  Kevin confirmed that Taylor had filed for divorce a month ago and she had claimed his abuse.


Entertainment Tonight asked physic Alison Dubois (the show Medium was based on Alison's life, she is a friend of Camille Grammar and attended a dinner party with all of the wives last season) if she knew Russell was on the brink.  Alison said, "It was inevitable that somebody was going to get pushed over the line by the pressure.  I got the sense of the [Russell's] desperation but that is something that most people would be able to piece together and I would be able to feel it.  It is almost a sense like they would be better off without him." 


When asked about her appearance on RHOBH last season, ET reported, Alison went against her instincts and did it.  Alison said, "I think the housewives are under tremendous pressure to perform and I think reality TV in general just starts feeding off of itself and then you gotta one up what you did last week except that you are dealing with real people's lives so they take it home with them."


ET also asked the questions:  Did the Bravo show have anything to do with Russell's death?   Has the suicide put the future of the money making show into a tailspin?  Were Taylor and Russell handpicked by producers to crash for ratings? 


According to ET, an LA Times reporter claimed that a source designates disaster couples to help make the housewive franchise lucrative.  Amy Kaufman, LA Times, said, "I guess the producers of Bravo specifically said to them 'You guys are our disaster couple and if you don't live up to it then we are going to kick you off the show,' to which Russell reportedly said 'no.'"


Bravo's response to ET: "Production has assured us that there is no truth to these claims."


Wednesday, Aug 17th – The Insider claimed Russell had recently told People Magazine:  "This show has literally pushed us to the limit."  The Insider also had a segment about housewives tragedies: "People have to remember this is not a soap opera, this is real life."


Entertainment Tonight did a segment on the "Reality Show Curse - [5] stars where their 15 minutes ended in suicide."  Russell Armstrong's attorney said, "[Russell] was broke, he spent more than he made out of his means to support the fictitious persona on reality TV ... they started spending more and more money ... they are with a bunch of wealthy housewives, some of which are legitimately wealthy, and they wind up spending money that they don't have."


Jeana Keough, from RHOOC who is also a friend of Taylor Armstrong said, "It is tough to live your life in front of a camera, and if you don't like your life anyway and now you see it exaggerated on TV, I do believe the results can be devastating."  According to ET, Jeana left RHOOC because of the pressure.


Alison Dubois said to ET, "When it came to Taylor what I did feel was that she was very isolated to me, but most of the women at the table felt isolated to me, like emotionally not understood, like they don't have that backup that they need."


Danielle Staub, of RHONJ, told ET exclusively that the pressure of seeing her life played out on TV made her want to take her own life.  "I had some weird thoughts myself ... I have no words to describe how alone you feel when everybody is coming at you and judging you and they do not even know you, so who are we to judge?...I was very close to taking my own life ... um, not just on one has been several times, and what always saved me was the thought of my children living with it for the rest of their have to be very careful when you start doing this kind of work, it can be wonderful at times and devastating at others."


Chris Jacobs of ET then summed it up:  "Maybe being a reality TV star is not all that it is cracked up to be."


Thursday, Aug 18th -- Several news sources questioned the role this TV show had in Russell's suicide.  The Insider reported that Russell's family is now targeting Bravo TV. Russell's step mother said, "I know this show ruined his life because Russell was not who he was made out to be," and his nephew said, "IMO he should be edited out in respect to Taylor and the rest of the family".  A defense attorney, not representing the family or Bravo, said, "To prove that he committed suicide due to the show is going to be next to impossible."


The Insider also quoted Russell's interview with People just weeks before his death:  "When you get a TV show involved and all the pressure it just takes it to a whole new level.  We were pushed to extremes."


By the end of the week, even though the haterz were rejoicing at the news that Kate Plus 8 was canceled, it was reported that a source said that Kate Gosselin was in shock.  It seems that Kate found out just like everyone else, that when all was said and done, TLC decided to move on and leave her in their wake.  According to author Polly Kahl,  Paul Peterson predicted that when the show ended, Kate would discover that TLC did not consider her family, that they would simply move on and focus on their other shows that are bringing in the ratings, and apparently Paul was correct.


When I think about the events of last week I can't help but hope and pray that all TV viewers will now look differently at reality TV shows.  Maybe from now on they will remember that these are real people living real lives; they are not an actor hired to play a part in a sitcom who can then go home and live a different life.  The people on these reality shows, for whatever reason, decided to sell their privacy to entertain complete strangers.  Whereas they were paid very well and there were perks too, I still don't think anyone can truly grasp all the risks that are involved until it is too late and the permanent damage to many lives -- especially the children -- has already been done.


~Mickey McKean


Offer on Kate Gosselin's (well, the Kids') Property 

Local snarkmeister and my fellow author Al Walentis recently tweeted that “out-of-work TV diva Kate Gosselin reportedly wants to put her Berks palace on market for $2.5 million, but no agent wants to deal with her.”

If it's true, here's the perfect opportunity for Kate to sell the property on her own to a serious prospective buyer, sans realtor:


To:    Kate Gosselin

Re:    Purchase Offer

From: Mickey McKean


It has come to my attention that you would like to sell your property located at X Road in Wernersville,  PA..


Since I have been thinking about relocating to Pennsylvania to be close to my family, I decided to consider making you an offer for your home without seeing it first only because I understand that the previous owner used to have horses there, which means that I know that the barn on the property will be large enough for my four ponies. 


Today according to, their zestimate is currently $219,000 for your 5 bedroom, 7 bathroom, 6,200 sq ft home on 23.88 acres.  I know that zillow tends to being a little low, so based upon their current zestimate I would like to make you an offer of $250,000 (two hundred fifty thousand dollars). 


I know, Kate, I understand that you would prefer it I added another comma and three more zeros to this amount but alas, the comps in your area obviously will not support your dream offer.


This purchase offer for $250,000 will expire on Friday, August 26, 2011 at 5:00 p.m. PST. This offer is contingent upon buyer securing financing, if needed, and escrow to close 60 days after acceptance of this offer.


If you want to accept this offer, please do not hesitate to contact, or have a representative contact, Polly Kahl for my contact information.  Also for the record my realtor in PA, who works out of her Murrysville office, is on vacation the rest of this week.  Therefore if you accept this offer I will not be able to sign it until she returns on Monday.


XXX Hxxxxxx Rd

Wernersville, PA 19565

Zestimate®: $219,000

Bedrooms:  5

Bathrooms:  7

Square footage:  6,200

Property Type:  single family

Description:  This 6200 square foot single family home has 5 bedrooms and 7.0 bathrooms. It is located at xxx Hxxxxxx Rd Wernersville, Pennsylvania.

~     ~     ~

This is a serious offer and if I'm contacted regarding the sale of this home I'll be happy to share the prospective buyer's personal information with Kate Gosselin or her representatives.

Polly Kahl 

~     ~     ~

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